Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set
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Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set
Code: SIAMAC042ASY06
Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set
The Silca Ultimate Bicycle Spa Box Set includes all four elements of the Bicycle Spa Cleaning System, with the added bonus of two microfibre towels, a foam applicator block to help you apply graphene wax evenly and two stickers.
First in the system is the cinnamon scented Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain Cleaner, which clears grime and oil off those areas, in the process eliminating brake squeal.
Next comes the biodegradable Ultimate Bike Wash, with its aroma of cherries. This lifts dirt from your frame, fork, saddle and handlebars, in the process encapsulating any loosened particles, so that they won't scratch your paintwork. It then washes off for a streak-free finish.
The third element of the system is the Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax. It's a protective, biodegradable graphene wax formula with a fresh Margarita scent, which forms an invisible, waxy hydrophobic barrier that will keep your bike looking sparkly for longer. It also guards against sun fade and gives your paintwork a glossy finish, though it mustn't be used on your drivetrain and tyres.
Finally, finish your cleaning and top up day-to-day with Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash, a Piña Colada scented, hydrophobic eco-cleaner (not to be used near brakes) that can be sprayed on, wiped away and buffed to shine your paintwork. Once dry, it will form a nanoscale layer of protection to deflect grime and dust, combatting scratches in the process.
All of the above products come in 16oz bottles, and together they will keep your bike clean, protected and quiet. The microfibre towels and foam applicator block will help you to achieve a streak free, glossy finish.
  • Contains 4 x 16oz bottles containing the full Bicycle Spa Cleaning System:
  • Ultimate Brake and Drivetrain Cleaner
  • Ultimate Bike Wash
  • Ultimate Graphene Spray Wax
  • Ultimate Ceramic Waterless Wash
  • Eco-friendly and less harmful formulas
  • With 2 x bonus microfibre towels
  • Includes foam applicator block
  • 2 x Silca stickers