Accessories for your bike include all the little add-ons which make your bike more suited to you. When a bike leaves the factory it is a bit like an empty house, it needs a little furniture to make it more livable and enjoyable. So, for example, if you regularly ride in rain and wet conditions, mudguards will make your bike more suited to you. If you ride shared paths, a bell is a useful accessory.


No matter what type or brand of bike you ride, the chances are, there will be suitable mudguards available to fit it. Bikes without mudguard mounts, such as some MTB and race bikes, can be fitted with guards specially designed for bikes without frame mudguard mounts. Specific mudguards for suspension forks on MTB’s can stop much of the mud and gloop thrown up as you ride. Gravel bikes tend to have mudguard eyelets which allow the relatively easy fitting of mudguards.

Panniers / Racks

If you need to transport extra stuff on your bike, bike racks and panniers can offer a great solution. Whether you need to collect groceries or keep documents flat on the commute to the office, extra bike storage opens up whole new options for using the bike in your life. Many bikes have rack mounts fitted, these allow the relatively straight-forward mounting of racks and panniers. Bikes without mounts, such as race bikes, might not be suitable for hauling extra loads. Pannier bags offer different storage configurations and can be waterproof and are available in different capacity / sizes.


If you find yourself regularly riding on share paths and trails, invest in a bell. They are more polite than a shout (which can be taken the wrong way). Whilst not a legal requirement in the UK, as they are in some countries around the world, bells are a great way of letting people and animals know that you are approaching.


Handlebar end mirrors are a relatively unobtrusive accessory which adds a level of extra safety to your ride. Equally useful to city commuters and riders on quieter roads, if you want to know what traffic is behind you, a mirror is ideal and reduces the amount of looking over your shoulder.

Bike Bags

Ideal for travelling abroad, packing into cars or even storage, bike bags provide varying levels of protection for your bike. Features such as wheels for easy rolling, extra protection and storage compartments provide

Child Seats

Transporting children on bikes has never been easier, thanks to a range of child seats available with varying levels of comfort and age range. Another option for two little ones, or one plus shopping, is a child trailer, capable of hauling between 20 - 40kg’s. Child seats and trailers are a great way to involve the whole family in riding bikes and are the first step for youngsters towards riding a bike of their own.