1. Workshop Tools

    Workshop Tools

    There's only so far you can get with a multi-tool. Here's our selection of quality tool separates for the enthused home mechanic.
  2. Bicycle Pumps

    Bicycle Pumps

    Mini-pumps, track pumps, CO2 cannisters and a full array of spares of accessories for inflation tools.
  3. Multitools


    Are you a minimalist or a Macgyver? Choose from super dinky multitools through to ones that are a bit more beefy
  4. Bike Cleaning

    Bike Cleaning

    Cleaning, polishing and protecting products to keep your pride and joy in tiptop shape.
  5. Bike Lubrication & Fluids

    Bike Lubrication & Fluids

    There are oils and greases for every thing on a bicycle. You don't need all of them but it's important not to use the wrong stuff.
  6. Workstands


    Get your bike at a better working height. Extremely useful for working on gears and brakes.
  7. Bike Storage

    Bike Storage

    Floor prop stands and wall mounted holders. Some can also double as mini workstands.
  8. Maintenance Guides

    Maintenance Guides

    Knowledge is power. Learning how to fix your own bike can also save you some serious money in mechanic fees.
Bike tools and maintenance

If you get seriously into cycling you'll learn to appreciate regular maintenance and knowing about how to repair things. It's part of cycling and given the right equipment and environment it can become a really enjoyable and satisfying part of cycling. At the very least you'll need some bike specific chain lubrication and a decent multi-tool. After that you'll find yourself contemplating a track pump, some quality tool separates and maybe even a workstand. You may never want to leave the garage!