Updated! Steepest Roads in the World

Those climbs that make you crave your old triple chainset…

Those climbs that really try to tip you off the back of your bike.

Those climbs that convince you to reconsider an E bike.

Those climbs most sensible bike riders AVOID…

July 2019 has seen the World Steepest Road debate get re-ignited with ‘FFordd Pen Llech’ in the Welsh town of Harlech coming in hard and steep take the top spot, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Fford Pen Llech, Harlech, Wales – 37.45%

However, what classifies as a steep road is up for debate. The Guinness Book Of Records have their own classification (minimum length, straightness etc). Fford Pen Llech, is the steepest street which meets the Guinness criteria.


For the purposes of this round-up, ‘the gloves are off’  we’ve just concentrated on sheer ridiculous near verticle gradient. Even if the road is not that steep for very long, we’ve still included it here.


1. Bradford Street, San Francisco – 40%

Google Streetmap link


2. Waipio Valley Road, Hawaii – 39%

Google Streetmap link


3. Canton Avenue, Pennsylvania – 37%

Google Streetmap link


4. Vale Street, Bristol – 36%

Google Streetmap link


5. Ffordd Pen Llech, Wales – 36%

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6. Baldwin Street, New Zealand – 35%

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7. Hardknott Pass, Cumbria – 33%

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8. The Cote St Ange, Quebec – 33%

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9. Eldred Street, Los Angeles – 33%

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10. Filbert Street, San Francisco – 31%

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