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Topeak Race-Ready Mini Pump!
  • A slightly shorter version of the RaceRocket HPX specifically for road bikes
  • This elegant aluminium pump is designed with a narrow barrel that quickly inflates up to 160psi with ease
  • Extendable hose takes the stress off the valve stem. Small size fits easily in a pocket
  • Smarthead Threadlock with integral dust cap
  • Integrated compartment for Schrader valve adapter
  • CNC aluminium barrel and handle
  • Side mount bracket (or optional centre mount bracket)
  • 18x2.6x2.1cm
  • 78g
Arrived in perfect condition. Great price. Unbelievably fast delivery to Taiwan...faster than any other online retailer. Pump is great...even smaller than I expected and able to squeeze into my saddle bag. (even though it does come with bottle-cage mount - I prefer it stashed away). Not sure I'll ever be able to get a tyre up to 100psi with this little gizmo, but it gives enough to get going again. I have as a backup to my CO2 in case I screw that up!
Very small and inobtrusive. Love the adaptable valve system.
Great little pump. Excellent quality.
Small, sleek, lightweight, looks good in black, pumps fairly well takes a bit of effort to fully inflate but to be fair its not a track pump.
Powerful, easy to use little pump that fits easily in my pocket.
Nice little pump. Fits nicely behind the bottle cage. And prompt delivery from Merlin.
Great pump, well made, high quality product. Fits your back pocket perfectly, also relatively light. Great affordable price offered by Merlincycles, highly recommended.
Small and efficient, I'm very satisfied with this pump. Great for road bikes.
Great pump. Got one attached to all four bikes. No probs getting to 110psi
All good for emergency use, I feel difficult to pump over 100psi. Still worth to buy.
A very good quality and an ideal pump for road, also great service from Merlin
Great pump and fits into pocket easily
Top product, can inflate a shock up to 150-170 psi with a little work, completely eliminating the trailside need for a shock pump for most riders.
Not bad for a mini-pump and the flexible attachment hose is novel. I never really had a problem with a standard attachment so it is difficult to say if it's better. Not as good as the Specialized Air Tool it replaces but as that is no longer made, it's an 'OK' replacement.
Nice size for jersey pocket and pumps a a tube up to an acceptable pressure with suprisingly few strokes and effort. Very pleased, so much so that I bought my Dad one for his birthday.
Fantastic pump, really nice design.
Great Little pump that is light and actually works.
Well made pump, extremely compact with flexible hose. Pumps up quickly considering it`s size. Highly recommend.
This CNC aluminum pump is great no more wasting money on Co2.
Only used once so far, " thankfully " but did what it said on the tin.
Nice and small fits your shirt pocket.Haven't used it.Looks well made.
Small pump fits easily into jersey pocket inflates 25mm road tyres quickly.
Brilliant little pump, Works well and great price.