Conquering Cold: The Ultimate Choice in Cold Weather Cycling Apparel

Paul, our general manager has been braving the cold weather on his winter bike. He’s put together this week’s blog, covering the very best cold weather clothing for cycling…

As the temperatures are set to plummet here in the North West of England, I thought I’d put together my ultimate choice of extreme cold cycling kit from head to toe.

After years of trial and error, I’ve finally discovered my ultimate choice of cold weather cycling apparel. Each carefully selected item plays a crucial role in creating a cocoon of warmth, allowing me to embrace the cold weather and enjoy my rides with unwavering comfort. Let’s delve into the details of each essential piece that has become a game-changer for me.

Here’s the top recommendations:

Castelli Estremo Gloves

Hands are often the first victims of the winter cold, but with the Castelli Estremo Gloves, I no longer fear the icy grasp of low temperatures.

These gloves are the warmest I’ve ever used, providing an exceptional level of insulation without compromising dexterity. The windproof and water-resistant features make them ideal for even the coldest days, ensuring that my hands stay comfortable and functional throughout the ride.

Castelli Alpha 18 Cycling Socks

These socks are a winter essential, creating a cosy microclimate for my feet even on the coldest rides.

Combining the luxurious quality, wicking, and naturally odourless qualities of merino wool with the superb insulation of PrimaLoft® yarns, the Castelli Alpha 18 Socks are ideal for your coldest adventures and when going out on the bike feels like a necessity more than anything else. Nylon heels and toes introduce durability and arch support bands hold the socks in place.

Castelli Flanders Base Layer

The Castelli Flanders Base Layer plays a crucial role in regulating body temperature.

Engineered to trap heat effectively, this base layer features strategically placed vents on the armpits, preventing overheating during intense rides. The integrated neck warmer is a thoughtful addition, sealing any gaps that might allow cold drafts to infiltrate my jacket. It can also be pulled up to cover my mouth and nose at the beginning of a ride when the cold shock first hits! The Flanders Base Layer is a versatile piece that adapts to varying conditions, making it an indispensable part of my winter cycling wardrobe.

Spatz Overshoes

When it comes to protecting my feet from the elements, Spatz Overshoes are a game-changer.

These long-length overshoes not only shield against the biting cold but also act as a barrier against rain and road spray. The durable construction and snug fit ensure that my feet stay dry and warm throughout the ride. The Spatz Overshoes are a reliable companion for any cyclist braving winter’s worst conditions.

Castelli Doppio RoS Jacket

The ultimate winter cycling jacket – end of! See my review here –

Castelli Sorpasso Ros Bib Tights

(Modelled by Triathlete Katie)

The centrepiece of my cold weather ensemble, the Castelli Sorpasso Ros Bib Tights.

They offer a perfect blend of wind proofing, comfort, and exceptional warmth. The windproof fabric shields against icy gusts, while the bib design ensures a secure and comfortable fit. These tights are a winter cycling marvel, providing insulation without compromising on flexibility and breathability.

Castelli Estremo Skully Hat

To address the vulnerability of my ears to the cold, the Castelli Estremo Skully Hat completes my ensemble.

This snug-fitting hat is designed to keep my ears warm while seamlessly fitting under my helmet with no discomfort. The Estremo Skully Hat provides an extra layer of protection for my head, ensuring that no heat escapes and cold air stays at bay.


In the world of cold weather cycling, selecting the right apparel can make all the difference between a miserable ride and an enjoyable adventure.

My ultimate choice of Castelli Alpha Ros Socks, Spatz Overshoes, Castelli Sorpasso Ros Bib Tights, Castelli Flanders Base Layer, and Castelli Estremo Gloves forms a winning combination that keeps me warm, dry, and comfortable on the coldest winter days. Embracing the cold has never been easier, thanks to the thoughtful design and advanced technologies incorporated into these essential pieces of cycling gear.


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