Riding a bike for most people is more than the act of just spinning two wheels it becomes an obsession, something that just takes over.  What’s in front of you is what you need to tackle and on a bike that could be anything.  Battling the long steep climbs to reach the great descent, winding round country roads or peddling through traffic on the urban street, Topeak knows it all. Life is all about the ride!

Topeak are formed from passionate and committed riders, at Topeak they like to know what they’re talking about.  Topeak are constantly developing new ideas, new products and new ways to make your favourite rides even better.  They have a range of cycling accessories from all-time favourites to funky new gadgets that are all ready for the ride ahead.

Topeak started in 1991 and has evolved to be one of the world’s best manufacturers of cycling accessories. In almost every category Topeak sets the benchmark for creativity, practicality, performance and innovation. Products like the JoeBlow™ series floor pumps, ALiEN™ tools and RaceRocket mini pumps to patented technologies like SmartHead™, TwinHead™, PressureRite™, QuickTrack™ and QuickClick™ systems to the full service PrepStation and PanoBike App Topeak delivers the convenience and enjoyment your cycling customers deserve.


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