Brand New Evoc 2024 Protectors, Packs and Hydration!

German company Evoc was founded by a group of outdoor sports enthusiasts who travelled the world with bikes and boards in search of the best trails and powder. They started designing and manufacturing their own gear, taking into account all their travel experience and the unique needs of transporting their kit.

Here’s their latest products to hit the shelves at Merlin HQ!

Frame and Saddle Packs: For bike packing and riding essentials…

Durability: Evoc products are made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh conditions, including water, mud, and constant wear. This makes them a reliable choice for both casual and more rugged riding.

Design: Evoc pays careful attention to the design of their frame and saddle packs, ensuring that they have secure compartments suited for commuting and bike-packing.

Water Resistance: Many of Evoc‘s products are water-resistant or come with rain covers, providing added protection against the elements. This is crucial for keeping your belongings dry and safe, no matter the weather conditions.

Innovative Features: Evoc is known for incorporating innovative features into their products, such as secure durable fastening straps and the Boa® Fit System found in their bike bags and packs for easy adjustment.

Wheel Bags: For safe storage when travelling…

The TWO WHEEL BAG accommodates two bike rims at the same time (also suitable for ≤ 29 inch bike wheels).

Hydration Bladders: Keep hydrated all day long…

Quality Materials: Evoc uses high-quality, durable materials that are safe for storing drinking water and come in various capacities to suit your riding needs.

Taste-Neutral: The materials used in Evoc hydration bladders are taste-neutral and 100% BPA-free. This means that the water doesn’t acquire a plastic taste, which is a common complaint with lower-quality hydration systems.

Ease of Use: Evoc designs their hydration bladders with user convenience in mind. Features like wide openings make them easy to fill, clean, and dry. This is crucial for maintaining hygiene and extending the lifespan of the bladder.

Hydration Vests: Throw in a bladder and a few essentials – made to be compact and comfortable…

Comfort and Fit: Evoc hydration vests are designed with comfort in mind, featuring lightweight materials and a body-hugging fit that minimizes bouncing and shifting during high-intensity activities. Adjustable straps allow for a customized fit, ensuring the vest stays secure without restricting movement.

Hydration Capacity: These vests come equipped with hydration bladders or pockets designed to hold hydration flasks, providing easy access to water or sports drinks. The hydration system is designed to be easy to use on the move, with bite valves that allow for hands-free drinking.

Breathability: Made with breathable materials and featuring ventilated back panels, Evoc hydration vests help to manage sweat and maintain comfort even during strenuous activities. This is crucial for preventing overheating and maintaining comfort over long distances.

Backpacks: Built to last for any adventures and commutes…

Durability and Material Quality: Evoc uses high-quality materials to manufacture their backpacks, ensuring they are durable enough to withstand rough conditions, whether you’re mountain biking, skiing, or travelling. The materials are carefully chosen for their resistance to abrasion, tears, and water, providing long-lasting performance.

Innovative Design: Evoc is known for its innovative features that cater to specific needs. For example, some backpacks come with integrated back protection, which can help reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. Other thoughtful design elements include well-organized compartments, tool pockets, and hydration system compatibility.

Comfort: Comfort is a priority in the design of Evoc backpacks, with features such as ergonomic straps, padded back panels, and adjustable fit systems to distribute weight evenly. This focus on comfort helps reduce fatigue and strain, even when the backpack is loaded and worn for extended periods.

Evoc Protector Vests

These protector vests will offer that extra layer of protection for you on the trail.

Ranging from the Evoc Protector Vest which feels like a t-shirt, but protects like armour (pictured above on the right). The interior belt ensures the LITESHIELD PLUS protector stays securely where it belongs, so it offers a maximum degree of back protection no matter what.

The Evoc Protector Vest Lite (pictured above in the middle) gives serious protection for slope and park with increased comfort and flexibility: the removable LITESHIELD PLUS back protector offers reliable spine protection, while the height-adjustable, flexible belt provides a secure fit.

And last but certainly not least the Evoc Protector Vest Pro is the Bruce Lee of protector vests. Equipped with the brand new LITESHIELD FLEX technology, the PROTECTOR VEST PRO MEN combines maximum spine protection (EN 1621-2 level 2) with supreme comfort and an unprecedented level of freedom of movement.

And that rounds up our latest Evoc products to land at Merlin HQ this month! Browse our full range of Evoc products here!


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