There are few other cycling brands that exude heritage, prestige and quality as much as Silca does. Read a more in-depth blog here. From its very first product range in 1917 Silca were seen as innovators and were the first company to put pressure gauges on cycle pumps.

In more recent times their re-launch of their iconic Super Pista track pump caught the cycling world’s attention, the ultimate in track pumps Silca track pumps are used by professional bicycle workshop mechanics around the world and endure hard use for decades. Silca's chain lubrication products have also caused a stir, providing the ultimate in waxed chain lubrication. No matter what the product, Silca have always been highly regarded for their design and craftsmanship; we stock a wide range of Silca products including phone wallets, saddle bags, track pumps, torque kits, bottle cages, multi tools and more.