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    Factory Road Bike Wheels

    There are many, many factory wheelsets these days. There's something for everyone. While all the attention goes to the eye-catching deep section carbon rims from prestige brands like Zipp, Enve and Campagnolo, there's still much more interest in a decent set of aluninium rimmed wheels for most riders and most types of riding. Mavic, Shimano and Fulcrum are all deservedly popullar choices. The recent adoption of wider tyres has seen wide rim wheels becoming more and more common and it's well worth checking out what the recommended tyre size range of your chosen wheels is. The age old question of clincher versus tubular isn't as fiercely debated as it once was. Modern carbon clincher wheels and new types of tyres are argubaly equalling the feel and handling of decent tubs these days. Yet tubs will alwysa be the lighter option and for a lot of demanding riders that will be reason enough in itself to keep with tubulars.