Topeak Tubibooster X Tubeless Inflator
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Topeak Tubibooster X Tubeless Inflator
Topeak Tubibooster X Tubeless Inflator
An aluminium air chamber with inflator head that stores an air charge of one litre, up to 200 psi / 14 bar. Works with a floor pump to quickly fill your tyres and ensures proper installation on a tubeless rims at home. 
Once you flip the selector from "charge" to "inflate" mode, air bypasses the chamber as you use the floor pump to inflate your tyre to the perfect pressure. An integrated flexible hose with pump head works with Presta and Schrader valves and takes stress off the valve stem while pumping.
  • Material: aluminum
  • Compatibility Valve: Schrader (Car Valve) and Presta (Sclaverand Valve)
  • Content Cartridge: Air tank with 1 L volume up to 200 PSI / 14 bar inflatable (working pressure: 1800 PSI / 124 bar)
  • Dimensions: 36 x 11.4 x 8.6 cm (total) / 28.5 x Ø 8.1 cm (aluminum tank)
Dr TaylorGood product but valve lock a little difficult to use and hose should be 3-4' longer.
GaryIf you are running tubeless on your gravel, cross or MTB this is a must-have product. Exceptional quality and works really well. Simple to set up and even easier to use. Inflate the canister, flip the lever and the tyre will seat first time. A brilliant high-quality product that I highly recommend
WheezyWheelsThis provided the solution I needed to go tubeless. Having failed to achieve a seal with a floor-pump alone, the 'blast' of air produced by the Turbibooster did the trick!
GordonThis has seated my tubeless tyres first time so for me it’s a good product.
Leonard N.Looks a lot tougher IRL than from the pictures.
PAULMakes fitting a tubeless tyre less hassle. Gets air into the tyre fast to seat the tyre on the wheel rim. Would highly recommend for any body going tubeless.
MICHAELGreat tubeless "inflator", very reassuringly solid, this isn't about to fall to pieces or explode, and works well.
Mr BIHARIA piece of art. Beyond the purpose it has aesthetic values based on industrial design. The lacquered canister is heavy despite its made of aluminium and has a metal valve on it -so the whole instrument is super robust and seems repairable and tuneable.
Mr MactierPrompt shipping. Works well. Recommend!