Orro Road Bike Range

The Orro road bike range offers a wide selection of options depending on what type of rider you are and what type of bike you are looking for. The range is divided into Endurance (Gold) and Speed / Aero (Venturi) models. Orro are a UK based brand, producing bikes from their headquarters in Sussex.

Endurance (Gold)

These bikes are ideal for riders looking for a comfortable, stable bike, suitable for long days in the saddle or weekend sportive rides. The more comfortable geometry gives a more relaxed ride experience, compared to an out and out race bike. The more comfortable geometry provides a slightly more upright riding position, while the endurance specific carbon lay-up is designed to reduce road buzz. Wider tyre clearance allows for more comfortable tyre choices. The Gold range of endurance bikes is available in several groupset options, depending on budget and personal preference. Quality components and wheelsets from leading manufacturers complete the Gold range.

Speed (Venturi)

The Speed (Venturi) series delivers high quality, lightweight, aero race bikes. The Venturi series bikes are designed to cut through the wind and allow you to ride faster for longer. The Venturi range provide an exhilarating mix of responsive handling and aerodynamic performance. All Venturi models come with integrated cables and hoses hidden away from the wind for aerodynamics and a clean, minimalist look. Race focussed geometry together with slippery tube profiles make these bikes ready to respond to your need for speed.

Spread Tow Carbon (STC)

Orro’s STC bikes use carbon fibre sourced from industry leading producer, Sigmatex. The special carbon fabric uses unidirectional spread tow tapes, this allows a much larger number of fibres packed into the smaller area. The material is also 20% lighter than traditional carbon fibre. The resulting frames offer exceptionally low weight, combined with high levels of stiffness and comfort.

Signature Bikes

Orro Bikes Signature carbon road bikes feature striking limited edition colours. These colour options combined with a premium selection of groupset and wheelset choices from the world’s best manufacturers, result in truly stunning road bikes.

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