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Shimano XT M786 10 Speed Shadow+ Rear Mech

Black / 10 Speed / Long Cage SGS
RRP: $87.16
Save 48%
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Black / 10 Speed / Medium Cage GS
RRP: $87.16
Save 37%
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Silver / 10 Speed / Long Cage SGS
RRP: $87.16
Save 37%
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Silver / 10 Speed / Medium Cage GS
RRP: $87.16
Save 37%
In stock
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New Shimano XT M786 Shadow+ rear mech.
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  • Shimano XT M786 Shadow+ rear mech
  • Top normal - for use with rapidfire shifters.
  • Available in Black or Silver.
  • GS Medium cage and SGS Long cage.
  • Full product description coming soon.
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*** on 26/03/2015

For me, clutch mech + narrow wide will stop my chain from coming off on a 1X system without a chain guide. It is the best solution for me but there are a few problems.

1. You have to push harder on the shifter with these.

2. The clutch loosen over time and you will start dropping the chain when it happens, you can tighten the clutch back up though, instruction is on the Shimano website.

3. The clutch will eventually snap (This is my third one). So don't expect it to last forever and treat it as a consumable. My first one snapped within the warranty period though and got replaced through warranty.

***** on 24/03/2015

Just magic, its my first clutched derailleur and it is awesome. Definitely worth the extra money over the non clutched.

***** on 28/02/2015

Switched back to Simano XT from SRAM X9 so happier now with crisp shifting.

***** on 17/02/2015

Great product. Easy to install. The Shadow+ feature is great. If my last derailleur would have had that feature I most likely would not have destroyed it in a downhill race.

***** on 19/01/2015

All of my bikes have XT shadow plus derailleurs on and I never have any issues. The shadow plus clutch does a great job keeping bike noise down and keeping the chain on the ring.

***** on 16/10/2014

No need to go XTR, as always smooth and precise shifting.

***** on 27/08/2014

I replaced my old sram 9 for this XT to stay consistent with the shimano dyna system. And I love it! The shadow plus technology is impressive. I ride in steep mountainous terrain as well as rolling rock gardens in the desert and it shifts perfectly all the time. The cable stretch hardly seems to effect it. Minor adjustment has been needed to keep it super smooth. I spend my entire rides shifting up and down like crazy to keep cadence in our steep inconsistent terrain, 30,000 vertical feet later it is still shifting excellent. On the down hills the shadow + keeps your chain nice and taught so you don't get the frustrating chain slap anymore. A great product

***** on 25/08/2014

What a difference from the old 9spd, non + shadow mech. The fastest shifting yet by a margin and zero chain slap. Why did I wait so long to make the conversion??! Flawless and great value.

***** on 19/08/2014

This is my 2nd of these mechs so I now have them on two bikes. Never had a problem with either one. Perfect shifting, as usual from shimano, no matter what the conditions.

***** on 17/07/2014

Reduced the chain slap I used to have on my old set up down to nothing! No chain drops yet on my 1x10 using with derailleur and a Race Face N/W.

***** on 05/06/2014

Very smooth and accurate operation. Clutch-system is a very nice thing and keeps your chain tight and stable when riding some rough terrain.

***** on 08/05/2014

Love it. Changed from an older XT to new XT shadow + rear mech, difference is very positive

**** on 18/11/2013

Overall, a great piece of kit...

After trying a clutch mech I doubt I'll ever go back to a standard one. The reduced chain slap improves chain security. I am not convinced that many people will move to use it in direct mount mode. Rear mechs need a point of failure and removing the point of failure makes no sense. I think Shimano are just gutted their design requires an additional link compared with its competitor the X9 Type 2. While riding I think the performance will be equal although I prefer the more tucked in profile of the shadow mech.

***** on 22/10/2013

I've wanted to get a clutched rear mech for a while and it's certainly made a difference.
The bike is virtually silent now, and I haven't thrown a chain since it's been on the bike.

***** on 20/10/2013

I can't fault this mech, shifts really crisply and keeps the chain secure even on a hard tail on the rootiest trails. The massive reduction in drivetrain noise is very welcome.

***** on 17/10/2013

Works like a dream - I was having problems with the chain dropping of my 1x10 set up so I upgraded to this clutch mech and it certainly made a big difference. I would heartily recommend just based on its function let alone Merlin's excellent price, service and delivery - amazing value!

***** on 04/10/2013

Brilliant rear mech, stops chain slap and is a huge improvement over the original shadow mech.

***** on 01/10/2013

Great gear, works perfectly except when the hanger snaps and chucks it into the rear wheel. A must have for bikes with gears.

***** on 27/09/2013

The shift is smooth and precise as expected by XT but the clutch system is outstanding. What a difference it makes when riding. No more chain slap or chain dropping off the inside of the front rings.

***** on 16/09/2013

I purchased this rear mech, due to it being a clutch type mech, I read a few other reviews stating that it wasn't very good, but I thought I would give it a go as I'm heading into racing enduro, so I ran it with a 2x10 setup, it's phenomenal chain never came off once with the clutch engadged even over rough a rooty sections. Gear changes are crisp and precise, even under heavy load plus my bike is now silent. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to upgrade to a clutch mech.

***** on 03/09/2013

Excellent product. I have these on two of my bikes and find them to almost eliminate chain slap on bumpy ground which not only quietens things down but also reduces damage to chainstays. The action is very crisp too.

***** on 08/08/2013

Great derailleur love the shadow plus design if your running a 1x setup this is an essential at a great price

***** on 29/07/2013

Does what is says on the tin - increases chain tension, reduces slap and is perfect for 1x10 set up. Merlin's pricing and service is excellent on this product.

***** on 28/07/2013

Smooth shifting and clutch handles chain slap so well.

***** on 25/07/2013

Excellent product. Clutch works well and is adjustable with no extra drag or reduction in changing efficency

***** on 16/07/2013

Works well, as you would expect from Shimano, noticeably quieter than the non clutch model.

***** on 13/07/2013

Amazing how quiet it makes my bike, still can't believe it !!

***** on 10/07/2013

Easily fitted. Instruction manual a bit sparse. It is rated 35T Tooth span and it does fit a casette with 34-11 (do not know if it fits larger sprocets than 34)

The shadow plus seems to work really well; I have however only had one ride on it.

***** on 09/07/2013

Rear mech for my other bike, does exactly what it should. Fitted to replace crash damaged XTR, shifting feels slightly heavier but it's half the cost of XTR!

**** on 05/07/2013

Service was faultless..

RD is great piece of kit, but have already smashed one by 'hitting' something so not sure if the clutch makes the RD cage too stiff and therefore subject to damage easier...

***** on 16/06/2013

The clutch mechanism works very well... stopped dropped chains that I sometimes suffered on my 2x10 setup. Was looking at chain device but don't feel the need now.

***** on 04/06/2013

This Derailleur is every good, and it works smoothly, and fine! the price is also awesome.

Nothing bad to say.

***** on 20/05/2013

Typical fast/efficient service form Merlin. Great product. I was a little sceptical about the clutch system but it just works..

***** on 09/05/2013

The clutch keeps the chain from slapping heaps and also noticably less chain drops. Cant go wrong with shimano.

**** on 03/05/2013

Clutch works well, has eliminated chain drop on my hardtail.

***** on 27/04/2013

Great rear mech, I bought this to replace a broken XTR Mech with clutch. Not a great deal of difference between this and the XTR tbh. Merlin excellent as always.

***** on 27/04/2013

Out of the box its easy to install, of course needs some adjusting but shifts precisely and smoothly. Will not find a better 10 speed mech for that price.

***** on 09/04/2013

Fast clean shifting and the new shadow + reduced chain slap, easy set up like all my XT products

***** on 04/04/2013

Excellent best rear mech I've used.

***** on 26/03/2013

WOW - This rear mech really is amazing and looks so sexy on your bike! The clutch mechanism really does work and you do notice the difference with crisper shifts and tighter chain line which eliminates chain loss. Even over the roughest of ground the chain remains in place. Service from Merlin was up to the usual standard with next day delivery just that !

***** on 19/03/2013

For the sake of a few quid and a few grams, this is great - eliminates chain slap completely and shifting is practically unaffected. I have much more faith in my drive train in mucky conditions.

Definitely recommended.

***** on 04/03/2013

First of all, I have to mention the delivery service. I ordered this (and other bits) at around 2pm on a Monday and everything I ordered arrived by 9am the very next day.. SUPERB. Bought this to try and stop the chain dropping on my 1 x 10 bike! IT WORKS.. Great stuff.

***** on 26/02/2013

This isn't my first XT rear mech but it is the first with the clutch system and the reports I heard about it being quiet and giving quick positive changes are all true. I didn't think XT could be improved on but Shimano have by adding the clutch ;)

***** on 22/02/2013

Great derailer. Clutch mechanism eliminated all chain slap. would highly recommend.

***** on 20/02/2013

Superbly quiet and super crisp shifting. It might be a little heavier than the standard shadow mech, but I reckon it's well worth the extra

***** on 13/02/2013

Super silk like changing at a great price

**** on 08/02/2013

Works well, no chain slap. Heavier at 260g than a non-clutch xt rear mech. Would consider the cheaper non-clutch next time.

***** on 18/01/2013

Five star advice, products, service and delivery as usual from Merlin Cycles. I will use them again.

***** on 08/01/2013

Previously I was not sure how you could improve on the old XT mech, but this is definitely an improvement. It does quieten down the chain slap noise, so makes for a more pleasant ride. The slight weight increase over the previous model is neither here nor there for most mere mortals. It's definitely worth upgrading to next time you need to replace your old one.

***** on 11/12/2012

12 years away from shimano I took the plunge and bought this derailleur with clutch and matched if up to m780 shifters. The derailleur is well made, exudes quality. It misses the ability to be locked open for wheel changes but apart from that the shifting is flawless. I tossed up this or spending double on an XTR, glad a went with the XT. Tuning the gears was easier than the old 9speed shimano even for a backyard mechanic like myself. I like the cable routing, seems more of a natural route rather than a sharp bend through the derailleur. The clutch mechanism works well, no chain chatter, couldn't feel any drag. Would buy again

***** on 09/10/2012

Very, VERY quiet on the trail. quick and simple to setup.

***** on 29/09/2012

this is the second xt plus mech i have bought on the strength of the first one being so good and this is doing the job well. thanks steve

***** on 08/09/2012

'Does exactly wait it says on the tin'
Why didn't they think of this sooner.

***** on 07/09/2012

Its Shimano XT so it just works.
The clutch system works a treat, makes chain slap a thing of the past. But it does make shifting feel slightly stiffer, not a lot but enough to notice, nothing you won't get used to after a few minutes riding

***** on 05/09/2012

Amazing that I can get it from the UK for cheaper than I can get in the US... and it's not yet even available in the US.

***** on 24/08/2012

Awesome no more chain slap and great shifting

***** on 23/08/2012

First time I've ordered from Merlin Cycles...I'm impressed with the smooth transaction and fast shipping. Could not find this product in town and noone had an ETA. In addition, retail price in town (Canada) about 40% more than Merlin's, even taking into account shipping!

Shadow+ really works! Wow. Very little chain noise and haven't dropped chain on trail bike yet (no chain guide). Skimming over chunder I hear the sweet pap pap of tires, rather than the clanging of my chain.

***** on 20/08/2012

As per usual outstanding service from Merlin.
now to the product in hand having been riding for 20+ years now this mech is by far the best used to date the statement that it quieten downs your riding is an under statement it is really that good you can only hear your mates behind you with there mechs bouncing all over the place slapping there frames not mine all i can hear is the tyres whizzing along top mech get one.

**** on 31/07/2012

Much improved and very positive shifting across all ten sprockets and no chain slap at all even over very rough terrain, no chain drop issues so far and only a small weight penalty over the standard XT Shadow rear mech which this replaced. Very efficient service and prompt delivery from Merlin Cycles as usual, all for a great price.

***** on 22/07/2012

Amazing piece of kit, only used it a few times but no more chain slap and great shifting.

***** on 14/07/2012

Smooth shifting,and typical Shimano quality (which to me means it should last and last). The Shadow plus really does work at reducing chain slap. Supposedly it makes the shifting a little bit more resistant but I cannot say that I noticed any difference using the XT i-Spec levers.

Not sure I have seen a frame yet with the direct mount option but it is simplicity itself to mount it this way should your frame have this functionality.

Just make sure that when you what to take the rear wheel off you turn the lever to off. I would have loved a lever up by the handlebars to turn on/off the shadow plus function but that would be nitpicking.

5 stars you betcha!

***** on 14/07/2012

Somehow Merlin had the new XT Shadow Plus derailleur in stock, when I couldn't find one in the US. And on top of that, I saved money if anyone did stock it, even having to pay shipping across the pond. Impressed!

***** on 13/07/2012

Placed the order on Sunday received it on Fri in Western Australia, fantastic service. First purchase but def not the last

I cant put it on till next week but can feel how much stiffer the spring is when the clutch is engaged,
My pivot firebird suffers from terrible chain slap and i know this will make my rides silent over rock gardens and drops.
Im so stoked right now

***** on 10/07/2012

Superb product, chainslap is a thing of the past :)

**** on 07/07/2012

pricy but new to market so thats not a surprise. compared to previous 9sp shadow xt mech the shapes are a little less well defined - its not as sharp looking which is a shame. also the clutch adds visual bulk so its not a pretty thing despite how well it works. suspect the slx will actually look better

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