Topeak Combo Torq Wrench Set 3-12 Nm
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Topeak Combo Torq Wrench Set 3-12 Nm
Code: TPS-SP07
Topeak Combo Torq Wrench Set 3-12 Nm
Simple, easy to use torque wrench allows for correct tightening of bolts on frame and components to recommended torque values. Ergonomic handle for easily applying force to the required torque value. Including 3/4/5/6mm Allen and T25 Torx bit to fit with most common bolts on a bike.
  • Torque Range: 3-12 N.m
  • 3/4/5/6mm Allen, T25 Torx
  • Hardened Steel tool
  • Engineering Grade Plastic handle
  • 12.2x4.2x16.7cm
  • 120g
JeremyGreat product and nice quality
Mr AcunerThat feel very good. Very comfortable to use
Dan GReally useful and well priced tool.
BenGreat little torque wrench for the price, it works and having the bits to hand is, well, handy (excuse the pun) the length of it can make it awkward for saddle rail bolts but you can just raise the saddle a bit. I haven’t pushed it over 9Nm yet, I’m sure it will be fine but just feels a bit delicate.
Francesco Di DeddaIt works like a charm! I do not know how accurate is the calibration on this little wrench but it definitely is easy to use.
Mr SiahMy first torque wrench. Great tool if you seldom fiddle with your bike but want to make sure screws are tighten properly.
Mr LimGood value set. Easy to use and wallet friendly.
Paul TGreat little tool at a very competitive price.
Mr BrownMy first ever torque wrench so I did not want to spend lots of money. The reviews were great and I purchased it. Great tool, easy to understand and nice storage for the additional bits.
MarianGood and functional product.
Mr CarsonLo tech torque wrench idea for cycle bolts and probably as accurate as far more expensive ones.
Mr PlattsEasy to use, reliable and excellent value tool.
StormVery handy and easy to use. Great for basic jobs such as replacing the stem or changing bars, moving the saddle etc. Good value.
Mr PDoes the task just fine. Must have tool for every bike owner!
David JohnPerfect for the most common torque sensitive Allen bolt tightening tasks - stem bolts, brakes and shifter bolts, seatpost bolts etc. Take note - DONT loosen bolts with this, only tighten as loosening will damage the calibration of the tool.
Mr Robinsonearly days but seems well made for the price and straight forward to use
Mr SnowballThis tool is absolutely perfect for jobs I require on my bicycle, keeping the integrity of screws and bolts set to the correct torque to manufacturer recommendations.
Mr LimI am very satisfied with this tool. It’s well made & straight forward to use. 👍
Mr KayaI am very happy for bought this. I am using this for set up a bicycle. It's enough for set up a bicycle and most of repair jobs.
SamPerfect for the home mechanic. The 3-12Nm range is ideal for most bicycles. It comes with a nice range of hex keys and a T-25 torx key (I only need the 4mm and 5mm for my road bike). I bought these instead of the torque wrench which is about 5x the price of this and I am glad I did. You just need to keep an eye on the needle rather than the ‘click’ you would get on the wrenches.
Em BReally good tool, especially for the money. Works well, originally bought this on recommendation from a bike shop but after losing the original by forgetting to pick it up after a sportive, had to replace it.
Mr johnsonGood price compared to a lot of others I looked at. Only negative is you can't take this out with you for mechanicals.
Thomas MercadoLeast expensive torque wrench I’ve seen. An addition to the amateur tool box, especially for tightening bolts on the stem and the seatpost of a carbon stem safely. Heard that there were nM accuracy issues regarding this Topeak model, but only by a few and under-tightened nM. Will use this before upgrading (unless not needed).
Mr soo hwan kimFantastic products. Very good price / performance
Mr MckenneyThe tool is neat and compact, not sure how accurate it is, but then I only need it to stop me overtightening things. The product was competitively priced and the service from Merlin Cycles was 1st class, will use them again.
AlfredGoing cycling in Spain next year and this is the perfect tool to bring so that I can fit/adjust my own saddle and handlebars on the rental bike, its light, easy to use and compact enough so this I could bring it on a ride if I wanted to
NighthawkGood value and essential amateur torque wrench for basic bike maintenance.
MarcAffordable and convenient. Not very precise and cannot be used in tight places like brake caliper bolts due to width of head.
JJThis doesn't look like your typical torque wrench. There is no sound or clicks to indicate that you're past the desired torque. You check to make sure you don't exceed your desired torque on the analog gauge as you turn the handle. Can also use your own 1/4 inch bits if the included ones don't work for you. I like how the bits are held securely in the box/handle by magnets, a nice touch.
MattExcellent tool for setting proper torques on quick repairs / movements of accessories. Quality is surprisingly good. Saves having to spend 3-4x the amount on an actual torque wrench.
Mr DeangSimple but, it serves it purpose.. a good quality torq wrench
SimonabikeA good affordable way to know I have not over or under-tightened my new carbon/alloy stem. Doesn't take up too much space and includes a 25 torx bit as well as the mm Allen fittings . Magnetic fit into tool is good.
GideonSimple & effective.
Mr KaracaVery pratical torque tool. Very easy to use.
Mr FarmerWell made easy to use tool.
Mr MariniThe set is made of good quality materials. Ideal for occasional use where torque settings are important.
LukeAnother great "does what it says on the tin" product from Topeak. For lower nm torque bolts why pay more?
John JoeI bought this torque wrench to use on all the smaller hex bolts on my bicycle. It's really well made, easy to use and it works very well.
EdA good cheaper alternative to the other wrench sets but works just as well for the tightening of the bolts on carbon fibre parts
PaiceHandy little tool for quick jobs around the bike.
GNWAn inexpensive option to a proper and expensive ratchet style one. Easy to use and come with bits set. Recommended.
RobinsonLow tech, simple and easy to use.
Mr McCracken-Fast and easy to use -Calibration is easy with this type of torque wrench; if zero is zero, it's OK -All relevant bits are always on hand -Good for most of the fasteners on a bike -The included bits appear to be high quality (S2 alloy steel) -Feels sturdier than I expected, should last a long time The only things this tool can't do are cassettes, cranks, etc. I'd use a common and generally cheap 3/8" or 1/2" square drive torque wrench and bits for those.
Mr Robert MartinA torque wrench which is very economical for the occasional user, it does the job without any ambiguity and prevent damaging my carbon frame. Thumbs up for value and practibility
Mr HalesNice tool at a good price - especially handy to have a T25 head for my pesky Zipp stem bolts.
Mr HesmerThis was the cheapest version of a torque wrench I could find for my bike. Very easy to use and to the correct torque as well. Has all the attachments I need. This is great to carry around in saddle bag just in case you need to tweak things. Used it to tighten need Ergo grips to 5 Nm and did a great job. Well worth the money in my view due to the range of torque at 3-12 Nm.
Mr AaltonenNice, simple and cheap torque wrench. Essential for carbon bits
RimmingtonGreat little tool for torquing up the various bolts on my bike. Does what it says on the tin.
PhillipsGreat tool, very simple to use and takes the guess work out of fitting a carbon frame. No fears of seizing or losing calibration if you don't use it for a while which can be a concern with a mechanical torque wrench. Only criticism is I wish it had a storage case to protect the gauge. But at such a good price can't complain really.
Ivan BeloSimple, easy to use for correct tightening of bolts. Great service from Melin and fast delivery.