1. Road Bike Wheels

    Road Bike Wheels

    Most wheels consist of three main components; rims, hubs and spokes. However this is where the similarities across wheels ends. Wheels can differ hugely and have a large impact on how your bike rides. We stock wheels for road, gravel, cyclocross and MTB in all the popular sizes and hub / axle fitments.
  2. MTB Wheels

    MTB Wheels

    Mountain bike wheels come in three size options, 26", 27.5" and 29". There are also a range of axle fit options, be sure to select the right one for your bike. Wheels are aimed at the different genres of MTB from lightweight carbon fibre cross country wheels, to heavy duty, 'bomb proof' wheels designed to cope with whatever can be thrown at them.
  3. Wheel Spares & Accessories

    Wheel Spares & Accessories