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    It’s only a matter of time before a multi tool will save your ride. Here’s what constitutes a good multi tool. There’s nothing worse than being stranded out on a ride by a simple mechanical. And we’ve all had something come loose at some time or other. Or often on a ride you find you need to adjust the position of something. These are exactly the kind of situations multi tools were designed for. Multi tools, as the name suggests, pack a variety of commonly used tools into a compact, portable and consolidated packageThe more you pay for a multi tool the more tools it will have and generally the better made and more compact it will be. Saying that, any multi tool with the basic tools is better than no multi tool. Even if you’re not a competent mechanic we would recommend you carry a small basic multi tool as even if you can’t fix something it will be easier to ask someone to do it for you if you supply them with tools for the job. We stock multi tools from Lezyne, Topeak, Park and many more.