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Shimano 105 5800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals

Shimano 105 5800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals
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Shimano 105 PD5800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals
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The Shimano 105 PD5800 Carbon SPD-SL Pedals, have been designed to complement the 105 5800 11-speed group. As you would expect from Shimano these peddles are made for high performance cycling, racing, club riding or improving on your personal best; these pedals are all about performance.  The lightweight carbon composite body ensures a large shoe contact area maximising power transfer.



  • New for 2014/2015
  • Extra-Wide Platform
  • Carbon Composite Body
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body Plate
  • Wide Bearing Placement
  • Adjustable Entry and Release Tension Setting
  • Supplied with SM-SH11 cleats
  • Weight 285g
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***** on 10/04/2015

4th set of 5800 pedals I own. Great deal and much cheaper than DA and Ultegra for essentially the same thing

***** on 05/04/2015

Work just as well ultegra but at a super affordable price!

***** on 18/03/2015

Took a bit of getting used to clipping in, even after owning my pair of old PD-7800 for a couple years. It's probably due to the wider design, which I like. The wear plate doesn't seem as durable as I expected, but that might be a problem with my float and not the plate design as the plastic plate on my previous pair wore out faster than a fat man running on a treadmill.
Pedals are plenty light enough, not sure why you would spend 3X the price on the dura ace or ultegra for negligble weight savings. I also think the 105 is a better value than the very similar R550 as you are getting a lighter pedal and better sealed bearings (and a bit more bling) for not that much more money.

***** on 14/03/2015

As usual, shimano quality meaning a great product - find them easier to clip in to over the alloy equivalent, excellent!

***** on 14/03/2015

Haven't ridden on these pedals a lot yet but feel very stiff and light

***** on 08/03/2015

These pedals are lighter and with a wider platform than my previous Shimano 105 pedals. I love them.

***** on 04/03/2015

These pedals are simplistic and fantastic. I have already ridden them for 200 miles and they are stable, stiff, and give just the right amount that you would expect from Shimano. These are my first carbon pedals I have owned and I can honestly say I'm hooked!! I would recommend these especially to anyone like me who has minor knee issues and could not stand tiny pedals that force all of your weight down onto one tiny spot on the pedal. Also the degree of freedom the cleats themselves have is just the right amount to stay relaxed and keep your legs mobile on a long ride.

***** on 28/01/2015

These pedals look great and are fairly light, a big improvement from my old entry level shimano pedals. Next day service from Merlin, quality as always

***** on 25/01/2015

Having recently built a bike with the Shimano 5800 11-speed group I decided to go all in an get these pedals to replace a pair of SPD ones. I have another aluminum SPD-SL set of pedals so it was no problem to make the switch. What is nice is the carbon pedal body. Makes clicking in feel much more natural and very secure. I cranked the adjustable tension about 1/2-way in and have been solid and creak-free for the past 2 months. Great pedal for value.

***** on 25/12/2014

Having recently upgraded my gears etc from Tiagra to 105 I decided to do the same with my basic spd's that I have been using for the last few years. Very pleased with these, lighter, better bearings and a wider footbed which somehow feels more comfortable. Easier to clip in and with less slippage as the pedals seem to 'hang' better. Definitely recommended.

***** on 12/12/2014

I already have the Ultegra for my other bike , couldn't see a reason to spend the extra money again , these look virtually the same and there is only a tiny weight difference. Job done . Another great product from Shimano , more great service from Merlin as usual.

***** on 05/11/2014

Why spend hundreds on the DA or even ultegra pedals? If you're a weight weenie, the shimano options aren't what you want anyways - the 5800 pedals work just as well as the top end models, at a friendly price. Would recommend to anyone who prefers shimano and doesn't have an unlimited budget

***** on 31/10/2014

These pedals are ridiculously light and a great value! Best pedals I've ever used!

***** on 13/10/2014

Could not be more pleased with these new 105 pedals! They're a significant step up from my old alloy SPDs and pair well with carbon-soled shoes for power transfer. Highly recommended as a mid-level upgrade!

***** on 10/10/2014

Easy to get in and out of the pedals. Look great and are very light. Such great service and quick like always.

***** on 18/09/2014

Excellent. Wondered about spending extra on Ultegra pedals but glad I stuck with the 105. Smooth, light and much more comfortable than my old SPDs (feel more efficient too). Great value for the money.

***** on 16/08/2014

I purchased these as an upgrade from the standard Shimano SPD-SL and I can clearly see the difference. It is easier to get foot in at junctions as they seem wider. For the same reason it seems you can put more power into the pedals too.

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