Continental Race 28 Inner Tube - 700c
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Continental Race 28 Inner Tube - 700c
Code: 4756
Continental Race 28 700c x 20-25 Tube.
  • Continental Race inner tube with a choice of 42mm, 60mm and 80mm valve lengths to fit most rim types.
  • 700c x 20-25.
  • Presta valve only.


Mr Waymouth all i use
Mr Hall Light and easy to use
Mr Poeira They do the job. Good price considering the quality.
Mr Walton Standard purchase you can get lighter but for every day use these just work
Coppo perfect fit for tube tyre tyres, quailty brand
RBiz the Menace The only brand of inner tubes i will buy. Lightweight and the performance is A1!
Mr Kirkham Great service and the goods were dispatched straight away with no fuss. The inner tubes are good quality and Merlin’s competitive pricing means great value too.
Mr Burstein Continental inner tube are good and long lasting
MR J Nice quality tubes. The longer valve is great for deeper rims but does mean that the tube packs up a bit bigger than 60mm valve tubes. Valve stems are not threaded which means that they might rattle in deeper-rimmed wheels. Nothing a bit of tape can't sort out.
DSnoozer Another good product from Continental. I use these with their tyres at presseures around 120psi.
Steve I just regret not buying more when they were cheaper. Overall good inner tube for the price.
Miss Tidy Standard inner tube always go with these ones.
Victor Excellent tube. The valve has a removable core so you can put some sealant in it to protect it from punctures.
Mr Thornley Brilliant at making the ride softer
marcus Good quality as always from Continental
Michael the best tube to buy, in my opinion.
Jako The best tubes to use. Conti every time for me.
Mr Funnell I always buy this make, good and reliable tubes.
Mr Wentzel Great tube, smaller profile makes mounting tire a snap.
Robert As ever from Continental, a high quality product.
LYNN Looks substantial and, fortunately I haven't had to use it yet!
John Good quality inner tube have used these for years and can’t fault them
Mr Rackind Great every day inner tubes and really good value from Merlin
Mr Bublic The only tubes that I use.104g Merlin has the best price,and you can never get too many tubes.
Mr Cruse Continental rubber is top quality - always happy to pay the ~25% higher price tag.
Mrs Mathews Have used these for years, reluctant to go for anything else as good quality
marc I do not think you can beat Continental for consistent quality.
Patrick Great quality tubes
Michael Good tubes and very durable. Have used them for years. Unfortunately the removable valve cores make it a pain to use my CO2 inflator, so now I don't carry these as spares.
Chris Rowley Good tube with long valve stem options
Peter The go to inner tube
Mr Conde I have been buying these for around 2yrs now and deem them to be a high quality
Mr Hagger Good quality inner tubes
Bernie Light and perfect for the job
Mr Cook These are the best tubes around and a great price from Merlin. Well worth the extra money over the budget offerings.
Mr Rutter Great inner tube never had to use yet though 🤵🏼
Specialized guy Super reliable
Phil Masters Good air retention and seem to be very strong, bought as a spare to carry, the two on the bike have been there a couple of years and just over 2000 miles.
Mr Hayashi コストパフォーマンスがいいと思います。軽くて耐久性もあっていいチューブです。
Mr Tan Have been using this tube for ages, quality is excellent
Mr chan Realiable
Ronan Good value. Usually reliable.
Jules Good quality, reliable workhorse, reasonable price point at Merlin.
Mr Huynh Nice to have and the valve length is perfect for my use. It will be a spare in my saddle bag for my tubeless tires, just in case I get a gash that can't seal itself to ride home on.
Weegie Tubes are fine. Just Remember to tighten up the valve core or it will unscrew with your CO2 head and let it all out. I give the cores a nip with some small pliers
Mr Sykes Quality inner tubes
Mr Braginton Use these on all three of my bikes use the continental valve extenders for my deep section wheels, good price and delivery from Merlin cycles
Mr Nadeau Best quality/price you can get
Chip Had two blow on me during installs but it may have been because of the hardness of the tyres I was installing. The one I’ve got on has stayed well inflated
Mr Rennie Good quality with a good strong valve.
The Shed Usual good quality from continental, aways the first brand I turn to when needing new tubes. Never had a problem with them
Mark Worth paying a little extra for. Great tubes ,long lasting and good quality.
Alex Good tubes, always nice to have a few spares and Merlin has great price on these
Mr Tempest Fortunately I haven’t needed to use it yet but my experience of Continental inner tubes is good. Service from Merlin excellent very prompt
Mr Jones Long lasting reliable inner tube
Nicola Always use these, never had a problem.
J Bradley Great tubes, heavy but great easy tubes
Steven Geerligs, Arizona, United States You cannot beat the quality and price for these race innertubes. Very satisfied with the product and how it performs.
Mr James Great product ..once I got them swopped out the old inner tubes as they were a different brand...and these slightly felt better as they were 40g lighter...Good price from Merlin ..
Peter A I use these on 700x 23c and they fit however they are loose, slight inflation helps with fitting. In my book best tubes.
Dr Morris Fantastic inner tube, they are so robust
Mr chan Good inner tubes. Value for money
Mr Hayley Top quality at a superb price, great on deep section rims up to 60mm
Mr Kupfer It's a tube but worth extra pound.
Mr Arnold Nice having a longer valve stem eliminating the extenders.
Sean Have used these tubes many times. Great product with no issues.
MARK Used these forever and as normal last long times providing you don’t pinch the tube when refitting tyre..
Tim For quality, you can't beat Continental tyres and tubes
Tony S Do the job - I’ve always used these inner tubes.
Pierre-M H Great quality tube, look smaller than others but works well with 23 and 25 width tyres
Mr Gundry Always reliable and long lasting
Mr Braga Jr. They are the best, I always used the products of the continental brand, they have a lot of quality, whoever uses it knows that, I approve.
Budge My go to tube at a good price. Never had an issue with them.
Robert As good as other tubes (all seem to throw up a % of tubes with flaws to rubber or valve) but at a decent price.
Mr Rushton Do the job fine, great price and good budget option.
Lawrence Conti tubes are my choice on my road bike and Merlin always offer a really good deal with fair delivery charges and quick delivery too, Aslo some really competitive deals on road tyres too, well worth a look, you wont be disappointed.
NEIL WARNER Its an inner tube, Conti is a reputable brand, price was good.
James T Back when Flock of Seagulls were the #1 band, we used to repair inner tubes. But with prices this low, I will never do it again.
Mr Foster My favourite tubes! Merlin your prices are great . Your service and information is second to none!
Mr Normoyle Continental are my go to in tire and tubes..get what you pay for
AM Usual continental quality.
Fat Fox Cory Typical Continental quality tube.
Mark A tube for tyres that conform to 700c. Conti's have never let me down.
Mr Herbert Always reliable tubes
phil mullery Fortunately not had to use it yet (no puncture) though it is the same as the one it is replacing
animal my go-to tubes ... awesome as always
Mr Turner Great inner tubes, easy to fit easy to inflate
Mr Saltinstall No issues so far great value
Jonathan This is my go to tube and is used in conjunction with conti tyres on both my bikes. Never suffered too much in the way of punctures (although I have probably just jinxed myself now) so will continue to use
Mr Darch Great reliable tube
Franc V. Good quality, lightweight tubes
Mr Herbison Great price on quality inner tubes. Excellent service and with me in only a few days even in these exceptional times.
Mr kernaghan good value for money, prefer the locking nut on the valve and delivered on schedule.
Miss Pilkington Perfect. Excellent quality!
Mr Ricoux Don't think I will be buying anything else
VeloM Good tubes, better than no name for a little more money. Worth it.
Andy Good quality. The tube didn't overstretch and turn white when I inflated it into shape during installation. Good price.
Mrs CORRIGAN Great product. Easy to fit. Perfect!
David Hold pressure nicely
Stephen Superior quality. I would recommend to anyone.
Mr Kierski Very good quality inner tube. They always last for 8.000-10.000km without any issues
Mr Hernandez Can't beat Merlins price and delivery to the US . 1k miles and still holding up
HK Phooey Never any issues. Always dependable.
Mr Woodhouse Continental quality at an affordable price. My favourite brand of tube (combined with Continental tyres!)
Mr Lambert High quality inner tubes, very competitively priced.
Dan S Excellent value inner tubes!!! Recommended
Dan S I always buy Continental inner tubes. They feel lighter and somehow better than generic unbranded alternatives at the same price point. Recommended
G T Haven’t gone wring with conti race 28 tubes. Great price too
Mr Dowdell Love them. Have used them for many years with GPS4000 and now GP5000 tyres. Basically fit and forget. No need to check tyre pressures every ride
Thomas I Quality, reliable, and good value inner tubes.
Mr Parker Best tubes for great tyres, good value
Matthew Great tubes. Another awesome product from Conti.
Mr Elias I use them for years. Durable for training. Good value.
Mr Logeswaran Perfect tube for for road tyres with a long stem for non-aero wheelsets
Nicola Been using it for a couple of weeks, works well!
Mrs Cleere I swear by continental tubes - done over 80000 miles on them and other than the odd puncture (inevitable with the state of the UK roads) they have never let me down. Good value and good quality
Bomanda 安定のコンチネンタルチューブ。乗り方にもやよるでしょうが、一度もパンクしたことありません。
Mr rado I use these as they get pinch flats less
Mr Griffin I find Conti Race 28 tubes to be reliable and they have a higher quality valve than cheaper tubes. I always carry a couple of spares when I’m riding.
Mr Halls Exact replacements for the originals, perfect
Sergio I was running out of tubes, so here's my choice!
Mr Pitchers Good inner tube, good price
Truc Always good.
Mr Ardalan I always use Conti tubes and very happy with their performance.
G Duffy High quality tubes that when discounted are even cheaper than the lower quality buget alternatives. What's not to love? Holds air, if you're getting punctures it's your tyres or your pressure is too low.
Island rider. Can't go wrong with Conti. inner tubes. As good as the brand names, better than the generics.
Mr Hodgkins Best performing tubes for the price!
Mr Al Ali Always recommends this brand.
Trevor Great inner tube would recommended
Mr shleyfer Great tubes! Good price as always on Merlin.
Mr Quinto Good..very light
Mr McNamara Top inner tubes, at the best price around. Can't go wrong.
Mr Honda 安心感のあるチューブ
Andrew Decent, durable tubes
marcus My number one inner tube choice. Just make sure the valve core is done up securely.
Quinn Quality tubes that seem to lose air slower than less expensive tubes.
Mr Pereira cheap and reliable
Nathaniel I have always bought continental and these are top quality. Thanking you
DG These are great! Good price as always on Merlin.
Rogerio Produto de excelente qualidade.
Bikey Bloke Good tubes.
Mr Upegui good quality
Mr McCallum Long lasting and lightweight!
Ron Great tires for the price. Its heavy compared to other but who cares. Its thicker and it has the Continental quality.
Darren C Always good to have spares but found I rarely use them. Conti's are very reliable.
JONAS JUNIOR Always use Continental tubes, they are more resistant.
Mr Raggett Spot on delivery and excellent inner tube at the right price ,
Mr Hinds Recently converted from other manufacturers tubes to go with Continental GP 4000 SII tyres. They make a good combination of lightweight and good rolling especially on a good light wheel set. Highly recommend them. Easy to fit and reliable tube.
Mr Nieuwoudt Best combination with Gatorskins
Mr Emil Nice quality of inner tube.
Mr Schwaabe Excellent inner tube.
Mr Hinge My go to inner tube. Never had any issues with them.
Gary Excellent value - bought as a spare after a big puncture repair
Mr Al-Habsi Very good tube with light weight
Mr Feltham Very pleased with the quality and price of the inner tubes. Excellent prompt service.
Mr Aksoy I always use it and pleased.
Rob Durable and not to bulky for carrying spares in your jersey.
Mr Hamlyn Good all round tube with the advantage of a removable valve core so easy to put Stans no tubes tyre sealant in
Tim Good qaulity, reliable.
Dualcapstan For me the best tubes. Valve is removable, it is very useful to change it or to fill the tube with sealant products to prevent punctures
Mr Houston Excellent tube at an excellent price. Fast delivery from Merlin, very convenient.
JJ What else to be said. Been using this one since day 1 of cycling
Jonathan Hard to find these stateside. So far so good. I use them in my race wheels and I don't like to mess with extenders on the tube stem. Again, being stateside Merlin still made it easy from purchase to shipment. Thanks!
Hamish I`ve used these inner tubes, amongst others, and find them at least as good as other inner tubes. They are very reliable.
Mr Fini Perfect, lightweight tubes with the right length valve at a really competitive price.
Samarth I have been using these inner tubes for a couple of months now. I am happy with their performance. Even after riding for 40 miles on low tyre pressure, these tubes didn't suffer any impact punctures and have worked well since then,
Mr Boulton Tried and tested inner tubes, I always find them a reliable, standard and essential cycling item.
EmO Bought a bunch of these as they are my go-to inner tubes. no issues with them so far!
JJ Have been using this inner tube since day one. One of the best for the price.
Mr Bannon Solid set of tubes no problems so far.
lyall My go to choice for tubes. I seldom get punctures & fairly light. great value
Mr Bond My first choice for tubes
David No problems with these, been using them exclusively.
Mr D Only tubes I use. Reliable and durable,.
Mr de Josselin Have had no problems using these tubes. Strong and reliable, Maintain good pressure
Mr kahley Always had good luck with these tubes. Best price around.
Mr shahar Very good product, very reliable, reasonable price
Mr altaje Good quality
Ross Good quality tube
Mr Simpson Conti tyres - seemed sensible to get conti tubes - no complaints
marc I always buy continental inner tubes as I feel they are a quality product.
Martin The best tubes on the market with a great value price.
Arm These are my go-to for everyday training. For the most part they've been good tubes. I did have 3 in a row fail where the valve meets the tube. Whether that was a fault in the product or my own wrong-doing (maybe over-tightening the valve nut?) I'm not sure but seemed a little odd that it happened to 3 in-a-row, whereas before would happen very rarely...and I've been cycling for many years now. I just decided not even to bother with the valve nuts anymore.
David B. Price is unbeatable, quality is fantastic.
Tom Keeping as spares as they have been great in the past, delivery time great as usual
Mr Meredith Great tubes, highly recommended
Mr AULD Continental Race 28 Inner Tubes are realisticly priced and are a great product which have been proven time & time again
Thomas Ng Very long lasting and reliable tube.
Tim Great inner tube for the money, delivered promptly as always by Merlin, my go to online store for bike stuff.
Mr Crowther Great Product! can always rely on Conti inner tubes
Mr Helliwell Excellent tubes at an unbeatable price
Matt Excellent value for money and are reliable and easy to carry in a bag. Perfect for a spare inner tube given its price.
Mr Fleming Well made and reliable
JF I purchased these tubes with 80mm stems. These are the only tubes I buy for my 60mm rims. No need fussing with an extender. Rolled-up they are significantly more compact than a regular tube so they fit easier in your back pocket - and they're lighter too.
Mr DD Superstition it may be, but along with Kenda, I consider these cheap Continental's my lucky tubes. Seems like everytime I use another brand I get punctures quick.
Mr Grove Great price and great tubes!
Mr Osman Long lasting inner tube.
Mr Mayne Not the lightest out there, but super reliable. Make sure you check the valve length when buying
Northern Ferret Good, solid tubes. Not the lightest but great value for money. Both my son and wife use these tubes in their bikes as do many of my friends.
Mr Richardson Used these for years. Never use anything else for training. Quality guaranteed
DavidJ Good price for Conti tubes. I've been riding Conti tubes for two seasons and the quality of rubber & weight is pretty good compared to Michelin.
P Shields Use this regularly and they do the job at sensible price.
Scott Fantastic tubes, good durability and faultless valves. A great value inner tube
Vincent Good inner tube with 80mm valve, ideal for deeper wheels. Very rounded tube and is easy to keep on wheel when fitting
Mr Veiga Excellent product. I've always liked these air chambers
Mr Johnson Good quality tubed. Fits good inside the tyre and allows maximum air pressure inside the tyre
Philip Continental tubes are always reliable
Mr Thurlow Continentals are the best. Reasonably priced, especially for the weight.
Aleksandr T Good tube, low price.
Jiri Continental tyres and tubes are the ones I learned to use over the decade of intensive cycling. Highly recommended!
Shane I like using tubes that have replaceable valve cores, so these are ideal.
Steve Been using these tubes for all of my Pinarello bicycles. They aren`t the lightest but are easy to install and are somewhat resistant to small punctures. The valves are threaded which can be an issue for some people. I wrap a layer of electrical tape around the threads when installing them on my Carbon clinchers to prevent rattling.
Daz Miller These are my go to tubes many miles without failure even on pot holed northern roads
crispy it's a tube, and a good one at that. You need these
Eddie I use Continual Race tubes on all my wheels - I particularly like the valves on these tubes
Mr Del Pozo These tubes are reliable and are my go to tubes
Mr Anderson Always found these tubes to be reliable, and reasonably light.
JONATHAN The only tubes I ride on.. After thousands of miles; Never had a problem.
Gareth Frost Good value for money. Perfect for everyday riding but maybe a bit on the heavy side if you're trying to save grams on your race machine.
Craig Great price for dependable tubes
John Good product at a good price. It's tough to find the 80mm tubes for the deeper wheels, so nice to stock up.
Jose These tubes are high quality and the price here are unbeatable
Ioan Good Inner tube, decent price, not lightweight but good for commuting.
Mr Krottendorfer My standard race tube ;-)
Terry Probably the best value tube, well priced, reasonably light and reasonably puncture resistant
Kiwi Racer Go to quality tubes. Reliable Conti product.
Mr MERAL Haven`t had a flat for long time with these tubes, great and light.
Canada Eh! Great tubes, long valve tubes are expensive for me to buy locally (3x the price). Good for my 50mm rims - no need for valve extenders. Fast shipping, no duty delivery to Canada.
Mr Kenny These tubes are always reliable I will keep buying them
Steve I have had these before, they are a robust rubber a bit heavier than some others but more durable.
Mr Lever Usual Conti quality, the most reliable long value tube you can buy.
Truc I had been using this tube for a while.. No complaint so far.
David Always use these, good quality tubes
Mr Bramley Excellent road tubes at a bargain price, I always use these, generally very reliable.
Ian Bought two as spares. Haven't had to use one yet (knock on wood). Well packaged - neatly rolled with an elastic band around, so they will fit straight into your preferred means of carrying when on the bike.
Mr Langedijk Good value for money. Used them for a few years now and they are just as good as some of the more expensive tubes.
David Arrived quickly & a good price. Would buy again.
Mr Switzer Still the best tube choice for me - quality rubber, valve and bullet proof valve/rubber interface. I have never had an issue with these tubes.
James Tried & trusted
Mr Vau Good resistance to puncture and improved comfort.
Laurens Great quality lightweight tubes for my new carbon wheels.
Mr King Better than average construction quality.
Tony Great product that suits the deep dish wheels. Good work Conti!
Mr Preston Good product, great quality. I use these all the time. Reliable and equally good for training and in competition
Barbaruolo These tubes seem nice and tough...better quality than the last ones purchased. Haven't had to use them yet and hope they are not needed soon but one never knows when you will....always be prepared and carry a spare.
Dan These tubes seem to be of high quality, and installed easily under my 28mm tyres.
Mr Presto It works with a 32mm tire as well
Mr L Nice tubes. Ordering more
Mr Parker Basic tube that I give to friends when they expect a puncture repair FOC. Like to keep Race 28 light tubes & Conti Supersonic tubes for my own families bikes!
Darkhorse00 Easy to use and pump up. First time using this product. Value for $.
Briand A bit thick but quite good for the price.
Ryan Qiuyuan Chen(Golf ball helmet from CCB in Montreal) This friend has been with me since three years ago, punctured almost 30 of them but totaling my mileage of 60, 000 kilometers in total so it is worth every penny.
Mr Del Pozo These are the only tubes I have been using now for the last few years and have had no issues. Match with Conti GP 4000 II and no flats over 3000 miles.
OneStrangeDude Awesome product awesome price, have been using them on my roadie for years.
Mr Collins Have used in the past and I find they're good quality
Mr Vallejo Reliable inner tubes. High quality and perfect for all around riders.
Stuart AU The benchmark in bike tubes. You can't go wrong with these ... especially when combined with Continental tyres such as Grand Prix All Seasons.
Sze Very nice inner tube. Bought them because they're highly recommended by all my riding buddies.
Mr Martinson Classic. Dependable tubes. Why buy anything else?
Mr Dyson Best tubes on the market
Strohman Continental makes great products. I hace yet to have a seam or valve fail with their tubes. Sure, you can find cheaper tubes, but definitely not worth the savings if you have to repair unnecessary flats.
spm Have only had these about a week now but they seem like they'll hold up well!
köksal + light, great 80mm valve, reliable. - expensive, never use with tube-less tire.
Mr Gyles Been looking for long-valve tubes for ages - much less faff than valve extenders and so on, recommended. Plenty of room in 50mm deep wheels.
Mr Traynor The go to inner tube! Value/well made...
Matt C 100 miles in with no punctures and no loss of air, usual Continental quality.
Mr Tarlowski Great product these tubes have lasted me forever in the past I'm sure this one will also.
Mr White Strong tube. I nearly pinched it getting it under a new tire and it held up.
Mr Graham One of my favorite brands of tires. Have a locking nut on the valve stem to keep it locked into place which is great for preventing it from breaking away from the tube while inflating.
Mike G Tubes are tubes, but I feel better running some conti's... never flat with these.
SB Having tried cheaper tubes and regretted it, these will be the only tubes I buy from now on. Great quality!
Dave Good quality and good value inner tube.
Hruby I have had good success with these.
Wynand Tubes are typical continental quality. No problems with them.
Mr Anson Good quality light weight tubes at a great price
Tom Sauther Bought 3, 1st was defective but didn't find out until it rubbed flat 10 miles in. There were two 'dimples' in that tube. Other two have 500 miles on them with no issues.
MRL Nice long valves for use with deep rim carbon rims. Non-threaded shaft for a clean look. The tubes themselves seem pretty reliable. Good price from Merlin and fast delivery.
Mr sutton Great tubes at a great price. Removable valves too.
Mr rosen Best tubes available!
Mr SALMANI Great tube, keeps the pressure!
Mark Usual High Quality Tubes from Conti. I stick to proper brand name inner tubes, with the replaceable valve cores, cheap tubes are a false economy, and to be honest, at the price Merlin sell these for, there's no point in skimping.
Ivan Belo I have done around 400 km/week with these, and had no problems. Great service from Melin and fast delivery.
Mr Walton For me the best tubes you can buy. Great price from Merlin.
Mr Andy Not a bad weight for the price, not had any punctures with these yet.
Mr Lockhart Very reliable tubes that I have been using for several years
Mr Lewis High quality tubes
Abo Jose Perfect inner tube, cheap price and fast delivery
Mr Pierce Good quality tube. I prefer the non-threaded stem which this tube has
Mr Taylor As always with Conti gear they are very high quality - no issues
Mr Blanton Conti tubes, basic, do the job, easy to install
James Frew Simply superb inners. At Merlin prices grab a bagful.
Mr Hamid Asim Very good all-around tube for road bikes at good price
Mr Case The best tubes you can buy.. Consistent top quality.
Mr Regonini These are solid tubes. I judge by how long the valves last, and these tubes don't deflate very much at all.
Mr rosen Good, solid chambre d'air. Alite on the heavy side, but appear to be very durable. (I like super light tubes, but found that I had too many punctures.)
Mr kim I am a heavy rider (98kg) no problem with this tube and it is a kind of light tube. I bought 5.
Senate194 Keep air above 100psi for a couple days... I have ridden 2000k without any flat...
Mr McNeal Very good inner tube. Fits both 23c and 25c. Excellent service from Merlin Cycles as usual.
Mr Kauffman Just as advertised. A great, inexpensive training tube.
Steve C Does the job! Reliable and better than cheaper brands
Dave1706 I have been using these tubes for some time, very reliable. Price is excellent.
K Mac (OZ) Usual reliable Conti tubes. Only brand of tubes I use nowadays
Mr Hood To be honest I am not sure how to rate an inner tube. I have never had much trouble with any inner tube except for the occasional flat which you will get from any inner tube. I went with Continental this time for name recognition and I have no complaints.
Murray Brown Great tubes. Hold pressure well and used with Continental GatorSkin road tyres I haven't had a puncture in almost 2000km...
Paul Good value tubes. I've been using them for years.
Mr Krastev Amazing material,great feeling on the road, I recommend these tubes.
Mr EDENS Seem to hold air a bit longer than non-branded tubes.
Mr McDevitt These tubes look solid. I only have about 60 miles on them. All good so far.
Mr steele After riding on Michelin tires and tubes for the past fifteen years, I thought I would try Continental tires, so I added the Continental tubes as well. I am impressed with the quality on both tubes and tires; it is much better than what I have been experiencing with Michelin.
Mr Spry Good quality inner tube - does the job
Mr Hutchison Continue to be the best. I've tried many other brands and these last the longest plus, I've never experienced any manufacturing defects. This unlike some Michelin Airstops where three out of six failed for no apparent reason!
Oguzhan Y. Usual conti quality. Better valves than other brands.
Mr Sherwin I thought all tubes were equal but these do look a little better quality than most
Mr O'Connor Great reliable tubes!
Mr Winter Conti are a brand you can trust, wouldn't buy anything else.
Mr Cleary Good reliable tube, as you would expect from Continental. You want to ride with confidence and these give you that.
Mr Vazzoler I've been using this tube for more than 1500km and got no punctures so far, even with a cheap tyre. I guess it can't get better than this.
LF Have used these for past year since getting my new roadd bike. Not too many punctures except when running on worn tyres tyres last couple of weeks before I purchased new ones from Merlin. Had a couple of issues with slow punctures due to valves but may have been me using the track pump. Ovearll good buy and happy with them.
Mr Coldwell Fitted with a pair of continental GP Force/Attack tyres, first choice after using Continental tubes on my Mtb, perfect quality.
Mr Webster Pressured right up! Hasn't leaked over the last three days since installation.
Mr Belo Fantastic tubes. Great durability. Percentage of punctures has decreased dramatically. Very fast delivery!
Mr Jalving Good quality tubes.
Mr Jenkins First time ordering this inner tube, so far so good
Fekke These are very good, recommended!
Mr Chambers Great inner tube, holds pressure and good long valve choice.
Mr Ashcroft A good quality, reliable tube
Mr street Great tubes good quality
Tim Robinson Good ol' Continental. What more can I say. Quality tubes you can rely on not to fail when first inflated.
Mr Rowling Fast delivery and good value.
Mr Wheeler Great lite tube
Mr Creswell Good tubes, very rubbery! Longer valve-stems for those 'dishy rims' Well priced.
Mr Rogers Quick service and delivery
Mr Cheshire Easy to fit, removed a few times using with indoor trainer trye , holds pressure , and no bumps on trye seam to be good , also carry as spare , will buy more
Mr Oliveira Unboxing this tube I can see the high quality of the product, A+++
Mr Murphy Good value for money.
Mr Massey what can i say? Havent used them yet so can I just say the service and delivery time was excellent
Jason Stanley Good value std tubes highly recommended
Mr Van Dyke Tubes ok
Mr daniel nice tubes.
Matt Best price on the net . A must have