1. Factory Road Wheels

    Factory Road Wheels

    Pre-built pairs of wheels from all the very best brands. Treat yourself to some speedy hoops and you'll never look back.
  2. Track/Single Speed Wheels

    Track/Single Speed Wheels

    No gears here. Just one speed for ripping around on the velodrome or for ragging around the mean streets on your singlespeed or fixie.
  3. Custom Built Road Wheels

    Custom Built Road Wheels

    Wheels and wheelsets that have been hand built by Tony our resident wheel builder. He build wheels. It's what he does. There's something special about a pair of hand made hoops.
  4. Factory Road Disc Wheels

    Factory Road Disc Wheels

    Factory Disc Wheels for the latest road bikes with disc brakes. Pre-built by all the big brands like Shimano, Fulcrum Zipp and Hope.
Road Bike Wheels

Wheels are magic. Wheels are easily as important as the frame and fork when it comes to influencing how a bike rides and feels. A lot of experienced road cyclists have several sets of wheels to call upon depending on the task in hand and the time of year. Lighter wheel rims can shave seconds of your speed in the hills and make your bike feel more responsive. Deeper section aero wheels, while being heavier can also improve your speed but the benefit will only be felt at higher speeds. Deep section rims can also handle strangely in strong winds. There's also the choice of whether to stick with normal clincher type wheels or branch out into the weird and wild world of tubular wheels and tyres.