The best ways to carry your everyday bike essentials!

Today we’ll take a look at the best ways to carry your cycling essentials. Some riders prefer to save weight and only take vital essentials while others like to take enough kit for a full day of riding (with a packed lunch and goodies).

Whatever you decide, there is plenty of choice to suit all riding styles and budgets. First up we have…

Storage Bottles

Convenient compact, repair storage that fits in a bottle cage. Storage bottles allow you to carry the essential repair tools you need to get back on the road or trail in a flash. With waterproof twist lids and many sizes to choose from you can fit a tube, levers, co2 inflator and multi-tool. I’ve always found a storage bottle to be the easiest option to transfer from one bike to another compared to a frame pack. Convenience is king here…

If you do opt for a storage bottle, make sure you pack your items compactly to prevent rattling for an enjoyable noise-free ride.

Saddle and Frame Packs

Saddle bags and frame packs are compact bags designed to securely fasten to your bike. I’ve found these to be a fantastic solution when you need a few extra bits of kit or simply don’t want to carry anything on your back.

Usually used for essential spares such as inner tubes, tyre levers, your mobile phone, multi-tools and so on… Opt for a decent sized frame bag and you won’t get caught out missing the right tools or clothing. You can easily fit a packable waterproof in there or some waterproof trousers if the weather turns mid ride.

Cycling Essentials Cases

Looking for an Essentials Case that has you covered whatever the weather?

Muc Off’s range is ideal for keeping all your kit together and organised.

These cases actually fits your phone (unlike others I’ve tried), essential tools and/or puncture repair kits while still fitting comfortably in your back or side pocket. I’d happily opt for this case and probably spend a little more on the rainproof version for peace of mind. It’s tough outer water-repellent fabric offers great protection and the heavy-duty rubber-encased rope zip pull works perfectly.

Frame Straps

Versatility and adjustability to mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame. Some riders prefer the look of a frame strap to a bag, the choice is yours…

Pictured above, the Backcountry Research Mutherload Strap stays in place even when you’re riding the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails out there (confirmed by customers and staff). They’ll definitely help save weight, yet are built to last with rugged materials.

Cycling Backpacks

Cycling backpacks have never been better, with models featuring hydration reservoirs and a multitude of sizes to choose from. Brands are always pushing to make them fit more ergonomically and hold up for many years of riding.

Mechanic Martin (pictured above), opts for an Evoc Backpack equipped with all his puncture repair essentials and commuting kit.

A pack like this one is ideal for riding your bike with little equipment attached to it. It has back protection for rugged terrain and plenty of storage compartments while still being compact. Many backpacks including this one come with a rain cover to keep your belongings dry no matter the weather.

Rob’s commutes with the Troy Lee Designs backpack (pictured below) full of essentials, some of which he didn’t realise were in there until he emptied the whole contents of his bag out…

That rounds up some of the best ways to carry your essential kit on the bike. Let us know which you prefer!


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