Orro Bikes Spotlight: A Guide to their 2023 models!

Orro Bikes offer an outstanding range covering a vast range of riding disciplines. Here at Merlin we stock Orro’s stunning gravel bikes built for off-road adventures and top quality road bikes for speed fanatics. A favourite brand among both Merlin Staff and customers! Let’s take a look into what each model is designed for…

Orro Gold: For Sportive and Endurance

(Available in both the Evo Carbon and STC Carbon)

Orro Gold Evo

The Orro Gold Evo 105/FSA has been designed with efficient long distance cruising, punchy hill climbing, and reliable commuting in mind. Evo specification bikes get the same proven geometry and frame features as their counterpart top of the range STC models. The frame manufacturing process employs Orro’s own custom layup of 3 different types of unidirectional carbon fibre material to provide an ideal blend of stiffness and comfort. 

Orro Gold STC

Gold STC represents the Orro gold standard in ride quality with a competitive frameset weight and clean aesthetic. The geometry of their longest running model has been revised across a myriad of generations to create a bike which seamlessly balances speed with efficiency for endurance riding. The rider is perfectly positioned to allow for full focus on the ride ahead while the Sigmatex engineered spread tow carbon frame offers ride dampening qualities for unrivalled comfort. 

Weighing in at a mere 830g (including all alloy parts), the Gold STC is incredibly lightweight without compromising on durability. This lightweight frame allows for agile handling and effortless climbing, making it the perfect companion for both competitive races and long endurance rides. The fully integrated front end of the Gold STC adds to its sleek aesthetic and aerodynamic advantage. Seamlessly merging with the frame, this design minimises drag and enhances your speed, giving you the edge you need to outperform the competition.

Orro Venturi: Enhanced Aerodynamic Performance

(Available in both Evo Carbon and STC Carbon)

Orro Venturi Evo

The Venturi Evo is a race ready road bike built with a competitive no compromise specification for the rider who wants to have it all. Orro Evo bikes get the same proven geometry and frame features as their counterpart top of the range STC models. The frame manufacturing process employs Orro’s own custom layup of 3 different types of unidirectional carbon to provide an ideal blend of stiffness and comfort. Venturi Evo gets Orro’s unique semi-integrated cable design which is flexible so that you can easily upgrade to a fully intergrated system.

Aerodynamic drag is the single greatest force a rider has to overcome, on a flat road it accounts for 70-90% of the resistance felt while pedalling, it is such a significant force that only gravity felt while climbing can top it. The next generation of the Venturi Evo has semi-integrated cables running under the bar tape, around the stem, and directly into the headtube. This has enhanced aerodynamic performance by reducing drag coefficient while emphasizing the clean lines and frame finish. The aerodynamically optimised Venturi frame silhouette also features a hidden seat clamp and profiled tubing designed to run as close as possible to the wheels, whilst still offering 28c tyre clearance.

Orro Venturi STC

The Orro Venturi STC is an evolution of the much loved Orro speed machine. Nothing had to be revolutionised with this bike so the winning frame geometry formula has been kept, with all the resultant handling characteristics that make the Venturi so fast to ride remaining. However, the updated frame head tube and cockpit componentry make it even better. A fully integrated cockpit now features on this model for improved front-end aero performance and a clean look.

The fully integrated cockpit utilises the alloy FSA ACR system designed to be flexible so you can upgrade to another integrated setup or change to a completely different system easily. The Venturi is an aerodynamically optimised frame that rewards you with brilliant speed. This is a bike that encourages you to ride fast but lets you cruise in comfort when you want to calm things down. The Prologo, FSA, and Sram wireless kit ensure every contact point is a joy to use throughout your ride.

Orro Terra: Capable Control Across Varied Terrain

(Available in both Carbon and Titanium)

Orro Terra C

The Orro Terra C is characterised by its light responsive ride quality, built with the specifications necessary to provide capable control across varied terrain. An adaptive bike crafted to ensure that your next adventure, new route, or old commute is a total blast.

The geometry is poised to descend and corner with ease inspiring confident when riding off-road. When riding on the road the excellent power transfer provided by the carbon layup is immediately apparent and feels just at home on a smooth surface. Innegra fibres are woven into the carbon at strategic locations to protect the frame from impact damage; this ensures the ‘light and fast’ design ethos is met with the durability riders expect.

The Terra C has a semi-integrated front end for an ultra-clean aesthetic. The cables enter the frame via a cable box on the headset and run internally through the headtube, protecting them from the elements completely. Apart from looking seriously slick this also means the frame suffers no cable rub abrasion to the headtube when the handlebars are turned, and no interference with handlebar bags. 

Orro Terra Ti

Pictured below: Merlin Mechanic Martin’s custom build Terra Ti, does gravel get any better than this?!

The Orro Terra Ti gravel bike is based on the Terra C and uses the same geometry as well-reviewed carbon models with the elegance and timeless looks that titanium affords. This full titanium frame is made with hydroformed 3.25 titanium with a 6.4 cast bottom bracket shell. Built with bike packing and multi-day riding in mind, this bike comes with mounting points for a pannier rack, mudguards and a multitude of others.

The Terra Ti is equipped with semi-integrated cable routing as standard through the headset for a clean and tidy front end and full internal dyno routing through the fork should you wish to use it. The full carbon fork has an adjustable rake of 5mm from 47mm to 52mm depending on your riding style and if you want to alter the ride dynamics. The frame houses a T47 threaded Bottom Bracket so you can run any axle standard. The bike has clearance for 700x44c tyre or a 650x47c tyre to give you great versatility. 

This all creates a wonderfully compliant, great handling bike that is great for fast gravel riding, bike packing & touring or a super comfortable road/commuter bike (which is exactly what Martin from our workshop uses his for). With the unique properties that Titanium brings, this bike is built for performance and will handle anything you can throw at it.

That concludes our Orro bikes spotlight! If you are unsure of your frame size or have any further questions, please get in touch by emailing sales@merlincycles.com or give us a call on +44(0)1772-432431.


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