10 Hidden Gems @ Merlin

We have a fair bit of stock here at Merlin. There are brands and items which we sell that can get lost in the bulk and quantity of other products. In the olden days, these would have been positioned creatively in a shop window. So let’s give them a little attention here..

Check out our Merlin’s Hidden Gems….


Some products just start me off going ‘doe-eyed’ , just before I start drooling. Silca products do that. Known as track / floor pump supremo’s, Silca now produce a range of beautiful cycling products. Produced with the same care, quality and reliability as their original pumps. Silca products have a style and presence all of their own, they make reaching for an allen key a very special occassion…

Silca Products

Sunrace Cassettes

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that cheaper components not made by the big manufacturers are somehow ‘fakes’ or terrible quality. Sunrace is a prime example. Sunrace started up in 1972 and rapidly developed, buying UK hub gear specialists, Sturmey Archer, along the way. Sunrace cassettes are hard wearing and super reliable. They do an optional all-black finish too.

Sunrace RS3 11-28

But wait, there’s more. Did you throw those 10 speed wheels, when you bit the bullet and went 11 speed? Sunrace RS3 11-28 cassettes are designed with a big overhang at the big sprocket end of the cassette. So the good news is, they fit many older cassette freehubs up to 10 speed – To prove it, here’s a photo of a RS3 11-28 cassette on a Dura Ace 7850 10 speed wheel. (also tested on older 10 speed Fulcrum Racing 5’s and Shimano Ultegra 6500 hubs from 1998!)

*the RS3 11-32 is designed differently and doesn’t fit 11 speed

Sensa Bikes

The Netherlands know a LOT about bike riding. People in the Netherlands ride bikes much more than in most other countries. There are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands and 60 percent of residents ride every day.

Sensa is a well established quality bike brand, little known outside of the Netherlands. We have been supplying Sensa bikes for a long time. The bike range which they produce exudes quality and provides exceptional value over the bigger bike brands. Check out our current Sensa stock range here. One excellent road bike in their range is the 2021 Giulia GF (below). Fast and versatile with 32mm tyre clearance.

Tubeless Support

If there is one seemingly ever-expanding category on our website, it is Tubeless Accessories. Tubeless tyres are great. Setting them up can be time consuming and ongoing ‘top-ups’ and occassional big hole repairs need specialist product such as these…

Cantilever Brakes

While the fight between Disc versus rim brakes get all the attention, cyclocross cantilever brakes just keep on keeping on. Cantilever brakes offer light weight and decent mud shedding abilities. They only fit frames which have cantilever brake bosses / mounts. Canti’s still have many fans in the muddy fields and amongst the pressure washers and VW T5 filled car parks at cyclocross races.

Single Speed Components

You don’t need a beard or skinny fit jeans to ride a singlespeed / fixie. However, you do need some specific components. Converting an old frameset to a singlespeed bike is a great option for a general purpose bike for use in less hilly areas. check out our singlespeed / fixie components here.


Bike riders are enjoying more mixed terrain on rides these days and as a result, coming across more walkers, runners and families out enjoying the great outdoors. So what’s the best option for letting them know you are approaching? Bells offer a great way to provide a gentle alert that you are there. For a few extra grams and a tiny bit of ‘dashboard’ space on your handlebars, bells are a good option.

Wilier Collection

Wilier make some amazing bikes. They also produce an impressive and extensive range of wheelsets, frames, accessories and clothing – all with classic Italian style built in.

Merlin Bike Bags

Now this might seem like a stretch… The best time to invest in a decent quality travel bag for taking your beloved bike on holiday is right now. While we might not be heading off anywhere soon, depending on the pandemic, stock up now and get to the front of the check-in queue. They are also a pretty good, dust-free option for storing your beloved road bike away for winter.

Cane Creek EE El Fuego Calipers

They are things of wonder. They will also stop you. These Cane Creek calipers are shiny things of beauty to behold. They could well also ‘brake’ the bank… Wow though, more like a precision watch from Switzerland or jewellery to dangle from a piercing, than a bike brake. Available in direct mount or regular caliper fit.