How to clean your bike properly

O7262_muc_off_cycle_cleaner_1_litrekay so cleaning your bike sounds like something anyone can do but with 100’s of cleaning products on the market are you sure you’ve been using the right ones?

Many riders also suffer the pain of costly repairs and replacing worn out parts that could often of been of been avoided if correct products and cleaning methods had been used.

Here’s our guide to not only cleaning your bike but using the right gear for the right job and hopefully prolonging the use of your bike.

Firstly you can make life easier for yourself by pre-treating your bike, use a bike spray like Muc-Off along with some chain degreaser and get a can of brake cleaner. Apply to the bike in the appropriate areas for up to 5 minutes depending on how filthy your ride has been.


Wash your bike down with good old soap, water and a sponge do not be tempted to use a power washer! Yes this will save you time and all the pro teams use then but it will seriously shorten the life span of your bearings.  Remember the pro teams have endless supplies of bikes and only have to use them for one season, you on the other hand will no doubt need your bike longer.


For the chain and gears you’ll need a brush to scoop out all the little bits of muck that will have collected in the cogs etc.  We sell many kinds of brushes for all purposes or you can use a paintbrush.

Rinse off the bike with a hose or by hand and dry down with a chamois leather. Once dry you can apply a bike finishing spray to protect your frame, make sure its carbon friendly if you are riding a carbon bike.

Apply some lube to the chain and mech hinges, we recommend White Lighting Epic but there are plenty of options on our website.

It’s important to note that when using finishing sprays and lubes make sure that you do not get any on your discs or pads as this can cause no end of problems.


Your bike is now ready to roll for the next time but remember you do need to clean it after every ride, do this and you will prolong the use your bike.  You can always make things easier and buy a full cleaning kit available from us.

Got any tips? These are our recommendations but what do you use?  Post your tips in the comment sections below.


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  1. I tend to clean the drive train first before the frame and wheels as the splatter gets everywhere! You can then hose off the dirt from the drive train and get in with cleaning the frame and wheels : )

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