Core Bike 2015 bikeporn gallery

We went down to the Core Bike Show to see the latest 2015 shiny products from the best bike brand distributors in the UK.

Campagnolo, Hope, Oakley, Castelli, Stages, Transition Bikes, Gore Bike Wear and many, many more. Including fatbikes.

It’s quite a big gallery this so we don’t mind if you can’t take it all in in one sitting. We know how it is when you get finger-scrolling ache!


The Oakley Madman. Pretty much the “attention seeker” model in Oakley’s 2015 range. Inspired by 1990s scifi stuff. It’s not really designed to sell in the real world, it’s to catch the eye. Remember the Oakley Over The Top model?


The Oakley Badman. This is the toned-down version of the Madman aesthetic. It’s still a pair of glasses that you’d have to be pretty confident in sporting.


The central nervous system of the Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic groupset.


The inside of a Campagnolo Bora 50 clincher wheel. New for 2015: new width, 3Diamant finish to the braking surface, proprietary G3 spokes with external nipples, USB bearings (no, not that sort of USB).


Freehub and flange of a Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheel.


The Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheel rims are covered in Ceramic Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation for powerful (and apparently quiet) braking.


Hope’s new fixie handlebar (joke!) A demo setup of how Hope’s mechanical-to-hydraulic disc brake converter box thingy works.


New hubs from Hope for Fatbikes, trials bikes and BMX. The silver one is the new Hope Pro 2 EVO Fatsno rear hub – new 40 tooth ratchet, 170mm or 190mm QR, 177mm or 197mm 12mm bolt-thru, Sram XD freehub option.


The biggest news on the Hope display was their new crankset and BB. Here’s a display of how the crank is created in different stages.


The cranks are available in two versions. One design takes a spider (which you then attach traditional chainrings to). The other design involves a single splined chainring being mounted directly on to the crank. Both the spider and the single chainring are held in place with a lockring.


Pleasingly, the Hope crankset and BB will come supplied with all the tools supplied in the box. Nice.


The axle. 30mm in diameter. Splined, expanding ends.


A small thing but Hope are now doing their straight pull hubs in all the usual colour options.


Oakley are 40 years old this year. The circles motif on the end of some of their models (like this pair of Frogskins) is based on their original product back in 1975 – the B1B motocross grip.


Something very 2015 from Oakley is their new Prizm lens technology. The lenses are a bit like polarised lenses but involve using different coloured base dyes to filter out some types of colours and to boost others. It’s a technology that they’ve been working on for fifteen years apparently.


Prizm cycling glasses are split into three different types/tints. Prizm Road is a bit pinky-purple, Prizm Trail is a bit browny-rusty and Prizm Daily (for commuting) is… kinda hard to describe really – lavender?


The SixSixOne Evo AM is a cool helmet. Its retention system is an all-around-the-head boa design which really helps to give the helmet a comfy fit for all sorts of different head shapes.


And it doesn’t hurt that SixSixOne really know how to design up-to-date colour schemes and graphics.


Maxxis realised no one liked their old (very old) Minion DHR tyre. So they’ve gone back to the rubbery drawing board and come up with the new Minion DHR II. They’ve totally redesigned the centre knobs. It now has a lot more bite to it. It’s kinda like a Racing Swamp Thing.


Ride 29in wheels and struggling to find some proper aggro tyres? Maxxis make pretty much all of their sticky gravity tyres in 29er flavour. This is the ‘cut-down spike’ Shorty 3c 2.3.


A totally new tyre for Maxxis – the Griffin. Think of it as an Ignitor on steroids. It’ll only be available in DH sizes and casings at first but hopefully they’ll be other Griffins soon enough.


The SixSixOne Recon Scout. A nice looking enduro helmet for around £50. Can’t be bad.


The “trails to ales” legend hidden inside the waistband of a pair of One Industries Atom shorts.


RaceFace beer sling. Beer not included.


Fatbike alert! You have to admire the retro butchers-boy-meets-Indian-motorcycle vibe of this one from Felt though.


We’ve just started stocking Gore Bike Wear stuff in our Chorley retail shop. This fetching pink Oxygen 2.0 GT AS jacket is a striking piece to say the least!


Talking of striking pieces, here’s Gore’s Peter modelling their new Urban Element jacket. It’s part of Gore’s new commute-y type stuff. Pete’s also wearing a pair of the pants from the same range but you can’t really see much of them – soz! They look like black Windstopper tracksuit bottoms.


See that yellow-edged band? That’s the elasticated forehead-hugging lip that’s found on a lot of Gore’s jackets. It’s a neat little device that really help keep the hood in place as well as keeping the draft out.


A Transition Patrol. We’re just starting to receive our Transition frames in. There’s a lot of interest in the Patrol in particular.


The Transition Scout. Shorter travel, bigger fun. You can read more about the Transition range in the feature we wrote about them a couple of days ago.


The two sides of Colnago. Side 1: a high-tech carbon time trial machine…


… and Side 2: the classic Colnago Master. Steel is very much real.


Felt Edict. We just have a real thing for the Rockshox RS-1 upside-down fork and this pic is just an excuse to feature it! The Edict does look to be pretty darned handy 29er weapon too though.


Another fatbike from Felt. The DoubleDouble 30 (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists) is not the least bit retro though. In fact, Felt make some of the more elegantly modern fatbikes available (if a fatbike can ever really be “elegant”).


The best track pump ever made just got a sibling. The Silca Super Pista track pump is going to be available in a lower pressure version too, for tyres that only ever need to go up to 60psi or lower. We can see if being of interest to the cyclocrosser who has everything.


Everyone loves cross-section stuff. Here’s a cross section taken from the aforementioned megabucks pump.


And another one. Mmm… cross-section goodness.


Fed up with rattly valves in the deep section wheels? These sleeved and stepped valve extenders from Silca are the answer to your prayers. Silca are also doing valve extenders that come pre-lined with PTFE tape in the internal threads. Another job saved. Well done Silca!


St-st-st-st-Stages! More and more crank types are being brought out by Stages power meters. There’s even whisperings of them working on how to put their power meters into carbon fibre crank arms (getting strain gauges to work accurately and consistently with carbon fibre is a bit of a nightmare). That’ll be of interest to Campagnolo users.


Castelli’s Free Aero Race bibshorts do away with silicon leg grippers and instead have a broad panel of textured ‘open weave’ Lycra at the end which hugs nicely but avoids any excess pressure or ‘sausage leg syndrome’.


Castelli are doing a cyclocross range. It’s mostly (immediately) before- and after-race wear. Clothing that keeps you warm but can be very quickly removed a few seconds before the starting pistol fires. This is the Castelli Prerace Jacket.


Say what you want about this bike, at least the owner rode to the show. Probably.


And here’s another photo of the Colnago Master. Just because.

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