There are few other cycling brands that exude heritage and prestige as much as Silca does. A Silca product is almost timeless in its appeal and in its appearance. From its very first product range back during World War I, Silca were seen as innovators with a keen emphasis on longevity.

Silca were the first company to put pressure gauges on cycle pumps. They were the first brand to use plastics circa WWII.

In more recent times their re-launch of their iconic Super Pista track pump caught the cycling world’s attention. The ultimate in track pumps. A thing of beauty to admire – as well as put to hard use for decades to come.

No matter what they’ve made Silca have always been highly regarded for their design and craftsmanship. Silca stuff can often cost the earth but Silca owners would never use anything else.

The track pumps from the 1970s golden age of road racing – Eddie Mercx and the Molteni team and all that – can still be found being used in garages and bike shop workshops to this day.

Once you’ve gone Silca you never go back.

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