Kask Road Helmets – Quick Guide

If there is one item of bike riding kit we can often take for granted, its the helmet. It’s there for the tiny proportion of riding time when things go a little bit ‘pear shaped’ and your main important bits; brain, eyes, face need some protection.


There are a wide range of styles available. However, the first thing to consider is size, for the perfect fit. Uncomfortable or ill-fitting helmets can be annoying but also offer less protection than one that fits properly.

Measure about an inch above your eyebrows, around the circumference of your head at its widest point. Kask helmet size chart roughly equate to;

Small 48-56 Centimetres

Medium 52-58 Centimetres

Large 59-62 Centimetres

Vented Road Helmets

Most riders choose to ride with vented road helmets which offer light weight and a decent level of air circulation, ideal for stopping your head from getting too sweaty. This can be a huge issue especially during the summer months.

Tip: While loads of vents are great for allowing lots of air to rush in for cooling, they can also let in insects. An under-helmet cap will stop bees / wasps getting tangled in your hair.

The Kask Mojito X offers light weight (Medium 230g) together with a good amount of ventilation, with 26 large vents. The padding inside the helmet will ensure great comfort together with the practicality of anti bacterial padding and chin pad which are removable for washing.

The Kask Rapido is an entry level helmet packed with pro features. 24 vents take care of air flow ventilation. The helmet fit is controlled by a double pivot system, making a comfortable fit easy to achieve.

The Kask Protone offers a blend of low weight, ventilation and aerodynamics. Kask’s top of the range road helmet was developed in partnership with team Sky. Kask’s up and down adjustment system makes getting the right fit easy. Internal pads are made from antibacterial and antimicrobial material helping to keep the helmet stay fresh and odour free.

Valegro is lightweight (180grams) and very well ventilated with 37 vents. It also features breathable & quick dry padding inside ensuring comfort in those hot summer rides. Another important feature is the Antistatic structure, to reduce dreaded helmet hair. The Valegro was tested with cooperation from team sky. Valegro is the ideal helmet for climbing in hot weather conditions.

Aero Road Helmets

For many competative riders aerodynamics are often more of a concern. An aero road helmet usually features less ventilation and slightly more weight. The upside for these helmets is that they offer better aerodynamics. Less ventilation can also be useful in cooler temeratures.

Tip: Combat the sweat build up in your helmet by carrying a spare cap for coffee stops – A fresh cap is much nicer to fit than a sweat-soaked one when it’s time for the ride home.

Kask’s aero road helmet, the Utopia, offers relatively light weight for an Aero road helmet, at 235g for medium. Ventilation is also at the forefront of the design, to keep the rider cooler at higher speeds. The Utopia features a material called Resistex to wick away moisture from the head towards the outer shell of the helmet.

Kask Infinity aero road helmet features include adjustable vents, this offers versatility for maximum aerodynamics or maximum ventilation. Inside the helmet has 3D dry padding for advanced comfort and performance. A rubberized micro dial at the back of the helmet cradle makes adjusting fit easy.

Aero Competition Helmet

Designed for perfomance against the clock in Triathlon, Time Trial or track events, the Kask Bambino is built to maximise speed. The shape of the Bambino is designed to be fast in all head positions. The ventilation holes and 5mm thck internal padding help reduce the build up of heat. The Bambino also features a magnetic visor which adds to its strong look.

See the full Merlin range of Kask helmets here

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