The 10 steepest roads in the world

Ups that make you get off. You’ll need a compact chainset and a mountain bike cassette for these bad boys.

What classifies as a steep road is up for debate. The Guinness Book Of Records have their own classification (minimum length, straightness etc) but for the purposes of this round-up we’ve just concentrated on sheer gradient. Even if the road is not that steep for very long, we’ve still included it here.

Here are the top ten knee-snapping, lung-bleeding, mind-bending paved road climbs and their peak gradient percentages.


1. Bradford Street, San Francisco – 40%

Google Streetmap link


2. Waipio Valley Road, Hawaii – 39%

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3. Canton Avenue, Pennsylvania – 37%

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4. Vale Street, Bristol – 36%

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5. Ffordd Pen Llech, Wales – 36%

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6. Baldwin Street, New Zealand – 35%

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7. Hardknott Pass, Cumbria – 33%

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8. The Cote St Ange, Quebec – 33%

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9. Eldred Street, Los Angeles – 33%

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10. Filbert Street, San Francisco – 31%

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Do you know of any roads that should be on this list?

Leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

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  1. What combination of compact chainrings, cassette, dérailleur and shifters do you recommend for a drop bar road bike? With Shiftmate? This question has plagued me (and no doubt other elderly overweight gentlemen) for years!

  2. Streetbin barmouth west of road through town towards barmouth slabs….stopped car to check wasnt driving off cliff as couldnt see over bonnet

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