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Rear Handbuilt Hope Wheels - 26" - Disc

Rear Handbuilt Hope Wheels - 26" - Disc
RRP: $247.91
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Handbuilt wheels using the new Hope Pro2 Evo disc hubs (Please allow a build time of 5-8 days)
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Rim Options & Upgrades Options
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Spoke Options & Upgrades Options
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Hope Hub Colour Options
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  • Handbuilt rear disc compatible wheels. All take the international standard 6 bolt fitting discs. Base price is given for a Pro2 hub with a Mavic XM317 rim and ACI stainless steel double butted spokes. You can choose to upgrade your hubs, rims and spokes from the drop down menus.
  • All wheels are handbuilt for each order, please allow build time.
  • Non disc rims can be used with V-brakes and discs, disc rims have no braking surface
  • Select your rim, spoke and hub upgrades and the price will automatically update
  • Please allow a build time of 5-8 days.
  • Now also available in the new 142mm width
  • The 150mm Pro2 rear hub is only for downhill frames with the 12mm bolt through axle. For all other bikes the 135mm hub is standard, most bikes are Q/R, however if your bike is 135mm bolt through please check carefully before ordering.
  • Please note: As all wheels are handbuilt to order please be sure your selection and order is correct. We reserve the right to deduct any labour costs if you change or cancel a wheel order.
  • Hope hubs do not include skewers - they are available separately
  • Please note these wheels do not include rim tape. 

Choosing your hub

  • You need to know your axle type. It will either be 135mm QR, 135mm x 10mm, 135mm x 12mm, 142mm x 10mm or 142mm x 12mm.
Choosing your rim
  • Usage = What sort of riding do you want to do? We have rims for all sorts of biking, from XC through to Downhill.
  • Internal width = The width of the gap that your tyre sits in. If you want to run bigger tyres (2.3″ or more) then they’ll perform much better if paired with a suitable width rim. Running fat tyres on narrow rims causes the tyre to deform and fold-over rather than support you and dig in for traction.
  • Tubeless = If you want to run wheels tubeless (ie. without inner tubes) then it’s a good idea to choose rims that are tubeless-ready from the get-go.
Mavic rims
  • XC717 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 17mm – Weight: 395g – Recommended tyre: 1.0 – 2.10
  • XM317 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 17mm – Weight: 440g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM319 – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 490g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM719 – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 460g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • XM819 UST – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 405g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3 – Tubeless
  • EN321 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 570g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EN521 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 540g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EN821 UST – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 460g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • EX325 – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 25mm – Weight: 715g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 3.0
  • EX721 – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 590g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
  • EX823 UST – Usage: Extreme – Internal width: 23mm – Weight: 655g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 2.5 – Tubeless
DT Swiss rims
  • XR 400 – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 19mm – Weight: 400g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3
  • EX 500 – Usage: Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 500g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5
ZTR (Stans No Tubes) rims
  • Alpine – Usage: Cross country – Internal width: 20mm – Weight: 330g – Recommended tyre: 1.5 – 2.3 – Tubeless
  • Crest – Usage: Trail – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 340g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Arch EX – Usage: Trail/Enduro – Internal width: 21mm – Weight: 400g – Recommended tyre: 2.1 – 2.5 – Tubeless
  • Flow EX – Enduro/Extreme – Internal width: 25.5mm – Weight: 490g – Recommended tyre: 2.3 – 3.0 – Tubeless

Choosing your spokes

  • ACI S/S DB – Our standard spoke offers excellent strength and reliability (silver or black)
  • DT Plain Gauge – Heavier but super strong spokes for downhill and heavy duty riders
  • DT Competition – Higher grade stainless steel double butted spoke suitable for XC, Trail or Enduro (silver or black)
  • DT Revolution – Lightweight spoke for XC and Trail. Not recommended for Enduro or Extreme use (silver or black)
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  • Estimated delivery transit time: 6-10 Days Limited Tracking
  • Spring Parcel 6-10 Days Limited Tracking: $22.31
    Spring Global is part of TNT post NL, the parcel will be handed over to your national parcel service on arrival in your country. Please not this service does not have a guaranteed delivery time, please allow 7-14 days.
  • UPS International Express 2-4 Days Full Tracking: $44.63
    UPS premium international service. Delivered door to door by UPS so very reliable and easily trackable. Delivery times for most countries is around 2-4 working days.
General information about our shipping
***** on 23/03/2015

These wheels are perfectly built and good value. Hope hubs are really nice and work perfectly.

***** on 10/03/2015

Another brilliant built wheel, strong & true when I received it & if anything like the other 3 I have had from Merlin it will stay that way for years. Fantastic service, for wheels I wouldn`t go anywhere else.

***** on 10/03/2015

Really nice. A lovely red anno Hope Evo2 Pro hub, and the Stan's ZTR Flow EX rims made fitting my used, wire bead, non-tubeless specific, Continental Mountain king rear very easy. After fitting yellow tape, I was even able to inflate the tyre with no Stan's goo, no soap on the bead, and a floor pump! Once I gooed and soaped up, it inflated more easily and evenly than I've ever experienced, again using a floor pump, and without pumping like a madman. With these rims, going tubeless worked just like it's promised. How tubeless should be. No faffing, no muss, no fuss. Nothing like my original rims! So far, the wheel feels nice and strong, and the hub noise (not a fault) announces your arrival as you approach others on the trail.

***** on 13/01/2015

Exceptional service, this is my second hand built Hope based wheel from Merlin, I bought this one 3 days after receiving the first wheel I bought from them I was so impressed with it, I'd have bought it the very next day but they were shut for Christmas. Highly recommend getting a wheel build from Merlin

***** on 18/12/2014

Mavic 319 DT Comp spokes Hope evo 2 rear hub, my third custom wheel build from Merlin and as always I am very happy with this combo a tough and reliable wheel easily serviced, a little noisy, but show me a better winter proof XC rear wheel for less.
Highly recommended wheel and builder.

***** on 15/09/2014

An excellent product that has been put together by a master wheel builder. Will be buying the front wheel soon. Excellent service from merlin again.

***** on 31/07/2014

Great product, wheels look great and run nice and true. Would have no hesitation in recommending them.

***** on 18/07/2014

This is my first pair of custom-built wheels, and I love them. Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs, Mavic XM819 UST rims, ACI S/S DB spokes.
For my all-purpose steel hard tail, I wanted lightish, strong rims, big enough to take 2.25 tyres and with the option of running tubed or going tubeless (properly). Hope stuff is always great, and all my friends recommended the hubs.
I did a lot of research, and am glad I bought from Merlin - very helpful before, during and after purchase.
Been hammering them on black, red, orange routes, and can't fault them. Looking forward to fitting tubeless for my next set of tyres...

***** on 18/06/2014

Very good quality build - works perfectly. I would recommend.

***** on 19/02/2014

Absolute solid wheel and service from these guys, wheels are perfect unlike my mates purchased elsewhere with half the spokes loose! Shame on you for not buying a merlin build....top notch, nuff said

***** on 05/02/2014

Merlin makes awesome wheels! Quick, true and great spec!

***** on 25/01/2014

Ever since back when these were these were Mavic D321's in 2005 and the hope hubs were the XC version, these have always been my wheel built of choice. Yes, they are heavy compared to some but with the weight comes strength. I've had 2 sets of these. The first built onto hope xc hubs by the LBS and the second built on the pro 2's by another online retailer. Since getting these new pro 2 evo's with the 729 rims I've given them quite a bit of stick and they are still running smooth and tru.after the first month. Quite honestly they make my bike feel like an indestructible tank and fill me with confidence whilst riding. I can't fault the build quality or build time from Merlin Cycles. I ordered them on Sunday and they were delivered on Thursday by DPD. I recommend using DPD as they give you a 1 hour time slot for delivery so you're not listening for the door all day. As long as I am able to ride, I'll never use any other wheel. Hope & Mavic 729's... A choice for life! Click Click Click

***** on 03/01/2014

As a professional bicycle mechanic, I can and have built wheels myself, but it was cheaper to get ones built for me by Merlin. The build quality is second to none, I know I've checked properly.
Still getting used to the noise of the Hope hubs, but loving the weight and strength of the Stan's Flow rim. It's also given me a much better tyre profile, which is giving me more grip too. I've not even made them Tubeless yet.
My only gripe, would be nice to not have to pay for rim tape too,

***** on 24/12/2013

Used for over a year. Mr Merlin worked his magic on the build and somehow even my racing snake (snail?) build of alpines and revs spokes has held up to loads of peak district beatings and loads of other ridings. Highly reccomended.

***** on 23/10/2013

Perfect. No other words

***** on 19/10/2013

FANTASTIC!!! Build quality is excellent, delivery was spot on and I have been running these for nearly a month now, hitting some serious trails and competing in National level DH Comps and they have not let me down. Previously ran Easton Havoc DH but blew out the front during a smash, similar smash with these, but no issues!! Great Wheels, many thanks Merlin!

***** on 23/09/2013

These wheels with proper ust tyres. Done 3 enduros not one burp or flat running at 20psi or lower and I am 100kg plus with all gear on. Spokes do need to be checked after first ride but thats the same with any new wheel. Very happy with them.

***** on 18/09/2013

Excellent behaviour because of the low weight, high lateral ridity and the low friction hub bearings, that provides a nice turn to the wheel. UST system with perfect air retention.

***** on 07/09/2013

Ordered these handbuilt wheels from merlin as all the factory wheelsets did not suit my axle requirements. Really glad I did as I could also choose rim and spoke options too. Already had a week of lakes/Scotland riding and they feel great. Superb build quality. We all know what we're getting with hope hubs and the colour combo looks great on my bike. Delivered within a week even though they were hand built. Top service!

***** on 15/07/2013

Have wanted a set of these for a while and they were built perfectly and as described.

***** on 14/07/2013

Great wheelset that was built and delivered quickly. Built to my exact specification, they work brilliantly.

***** on 01/07/2013

Beautifully crafted and great looking. Lighter than my Shimano MT15's and the clack sound is spot on. Fitted it with a new chain and cassette and very happy overall with the quicker engagement and greater reponse to pedal effort.

***** on 30/06/2013

A good strong and taught wheel - well made and no complaints.

***** on 27/06/2013

9mm QR hub, Mavic XM719 rim, DT Revolution Spokes

I had never really considered wheels as that different from one another, but reading into things and as my riding has been getting better I decided it was time to go all out on a nice set.

I could not have underestimated the value of a decent wheel set any more!

These wheels are ultra-stiff and seriously light, all of this makes my bike seem so much more responsive. As for the noise of the freehub, yes its loud but I like it and it wreaks quality.

The overall service from Merlin was very good and I received my wheel promptly and built to perfection.

Would recommend to anyone!

***** on 10/06/2013

Ah, the best sounding freehub in the world!

Hope hubs - superb
Merlin's build - excellent

I've had 4 wheels from Merlin now, always great quality and have stayed strong and true for a long time.

***** on 06/06/2013

Legendary wheel builders. Just buy it.

The spoke tension is perfect, it's straight as a die and the Pro2 XM719 combo is as reliable and dependable as it gets.


***** on 30/05/2013

I received my wheel from Merlin Cycles in excellent condition and in a timely manner. I am extremely happy with the wheel. I can tell it has been built by a master wheelsmith. As true as can be, every spoke perfectly tensioned, all logos aligned between hub and rim as you would expect. The Mavic 721 rim is an old favourite of mine and I'm glad Mavic continue to make this excellent rim and only changed the stickers (this time to a more subtle silvery one). The Hope Pro II Evo is an excellent hub. 4 pawls make for a very satisfactory click to the freewheel and not overly loud like the previous generation of Pro !! hubs.
The wheel is for my 'all-mountain' 150mm trail bike and it's perfect, both in weight and strength. I can see this wheel lasting a very long time.
All in all I would say the service and wheel are both faultless and come at a competitive price. One of the main reasons I chose Merlin for my wheel build this time was mainly as they had the exact items I wanted in stock and the fact they are a very well renowned wheel builder and I say this from previous personal experience as well as reviews of others I have heard. I would definitely use Merlin again and highly recommend them to others!.

***** on 30/05/2013

As always solid built wheels cant fault em!!!! If your considering buying then this is the place to look...

***** on 25/05/2013

Another superb wheel build from Merlin, I got the Mavic XM819 rim with DT Comp spokes on the Hope hub. The rim is solid and while slightly heavier than some equivalents I have never had any problems with it. I also like the sound of the Hope freehub as it alerts walkers to my presence and saves me having to shout out. This is the third set of wheels I've had from Merlin, all for different bikes, and can't rate them highly enough.

***** on 25/05/2013

Decided to treat myself to a new set of wheels for my cotic soul so started looking around at what was out there and at what price.
Considered getting a set of Eastons and Crank Bros purely for the bling factor but couldn't find a lot of decent reviews. However looked at these,saw all the fantastic reviews and coupled with the price seemed like a no-brainer.
I have to say they haven't disappointed, they look fantastic(white rims on blue hubs), are nearly as light as carbon wheels and feel bombproof.
Delivery was extremely quick, they came well packaged up so no complaints.
Overall a fantastic buy

***** on 24/05/2013

Well built, stiff light and strong, all good.

***** on 07/05/2013

Great wheel build using proven and ultra-reliable hubs from Hope. Had a previous set built last year, so for the new Ti build this year there was no need to shop around, it was straight back to Merlin.

Hope's Pro 2 Evo hubs are easily servicable and are a real quality product; like their headsets it's one item I'd always go for the best I can afford. They look great in a variety of colours [red for me] and the freehub makes a lovely whirring noise when freewheeling meaning you can warn anyone you're approaching easily - and save the weight of a bell - yes, I am joking ;)

Mavic XM819 UST rims are a sturdy option and offer excellent tubeless qualities - once fitted with Maxxis Highroller UST tyres I very rarely need to add air, they retain pressure brilliantly.

Merlin's wheel build is second to none. Superb.

***** on 28/04/2013

Awesome wheels. Built really fast and are truly fantastic. Took them to Cwmcarn and Afan and they were superb!

***** on 27/04/2013

WOW!!!! The build quality of these wheels are superb and Merlin have done a fantastic job. The combination of both a Mavic rim and an amazing sounding hope hub work really well. The wheels run incredibly smoothly and you get that authentic hope hub sound. Not only do they look great they work amazingly to. Blown away to be honest.

***** on 20/03/2013

My Merlin Cycles supplied red Hope Pro 2 Evo hub laced to a ZTR Flow ex rim is a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. Well put together, safely packaged and sent out within a very short timescale! Just need to save some money now for the front upgrade! Only a minor point but would be good to include an option for rim tape in the selection screen.

***** on 05/03/2013

Excellent build quality! I got the Crest rim with blue hubs and they look awesome! Lightweight and feel solid. I will review again after I get in some decent miles on them! Can't beat the price either!

***** on 13/02/2013

Great wheelset that was built and delivered quickly. Built to my exact specification, they work brilliantly.

***** on 06/02/2013

I have had wheels built before at merlin, so went back when I needed a new one, and the standard was still excellent, with quick turnaround

***** on 30/01/2013

The guys at Merlin really did me a great favour here. With my old wheel breaking days before a mtb trip to spain they built this wheel up for me and dispatched it within 3 hours, arrived before 9 the next day and I was ready to go. Great hub and rim combo, sucks up the hits nicely, really reassuring quality. Will be ordering the front one very soon.

***** on 19/01/2013

Excellent quality and delivered very promptly.

***** on 12/01/2013

Exactly what I want! The rim, hub and spokes models and colours as I choosed on the website! Good price and service!

**** on 08/01/2013

Great looking wheels , only used them once so far but very smooth!

***** on 30/11/2012

I agonised over my new wheel-set for the new hard-tail for quite a while; and looking at all the factory built wheels found they all seem to leave out a bit of this or a bit of that.

So I decided on Merlin custom wheels where I get to choose from combinations more suited to me, at the end of the day that's what its about right? So I pull the wheels out of the box and POW, super happy; unbeatable wheels for the price, and just how I wanted them right down to the colour.

***** on 28/11/2012

Excellent value for money and run really well, very impressed

***** on 15/11/2012

Perfect! Love it (not only for the looks). Not at all as noisy as I have read it should be. Maybe that's for an older version? Compared to my Mavic Ksyrium Equip, I think it is relatively quiet. Very well built.

***** on 13/11/2012

Good, price, and top quality wheelset. I can't ask for more.

***** on 11/11/2012

Orderd my custom made Mavic/Hope wheels late on Tuesday night and took delivery Friday, beautifully built and fast fuss free service, thanks guys at Merlin!!!

***** on 29/10/2012

great wheel and speedy service as always from merlin. well worth the money.

***** on 24/10/2012

Perfectly built wheel.

***** on 24/10/2012

Extremely happy with this wheel, all components are plush and that notorious hope pro2 sound is as good as I wished it would be! As expected, the wheel is 100% true, and a lot lighter than I thought it would be. My 1.5 slicks for city riding fitted with ease too - incase anyone was wondering about that.

I ordered it gone midnight on Sunday (technically Monday) and it had arrived by Wednesday! - Amazing service.
Would definitely use Merlin again (maybe for a matching front wheel!).

**** on 23/10/2012

Great looking wheels - lightweight and arrived within 4 days of order. Excellent build quality - would recommend.

***** on 19/10/2012

Great wheelset. very sure-footed. Love 'em. Other reviews complained about the freewheel noise- don't let that put you off, it aint that bad

***** on 18/10/2012

High quality building. Tough and smooth.

***** on 15/10/2012

Great wheel and delivered very quicky.

***** on 15/10/2012

Excellent stiff and strong.... I free ride jump big hits and skate parks all good so far i have a second set ordered for my all mountain bike

***** on 13/10/2012

I have always bought Mavic and have always had them built by Merlin, I have never had a problem with the build quality and the strength of the wheels that come from these guys. I have to say that these new wheels are fantastic. The Hope Pro 2 laced into the EN521 rim with double butted spokes feels stiff but not too heavy, I know that there are lighter wheels on the market but I wanted reliability and hopefully these wheels perform like all my others. 5/5

***** on 12/10/2012

well built great looking and they took a serious beating at the ffestiniog dh centre and still run true. Looking forward to using them on the gravity enduro series next year. Definatly a five star rating

***** on 04/10/2012

I'm a big guy and, having blown hubs before, very specific about my wheel set requirements. This was not my first wheel from Merlin and I'm about to order another. Loads of high quality options on a simple menu system, rapid delivery and expertly built to my specifications. Costly maybe but these wheels last from bike to bike and are just about the most important bit of kit you could ever buy.

***** on 19/09/2012

Ordered these with Stans ZTR Flow Rims and the DT competition spokes and I am really impressed. They are more than half the weight of my original rims, and the width gives me much more control on singletrack. Would highly recommend.

***** on 17/09/2012

Great wheels, light strong and very smooth. Hope hubs are exellent. The solid definite click of the free wheel sounds fab. The hub and rim set up is exellent. Very responsive transfer of power.

***** on 16/08/2012

been out about 6 times now with wheel every thing seems fine no loose spokes nice and solid wheel overall happy with purchase and service. i will be buying the matching front wheell in the near future.

***** on 12/08/2012

State of the art hubs, awesome quality, I'm quite happy of the combo with the Stan's Flow, I found them very smooth and rigid in AM usage. The build up job by Merlin is quite accurate and clean, as expected. I have to say I'm a happy customer.

***** on 02/08/2012

Great quality wheel build. The hope hubs feel really well made and they feel nice and stiff.

***** on 30/07/2012

Nice built wheel that seem dead straight. The ZTR Flow rim made tubeless setup super easy, and it holds the tire very well. Hub seems to be high quality and easy to fit different axle sizes.

***** on 15/07/2012

Thankyou for the wheels they look like they would survive a nuclear war. Have not completed my bike build yet so have not had a chance to use them. Spoke tension ver consistent compared with some machine built wheels I have come across and nice to see that some people still grease the spoke nipples when truing. Thanks guys.

***** on 12/07/2012

Excellent wheel, very well built, very happy with service etc, 5 stars!

***** on 09/07/2012

only had wheels a week but made very true and performed well at dalby forest, love the sound going downhill, recommended

***** on 08/07/2012

Lovely wheel build from Merlin. Went for Hope Pro 2 hubs with Mavic XM819 UST rims to try tubeless on my Cannondale. Looks very nice with red hubs. Have Hope on my other bikes and I have serviced/replaced bearings on them [having purchased the right drifts/bearing seat tools etc] so I know these wheels will give me longevity and superb performance. No need for a bell with Hope hubs either, anyone will hear you coming :)

***** on 28/06/2012

I was hesitant between the Crest and the Arch. Finally went for the 2nd one as I give priority to solidity. Weight still decent (1740g / pair with DT comp spokes).
Only 2 rides so can't give a constructive feedback.
Good price at Merlin

***** on 26/06/2012

Great wheel build, as soon as there fitted and you get out and ride you can feel an instant difference.
Great solid wheel build, very pleased!

***** on 18/06/2012

Excellent handbuilt wheel, everything I've read about you is true, very satisfied with the wheel in every way, i will continue buying on Merlin from here on Spain.

***** on 18/06/2012

these wheels are great.Look good and are bomb proof. Was very happy how quickly they arrived.Would def use merlin again for any wheel builds.

**** on 18/06/2012

For UK riding you will not need a better wheel and hub combo the Hope Pro 2 is up to the job of keeping out the British weather.
The rims are light and strong, great for X/C riding.

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