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Topeak Mini 9 Multi Tool
  • One piece super-light folding tool. 9 tools fold into an extruded, anodised alloy body.
  • Hardened steel tools. Supplied with Neoprene bag.
  • Tools include: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen wrenches, T25 Torx wrench, Phillips screwdriver.
  • Size: 6.6x3.1x2cm
  • Weight: 92g
James As expected, good multitool. Sturdy but small. Fantastic service - delivered in less than 24 hours with free shipment!
TRENT Nice and compact, just what you need.
Ebike commuter Nice multitool, takes little space and has most of the tools needed for standard task, tweaking the handlebars, seat post and so on.
Mr Hobday Great mini tool, just abut everything I want for the saddle bag. Nice quality, no hesitation recommending this.
Mr Nash-Williams Five star service perfect product on account of the clever pedal sized sleeve on the biggest Allen key. .. genius
Mr HIGGS I admit it. I like gadgets. I have several multitools, from the simple Park 5 tool to my Crank Brothers 22 tool beastie. But which tool do I have two of? The Topeak Mini 9. Why? It's the tool I choose to carry by default on the bike. There's one in the seatbag of my commuting bike and one on seatbag of my road bike. The nine tools in the mini 9 will allow me to adjust or fix most things on the bikes and are of sufficiently high quality that they're not gonna melt like butter under pressure, nor take lumps out of the bike. They are just large enough to get sufficient leverage to overcome all but the most over zealous cytech tightenings (you know who you are!). Ok, it doesn't have every tool you could possible ever need - there's no tool for extracting boy scouts from horses hooves for example - but the compromise over size and weight is just about perfect. Don't just buy one, buy one for every bike you own!
Mr HIGGS Over the years I have owned a number of multi-tools, from the really cheap and basic to the all-singing all-dancing titanium models complete with a tool specifically for removing a boy scout from a horses hoof and have gradually come to realise that what I need to carry on the bike is something between the two. Something with the essential set of tools - a range of hex keys, a torx head for disc brakes and a screwdriver. Something that's made of a decent quality steel and won't fall to pieces the first time I use it. Something that won't eat space in my minimalist seat pack, but is large enough to reach all the key parts of my bike and give me enough leverage to overcome my own overzealous tightening. That something is the Topeak mini 9 multi tool. I have two of them. One for each bike,
Mr Stockdale Quality product at a very good price. Ultra compact and comes with a protective pouch.
Aquaman Even smaller than I thought it'd be. Feels pretty damn solid; Features the bare minimum a rider will need out in the wild and does everything it says on the tin. Padded pouch is a bonus if you have to shove it in a backpack that also stores your scratchable smart phone, etc. No hesitation in recommending the Mini 9. Get on it!
Miss Greenwood Very compact and easy to use