1. Inner Tubes

    Inner Tubes

    Presta valve or schrader valve. Road or all MTB wheel sizes, Short valves through to really long valves. Buy in bulk!
  2. Rim Cement

    Rim Cement

    For glueing tubular tyres. Both aluminium rims and carbon rims require specific cement glue so choose the correct type!
  3. Puncture Repair

    Puncture Repair

    Puncture repair and puncture prevention kits. This category also has tyre repair kits and tyre levers.
  4. Tubeless Accessories

    Tubeless Accessories

    Conversion kits, tubeless sealant, rim strips, rim tape and spare valves.
  5. Rim Tape

    Rim Tape

    Don't just use insulation tape! Proper rim tape is non-slip and high-pressure specific. Tubular tape is also in this category.
  6. Valve Extensions

    Valve Extensions

    Modern deep section and aero wheels often require valve extensions to perform properly.