1. Mountain Bike Wheels

    Mountain Bike Wheels

    Available in all the usual wheel sizes: 26", 27.5 and 29er, in all types of QR and bolt-thru axle variations. Tubeless ready or just with inner tubes - it's up to you.
  2. Custom Built Mountain Bike Wheels

    Custom Built Mountain Bike Wheels

    We’re known for our hand built wheels. There’s something magic about hand built wheels. It’s a beautiful melding of science, craft, experience and feel.
Mountain Bike (MTB) Wheels

Buying mountain bikes wheels isn't as simple as it once was. There are now a few different wheels sizes available and a few different axle standards. MTB wheels just used to be 26" and that was that. Then along came 29ers with their larger diameter and things got, shall we say, interesting. 20mm bolt-thru front wheel axles started to drift over from DH bikes on to regular trail bikes and then trail bikes got a bolt-thru standard of their own - 15mm. Then the same thing happened with rear wheels with traditional QRs being replaced with 135mm x 12mm and then more recent 142mm standards.Then along came 27.5 or 650B wheels! Things are settling down a bit now and riders are gradually accepting having to learn a bit about their wheels these days. One big decision will be whether to go tubeless or just stick with inner tubes.If you're buying a new wheel then it really makes sense to make sure that it be easily run as tubeless in the future should you want to.