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Shimano M324 SPD Pedals

Shimano M324 SPD Pedals
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Ideal pedal for recreational riders who commute and tour.
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Code: PDM324
  • Combines SPD mechanism on one side and flat pedal body on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes
  • Serviceable cup and cone bearings add to long life of the pedals
  • Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress
  • Weight: 533 grams
  • Includes cleats

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*** on 02/05/2015

Nice pedal, but not super grippy on the platform side. Not sure if I'll use platform side much, but it's there if I need.

***** on 01/05/2015

I have two sets of these pedals now. On my tourer they give me the choice of shoes with cleats or if I choose, for short trips or whatever, ordinary shoes. The same applies for my trail/hybrid but also sometimes, off-road on rough surfaces, I feel uncomfortable to be clipped-in, in case I need a quick dab with the foot. Again these give me the option. They seem well made and are as cheap as less well known makes. I cannot yet comment on long-term reliability.

***** on 16/12/2014

Great quality product if a bit heavy; cleats are the multi release type so easier to get used to and the cage makes nipping to the shops a breeze.

***** on 08/11/2014

A little on the heavy side but still a decent pedal if your not sure about cleats.

***** on 16/10/2014

These are the first clip on pedals I have used hence choosing the flat side and clip side. As with most Shimano gear it seems well made and works well. I have got used to clips now but would still go dual use for shorter runs to pub/ gym where cycle shoes are not appropriate

***** on 13/09/2014

Perfect pedal for converting my road bike to a flat-bar hybrid. Both sides of the pedal work flawlessly.

***** on 24/08/2014

Works like a charm. A very good option if you're not yet fully committed into going full clipless. Platform side has good traction. Quick and easy to install.

***** on 21/08/2014

Good pedals that are solidly built, as they are combination pedals they are well worth buying if you're a new cyclist like me.

***** on 19/08/2014

Fine combi solution. One pedal for both everyday ride and longer trips.

***** on 05/08/2014

The Shimano M324 pedal was a perfect fit for me. The dual platform pedal offers the faster clip in than other pedals on the market, while flat side offers a wide surface and durable cleat. An A+ victory for Shimano!!

***** on 30/07/2014

These are a good quality product which allow me to use my bike around town without having to change shoes. They weigh about 20g more than my existing spd pedals, so not much difference. Really easy to fit and come with the correct cleats for my shoes for when I want to use them. Tension on clips is easily adjusted. Delivery very prompt and all round great service from Merlin.

***** on 03/07/2014

Previous pedals used to slip away from my shoes so often. With these pedals slipping is no more. It firmly and securely attaches to your shoes. Design is stylish too.

***** on 12/11/2013

Bought for my single speed road bike so I can use with clip in and normal shoes. Works great with both, very happy.

***** on 05/11/2013

Simple pedals which I ordered to go on a commuter/mountain bike.
Great compromise with normal pedal on one side for street shoes and clips on the other for the day on a trail.

***** on 22/10/2013

Great pedals. Easy to get in and out of when I'm wearing cleats and good support when I'm not.

***** on 04/09/2013

Pedals are great. Quite heavy but they feel nice and sturdy!

***** on 29/08/2013

A bit heavier than the other MTB pedals but as being two type at once, it is very useful for both commuting and touring. I use these for my road bike and no issues so far. Recommend to everyone who use their bikes (no matter MTB or road) for both commuting and touring.

***** on 14/08/2013

I have this pedals on my two ROAD bikes and I LOVE them. I try two different road brand {Look-speedplay}over two years and this is the WAY to GO. There is no BETTER pedals on the market !!!

***** on 12/07/2013

Having read up on SPD pedals, I found that these were great for starting out with. Easy for nipping to the shops if you don't want to bother with biking shoes and great on the commute.

**** on 16/04/2013

Excellent choice for those who ride or commute in urban environments. Sometimes, if you're wearing some cycling shoes attached to pedals you will certainly feel a litlle affraid of being stuck while you fall down among cars and laughing pedestrians. With these Shimano M324 dual pedal, you have the flexibility to wear regular shoes in urban areas as well as SPD shoes in road lanes. A bit heavier than SPD/SPD-SL solo pedals, but still that's the peanut price to pay for these anti-laughing devices!

***** on 15/03/2013

These are great. I had to get a second pair for my other bike. They are a bit heavy but work really well.

***** on 12/03/2013

Great pedals and was deleivered before the expected date. Thanks Merlin...

***** on 27/12/2012

Great product exactly what I required and delivered fast

***** on 19/11/2012

Excellent- easy to adjust

**** on 13/11/2012

Exactly as described, dispatched very quickly - I'm happy with Merlin.

Pedals are well made, I use SPDs a lot and flat pedals for my commuter bike. Wanted the option of both, inevitably some compromise involved, but I expected that. The pedal is a little heavy

***** on 18/10/2012

Very pleased with Pedals whcih were great value

***** on 10/10/2012

Very good pedal. It has a cleat on one side and normal pedal on the other side of the pedal. I find this a great help when i am cycling in urban areas i just use the normal side. When on the open road i click into the cleats. Very simple to install and to use

***** on 29/09/2012

Got these for my son to replace the low quality plastic 'test ride' pedals that came with his mountain bike. Perfect for a quick dash to the paper shop in regular shoes or a long weekend ride with SPD shoes. Like all Shimano products quality is great and the price and service from Merlin were excellent as always.

***** on 28/09/2012

These pedals are for my Husband's Giant Rapid. I'd bought some new cycle shoes for our Anniversary not realising that he needed cleats and proper pedals to go with them! Shows what I know eh?! He has adapted really easily to using the cleats and is really enjoying the pedals.....

He found them easy to fit and has started off with the cleats loosely adjusted but he now seems able to engage them quickly, so will be able to tighten them up as he gets better

He does now wonder how he managed prior to having these SPD Pedals. The pedals themselves are really well made and worth every penny.

***** on 12/09/2012

Fantastic pedals. I'm really pleased with these as they give the opportunity to use spd's or flat pedals. Top notch quality pedal. Easy to put on the bike and look good.

***** on 20/06/2012

there's generally two sides to every story, and its true in this case too!
|They are great!

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