Topeak Backloader Seat Pack
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Topeak Backloader Seat PackTopeak Backloader Seat PackTopeak Backloader Seat PackTopeak Backloader Seat PackTopeak Backloader Seat PackTopeak Backloader Seat Pack
Code: TBP-BL2
Topeak Backloader Seat Pack
BackLoader is a large capacity seat bag specially designed for bikepackers providing a streamlined way to carry gear without the need for a rear rack. The mounting system, in conjunction with compression straps, reduces the pendulum effect associated with large rear payloads, providing a comfortable ride for those long miles. 
  • Lightweight, polyethylene/nylon construction
  • Water resistant bag with roll-top closures keeps cargo dry
  • Waterproof inner bag is included to keep contents completely dry
  • Air release system ensure bag remains compact
  • Quick release tool free mounting system
  • Safety light clip
  • 6L capacity / 50x16x15cm / 335g
  • 10L capacity / 60x20x18cm / 413g
  • 15L capacity / dimentions to follow from Manufacturer
Mr whitesideExcellent seat pack holds loads and very stable on bike.
Jason LSeems good so far. Sturdy firtings, quality fabric and large dry bag included. Really good room for whatever items and i like the colour - matches my frame and toptube bag. Great price well reduced by Merlin.
J CookeExcellent product. Well made, good design. Got the 10L which has plenty of space for an overnighter or longer if you travel light. Initially found it a bit fiddly attaching it under he saddle but after my first attempt it now goes on in a few seconds . Definitely a 5 stars
warwickThis Topeak backloader is a very good piece of kit. I got a pair of jeans, a winter fleece, t shirt, 2 pairs of socks and thermal long John's in to it with a little room to spare. It didn't move much either out of the saddle. The waterproof liner is a great idea with the valve to expel air and maximise available space and it's a piece of cake to install/remove, although there's no need to completely remove it because you can just pull out the waterproof internal bag, thoroughly recommend this, I got the green 15L version
Mr GallowayReally good quality seat pack, everything works as it should!
CarlAs expected a quality well made product
BenEasy to fit, waterproof inner is great and you can fit a lot of stuff in the pack. Didn't notice it on a long MTB ride over the SDW
StephenI’m very pleased with this backloader. Very well made and feels very secure on the bike, full or even less than half full. It’s been ideal for commuting to work with a full uniform, wash bag, shoes and my ipad. I can see this being a great bit of kit for bike packing I can’t wait to get out once the weather gets a little warmer
Mr cIdeal size for me, will easily carry a change of clothes and a spare jacket. Good robust construction. A good price with Merlin...though that's usually a given!
MetcalfeI use it to commute, doesn't swing, plenty of room to carry work kit plus waterproofs. Great product.
Mark DybleExcellent! Better than expected. I used this bag to complete a charity ride (in some pretty terrible conditions) from Canterbury to Rome (1,200 miles). It exceeded my expectations. Got a surprising amount in it. I was riding solo. I had a small bag on the from with my trainers in, a small cross bar bag (phone, tyre levers, etc.) and everything else was in the TopPeak saddle bag. Didn't notice it was there when I was riding. Realised it was there when I wasn't on the bike and was pushing it!
LeonGood quality. Working well with DP mount for dropper
Mr MarshallThe quality of this item is second to none , it's well made and has stood up to rigorous use admirably . It is like a Tardis , the amount of gear i can stash in it is extraordinary . It attaches very securely to my CX bike and with it fully loaded hardly sways at all . I am highly delighted with this product , it looks like it will stand the test of time !
D SimmersAmazing product. Straightforward to attach and take off and also easy to load. The inner dry bag has an air valve which lets you compress your equipment further to save space. All round great design it looks good too.
Crystle-Lynne MooreLove it! Great quality. Perfect size. Worked amazingly on my bike, barely knew it was there. Highly recommend!
Mr KelemenLove this. Bought the 10L version and the size is perfect for commuting. Enough space for shoes, jeans, shirt and some food. The inner bag does a perfect job.
Mr EvansGreat product! Easy to use and fits a surprising amount in! I got the 10L one which was great for packing a weekend's worth of clothes
Mr Turnerreally good piece of kit. Takes a good amount of gear and really easy to get onto the bike.
Dr WilkinsonGood sized, sturdy bag. Really impressed with speed of shipping and quality of the bag. It comes with a good dry bag for the contents of the bag. The bag is also very easy to fix and feels very secure. Would definitely recommend.
EricGood product: easy to install, stable, and spacious. They advise you to have 9cm between the wheel and the bag, but do not worry if you have less: I did a 1-week trip on gravel roads with a 2/3cm space and it never touched the wheel.
PhilippeExactly what I was looking for. Very large well made and stable. Great purchase.
JaneI already have an love the 10litre version on this but decided with winter coming I wanted space for a few more clothes. Its great. I can feel movement slightly more than the 10l but nothing of any significance. water tight and the webbing on the top is so useful. My friend borrowed it and she has a very small frame bike so managed to wear a hole in the undersurface where it rubbed on her wheel but this can be avoided if you pack it carefully and ensure its well secured (and don't ignore rubbing noises!). User error rather than product issue. so be wary if you ride a very small frame. However the internal hard casing means its not a drama and is still secure and useable.
Doug HackingA 15L seatpost mounted bag with a seperate waterproof liner, and external elastic unit for those extra waterproofs etc, will mount on any bike, great p[roduct at the price
Mr PietersThis really is excellent. Three of us bought exactly the same bag for a 3 day off-road cycle along the Ridgeway. It took some battering on the bump roads and it seemed to rain for most of the time though this bag held steady. Solid bit of kit.
JamieReally great seatbag, stable and can hold a lot for its 15l size
JDRGreat pack. Not yet used in anger but fits frame and seat post very well and nice and secure. Locking straps are a nice quality touch and very helpful for getting the tension correct
LeeGreat saddle bag, used with the full set for a 3 day trip. No issue with a carbon seat post. My mate had some expensive Ortlieb gear and for me this stuff was easier to use and did the job just as good
Mrs AlgårdVäskan fungerar så bra som jag trodde enligt beskrivningen. Lätt att fästa på cykeln. Smidigt med innerpåsen som man kan tömma på luft och forma (om man packar mjuka saker) så den fyller ut väskan. Lite svajig känsla när jag stod upp och cyklade första gången, men det tänker jag inte på längre. Känner inte av den när jag sitter ner. Precis som beskrivningen så får man inte fylla hela väskan eftersom den måste rullas ett par varv vid stängning. Jag märkte fort att jag saknade ett mindre fack att lägga typ plånbok el nycklar i utan att behöva öppna väskan. Det går ju att lösa med en ramväska el ficka på jackan... Men ngt att änka på om du bara vill ha en väska!
Mr TPerfect for longer trips, Easy to mount
Mr DunnI bought this to replace a small Topeak saddle bag, as I found myself out on a ride during the recent lovely weather with too many layers on and nowhere to store the layers if I took them off. Size wise it’s incredible how much can fit into this “smallest” of their Backloaders. The attachment system is straightforward and secure, and it clears my rear wheel comfortably. There are multiple attachment loops for lights. The inner waterproof bag is ingenious! My only negative is that it can be prone to ‘swaying’ particularly when I’m climbing out of the saddle. It’s ok once you get used to it though. I would recommend this to anyone as the first choice for extra storage on your bike.
Mrs KangI bought this for my bike trip. It doesn't get wet even in the rain, so it can be compressed into the inner bag, reducing the volume and eliminating the need for a backpack. Very satisfied and recommended.
Mrs MoonThis is very useful for long-distance bike trips. It's been a year since it's been used, but it's very sturdy, lightweight and practical.
Mr WestphalPerfect for getting away either over night or a few days. Pack offers ample space for bikepacking.
YorkshireCyclistWell made item, that is most definitely waterproof. I have tested this a number of times when I've got a proper soaking. I use it for taking a change of clothes to work. Easiest to load by rolling clothes and put heavy items closest to the seat post. Some reviewers say that it sways. I have noticed this only by looking for it when out of the saddle, i cannot notice otherwise. Possibily should have got the larger one, as sometimes find its not big enough so recommend that you order a bigger size than you initially thought!
Mr YardyGreat product - only used on test rides so far, but it looks to be exactly what I'll need for extended bike packing trips
JessGood quality, sturdy and practical design, excellent value.
Mr NormanExcellent bag, well made, sturdy, waterproof. Survived London to Paris in the pouring rain.
JohnI wanted something quick to attach but fit securely for overnight stay/weekend away cycling when not using my panniers. This is a well made piece of kit. A bit bigger than I expected but as it compresses that is not an issues for me. it stays secure while riding. A very practical bit of kit that will get a lot of use.
anneGreat purchase. Definitely what I was looking for. Sturdy and well made.
kidzorProduct looks good with a very nice construction, fits well even on an aero seat post. Haven't gotten the chance to try it out, but I'm planing a trip soon. Pleased with it so far.
Mr BEVANThis was a panic purchase because my original saddle pack was too small and I was doing the 50/50 gravel dash a couple of days later. Anyway it was delivered the next day Its a well made bit of kit but the star of the pack is the internal stuff sack which you ram full and roll closed then bleed the air out of it, my sleeping bag literally dissapeared into a tiny packand then you put it into the seat pack. The seatpack swallowed my sleeping bag, tarp, groundsheet, bivi bag and a change of clothes, hell of a lot really with space left. Roll it up and tighten to the saddle and jobs a good un. Yes there is a little bit of "sway" when off road and climbing but its only to be expected. Bottom line this is a 5 star product
DaveSo far so good, a bit of sway in the bag when pedaling hard but overall good value for money with cheap shipping
ChristopherUsed for a short trip so far, but no issues with set up, don't notice any swaying when riding. Soon get used the to different weight distribution on the bike. Seems well made and good value.
GrahamI ordered the 15L Topeak Backloader seat pack as I was planning to cycle around Kent with an overnight stay in a hotel. The item is well made and attaches securely to the seat post and saddle with straps to stop it moving too much. It held enough for the overnight stay including minor toiletries, a change of cycling gear, some shorts, a polo shirt and a thinsulate top - there was still some room left. All the items were placed in the waterproor inner. During the trip I did cycle through a shower or two which didn't get through the external material so everything inside was bone dry. There were some envious looks from within the group and I would certainly recommend the item - it did a great job.
Mr O'SullivanVery pleased with the Topeak backloader. Cavernous space and solid,doesn't rock about. I hadn't adjusted it properly so it rubbed on the rear wheel but after pulling the straps everything was fine. I've used two cable ties to also pull it slightly tighter onto the saddle rails for height. Great price from Merlin cycles as well.
MartinGreat quality, easy to fit and you can fit a surprising amount in
Mr WishartBought this along with the Topeak Frontloader Handlebar bag prior to my first bike-packing experience and I cannot fault it. Value for money for sure. It's simple to use, feels quite secure (was worried about wobble but it felt good and secure) The supplied internal drybag is a great feature and the air release valve was the envy of the group (some guys had much more expensive branded items without this feature!) Have recommended to anyone that will listen to me!
Mr AllsopAbsolutely 10/10 product. Durable, well made, lightweight & spacious. Just what I was looking for. Doesn`t move around too much and better than other products like this I`ve used before
JLCGreat bag and the internal dry bag is really useful during stops.
Mr HorwoodPreviously purchased Topeak front pack and now am delighted with the seat pack....completes my storage bike packing needs....excellent.
Mr CANIMOGLU6 L, I bought it for one day long distance tours...Product photo is different...New series; colors more beautiful, black logo and label...High quality and inner bag is perfect....Good discount...Thanks
MattI'm very impressed with this seat pack, yet to use it on a long ride but the quality of the outer bag and inner dry bag seem great. Well thought out design and excellent value for money.
CarmeloWonderful product. Very sturdy. Absolutely the best I ever tried
Mr PetersReally clever way of loading a mountain bike for cross country touring. No need for back rack. Merlin cycles provide excellent service and fast delivery. Thank you
Mr RenshawBought two of Topeak backloaders for our trips for next year on our fat bikes .. plenty of room for storage and better quality than others at an affordable price..
TimA brilliant piece of kit, fully waterproof and well built, so far its stood up well in use.
BarrettClearly a good quality item made from robust materials. Easy to mount, but did have some issues with it rubbing against my back wheel. I have a 29er so suspect the wheel size may be why this happened and I ended up having to put my saddle higher to compensate. Was able to pack a good amount of gear into the pack though and loved the air release valve.
KimReally good saddle bag, plenty of room for long day out if you don't want to stop at a cafe and get out into quiet country roads.
Mr Beratto de SantanaGreat bag 15l, did 200 miles in the rain. If the bag is less than a third full it sways from side to side because the straps can't compress any further. Except for that, very good bag
samuelI bought because my seatpost is short, and therefore I wanted just one front strap. It was nicely stable in use. It did suffer some strap slippage compare to my wife's Ortlieb, but not annoyingly so and it was considerably cheaper
Miss WrightThis seat pack has been wonderful to use. I've taken it on a 2 day, 3 night journey of 80 and 90 miles on each day and it's held up fantastically. On the second day we had very heavy rain and were out cycling for about 8 hours. The dry bag of course kept the stuff inside completely dry, but the rest of the bag also kept everything reasonably dry. My purse and some other bits were only slightly damp despite the rain, so I was impressed with that. I recommend the 15L version since you can pack it down as much as you like if you have less stuff, but it gives you the flexibility if you want to bring more/ your friend didn't plan well enough / you see something you want to buy. Penduluming was minimum when you pack sensibly; i.e. heavy stuff close to the seat post and really tighten the straps. Wasn't an issue once I got the hang of it. I don't have a tourer bike, just a regular roadie but this worked incredibly well for that. I'd say if you want to get into longer trips but don't want to invest in a proper tourer, panniers et al then this is a great choice. It was really nice not having to take a rucksack. The straps on the top were really useful as I brought along a pair of trainers that I didn't want to squish into the main bag (though they became victim to aforementioned rain). As I've only been on one proper trip with it I can't say anything for durability yet. It looks well made and I've had my other topeak saddle bag for years now, so I am not too worried.
Mr JaworskiHuge bag - very well made I love it. I think for everyday riding I would go for the 10L though because the 15L is just massive! I have had several other saddle bags and they were a pain to install and ride with but this bag is super secure and I love the waterproof lining bag it comes with.
Mr MoranUseful, practical bag, the seat bag and air release valve make this a good buy
Mr RandlesExcellent product. Did exactly what I needed it to do. Very stable in position behind the saddle and very easy to pack.
Mr T J HansenI love my new Topeak Backloader Seat Pack 15L, really high quality and easy to fit onto the seat post. I live in Denmark and ordered it Monday and got it delivered Thursday, really good job merlincycles :o)
CalleRoomy, sturdy, mounts perfectly. Had it filled with clothes, shoes, food, tools on a solo 220km ride on my aero carbon bike - no problem at all.
Defy RiderGreat seat pack with little sway when packed with a tent and camping mat (4.2kg total). It has mounting points underneath that allow you to attach a rear light then you roll the bag up.
Jari15 litres version is a beast of a bag, but not in a bad sense. I use this to reduce weight of my backpack on commutes. The bag has a lot of external attachment spots for the times you need to overpack. Take care when packing, heavy stuff should go closest to the bike frame otherwise the bag will awing around whe pedalling hard. Long term durability remains to be seen as I've just recently bought mine.
michaelReally pleased with the Topeak Backloader. High quality and easy to fit onto the seat post. Surprised just how much I can get into the bag as well. When cycling (road bike) The bag does naturally swing somewhat when climbing, but not as much as I thought it would. Really happy with this.
andyhWell designed, well made, especially for the money! Very unobtrusive if loaded and tightened up properly, have only used it up to about two thirds it's full capacity so far and it has been extremely stable and looks and feels like it's gonna last a fair few years! Also good that you can leave it on bike and just pull out the dry bag with all your gear in.
LindaThis will be perfect. Just the right size and strong enough too.
Mr CANDAMOLove it. Now I don't need a escort car because everything I need for a long ride fits in the seat pack
BenGreat product. Great size for carrying my tent, trangia set and clothes. Inner bag is fantastic too, really happy with this! No saddle movement too! great service from Merlin.
Mr PARKI bought this back loader seat pack for my bike trip with my son this spring. There are some products made by other manufacturers, but I bought Topeak 16L for three reasons. It has built-in air release buttons to enable compression, reasonably priced, and favorable reviews from existing buyers around me. I have not tried it yet and I can not make these evaluations for the product at this time. Nevertheless, it is surely better than carrying heavy backpacks on our shoulders in long-distance bicycle trips.
TonyBought this saddle pack as I often purchase Topeak products for their great design and quality. I am extremely happy with the Backloader seat pack. It has very simple and secure fittings, the quality of the materials is very good and looks robust and it's great value for money compared with other makes. I will continue to buy Topeak products in the future for all these reasons.
neilJust starting my bikepacking adventures and this seat bag was perfect for my kit fits securely on the post and can be tensioned with ease, also a good price compared to other brands
DanielLove this. Not using backpack and just use this is very liberating. I got the 15L and it's just great for carrying change of clothes, lunch, etc.
GavinTerrific kit, holds much more than I thought. Quick and easy to assemble and feels really well made.
AlbertWell made and very useful for any occasion. Way better than having a back pack on a long ride.
PowerdiveExcellent item. Used this weekend for a ride with an overnight stop. Good mounting system. Pretty stable. Limited impact on handling and aero. Will probably buy more of this system.
PRPerfect size for work shoes & a bit of lunch. Fixing is good and should be sturdy enough for some lighter bike packing when needed. Much cheaper than the alternatives, especially with the included dry bag.
MGood quality product as expected from Topeak. Easy to fit, stores quite a lot (could probably get a pair of shoes and change of clothes in here, as well as tools, phone, wallet. Am not convinced this is much better than Chichester versions that cost half the price. For touring would advise the 10L although the 6L looks more balanced.
williamsBought the 10l version really happy with the main bag plenty of room for my needs. The dry bag however if used does leave a lot of empty space in the bag it's a shame because I like the design of the dry bag with the airport valve on. If you don't fill these type of saddle bags up that's when you get wobble issues. I've since used it with my own dry bag and without packed it down tight and no wobble issues at all.
L2R24First off, this item was a great price on Merlin's website. The item itself is very well made and, at 6 litres, is the perfect size for what I needed, but also can be easily adjusted with the cinch straps. Fixing is secure and the included dry bag has a novel "air dump" valve to help keep the size down when you use the roll-top enclosure. If its dry you can leave the dry bag at home to keep the weight down. Brilliant, versatile bit of kit at a cracking price. Recommended.