Introducing – Crono Shoes

Here at Merlin we are proud to be the official UK outlet for Crono shoes from Italy. High quality, hand-made shoes from a factory which have been focussed on producing the best sports footwear for 50 years.

Whose Shoes?

So why have Crono shoes ‘flown under the radar’ compared to other well-known brands? Well, the chances are you may well have already worn Crono shoes without knowing. Crono have produced cycling shoes for the biggest brands, including Sidi, Fizik and Time over the years. Providing the highest quality footwear for the biggest names. However, we think it’s about time that Crono got some recognition of their own, for hand-made shoe manufacturing expertise.

The Right Way

Crono employ skilled craftsmen and women who are passionate about their profession. They only use the best materials, without any harmful substances and they work together in a safe environment where they treat each other with respect. Whilst this isn’t the cheapest way to produce shoes, Crono believe it’s the right way for a healthy planet and society.


With craftsmen and women beavering-away making shoes by hand, using long established techniques, don’t assume Crono shoes are somehow a relic from the past. This is no ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’ story. The latest Boa dial systems, sole stiffness, comfort and grip, matched to their target use – as well as utilising the best materials, all come together to produce a cutting edge pair of shoes. The CR1 road shoe is a great example, the best materials and technology coming together in high performance shoes which are also supremely comfortable. The CR1 comfort comes from the design of the Multi Contact Closure System which distributes pressure evenly and more broadly over 8 points. The 6 layer woven carbon sole on the CR1 directly transmits power to the pedals.

The Range

There are Crono shoes to suit all types of riders, whatever riding you are in to. Their road series of shoes range starts with the CR3 – which is Crono’s best-selling shoe. These feature a carbon reinforced sole for a compromise between comfort and performance, together with Boa dial and two velcro strap closure. The off-road range features mountain bike shoes for clip-in and flat pedals together and Gravel shoes too. The entry level MTB shoe, CX3, features Boa Dials and velcro strap closure, with uppers made from scratch resistant material which is highly breathable and lightweight. Reinforced studs on the sole provide increased grip in any terrain.

Winter Shoes

The Crono CW1 Road, CW1-E and CW1 Mountain Bike shoes are all designed for more extreme riding conditions. These shoes use technically advanced materials, including Primaloft. This material provides warmth and allows quicker drying times than traditional materials. The usual Crono shoe features such as, class leading soles and easy-to-use, reliable closure systems, ensure that Crono extreme weather shoes perform flawlessly, even when the going gets really tough.

The Reviews…

Crono shoes have impressed the testers at Road.CC recently with both the Crono CR1 and CR2 receiving glowing reviews.

We are also lucky enough to have a broad range of staff testers right here at Merlin too. Here are their impressions after a few weeks of evaluating the Cronos shoes which suited their particular type of riding.

Steve – Gravel Riding ⬇

I have been testing the Crono CG1 gravel/mtb shoes. I have used them on gravel and cycle paths and recently used them when riding the Coast to Coast Trans Pennine Trail – 230 miles in total. They fitted like a glove from day one of use and so comfortable you barely know you’re wearing them.

They come with a choice of laces too, I went for traditional black, there was also burgundy and a bright yellow too – should the mood take you.

Paul – Road Riding ⬇

First ride wearing the Crono CR1s. In summary, they feel like wearing slippers on a bike, only much stiffer and faster. 10/10 is my official review.

Mike – Mountain Biking ⬇

I have been riding the Crono CX2 shoes First impression of the shoes are very good. They are light in weight and very comfortable. The soles are stiff, and they offer good grip, they also have a great closure system – with easy to use dials. Everything you could want in a shoe for riding in all types of conditions.

Rob – Mountain Biking ⬇

I’ve been testing the CD1 flat pedal shoes, the most comfortable mtb shoe I’ve ever had. Really supportive and easily adjustable with the single boa adjuster, the large toe bumper is also a life saver when you’re flying into a rocky sections.

The feel on the pedals is unmatched and super-grippy compared to my previous fiveten shoes. these shoes are great on and off the bike.

See the Full Range of Crono Shoes Here