Continental Race 28 700c x 20-25 Tube
Continental Race 28 700c x 20-25 Tube
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Continental Race 28 700c x 20-25 Tube.
  • Continental Race inner tube with a choice of 42mm, 60mm and 80mm valve lengths to fit most rim types.
  • 700c x 20-25.
  • Presta valve only.


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Reliable inner tubes. High quality and perfect for all around riders.
The benchmark in bike tubes. You can't go wrong with these ... especially when combined with Continental tyres such as Grand Prix All Seasons.
Very nice inner tube. Bought them because they're highly recommended by all my riding buddies.
Classic. Dependable tubes. Why buy anything else?
Best tubes on the market
Continental makes great products. I hace yet to have a seam or valve fail with their tubes. Sure, you can find cheaper tubes, but definitely not worth the savings if you have to repair unnecessary flats.
Have only had these about a week now but they seem like they'll hold up well!
+ light, great 80mm valve, reliable. - expensive, never use with tube-less tire.
Been looking for long-valve tubes for ages - much less faff than valve extenders and so on, recommended. Plenty of room in 50mm deep wheels.
The go to inner tube! Value/well made...
100 miles in with no punctures and no loss of air, usual Continental quality.
Great product these tubes have lasted me forever in the past I'm sure this one will also.
Strong tube. I nearly pinched it getting it under a new tire and it held up.
One of my favorite brands of tires. Have a locking nut on the valve stem to keep it locked into place which is great for preventing it from breaking away from the tube while inflating.
Tubes are tubes, but I feel better running some conti's... never flat with these.
Having tried cheaper tubes and regretted it, these will be the only tubes I buy from now on. Great quality!
Good quality and good value inner tube.
I have had good success with these.
Tubes are typical continental quality. No problems with them.
Good quality light weight tubes at a great price
Bought 3, 1st was defective but didn't find out until it rubbed flat 10 miles in. There were two 'dimples' in that tube. Other two have 500 miles on them with no issues.
Nice long valves for use with deep rim carbon rims. Non-threaded shaft for a clean look. The tubes themselves seem pretty reliable. Good price from Merlin and fast delivery.
Great tubes at a great price. Removable valves too.
Best tubes available!
Great tube, keeps the pressure!
Usual High Quality Tubes from Conti. I stick to proper brand name inner tubes, with the replaceable valve cores, cheap tubes are a false economy, and to be honest, at the price Merlin sell these for, there's no point in skimping.
I have done around 400 km/week with these, and had no problems. Great service from Melin and fast delivery.
For me the best tubes you can buy. Great price from Merlin.
Not a bad weight for the price, not had any punctures with these yet.
Very reliable tubes that I have been using for several years
High quality tubes
Perfect inner tube, cheap price and fast delivery
Good quality tube. I prefer the non-threaded stem which this tube has
As always with Conti gear they are very high quality - no issues
Conti tubes, basic, do the job, easy to install
Simply superb inners. At Merlin prices grab a bagful.
Very good all-around tube for road bikes at good price
The best tubes you can buy.. Consistent top quality.
These are solid tubes. I judge by how long the valves last, and these tubes don't deflate very much at all.
Good, solid chambre d'air. Alite on the heavy side, but appear to be very durable. (I like super light tubes, but found that I had too many punctures.)
I am a heavy rider (98kg) no problem with this tube and it is a kind of light tube. I bought 5.
Keep air above 100psi for a couple days... I have ridden 2000k without any flat...
Very good inner tube. Fits both 23c and 25c. Excellent service from Merlin Cycles as usual.
Just as advertised. A great, inexpensive training tube.
Does the job! Reliable and better than cheaper brands
I have been using these tubes for some time, very reliable. Price is excellent.
Usual reliable Conti tubes. Only brand of tubes I use nowadays
To be honest I am not sure how to rate an inner tube. I have never had much trouble with any inner tube except for the occasional flat which you will get from any inner tube. I went with Continental this time for name recognition and I have no complaints.
Great tubes. Hold pressure well and used with Continental GatorSkin road tyres I haven't had a puncture in almost 2000km...
Good value tubes. I've been using them for years.
Amazing material,great feeling on the road, I recommend these tubes.
Seem to hold air a bit longer than non-branded tubes.
These tubes look solid. I only have about 60 miles on them. All good so far.
After riding on Michelin tires and tubes for the past fifteen years, I thought I would try Continental tires, so I added the Continental tubes as well. I am impressed with the quality on both tubes and tires; it is much better than what I have been experiencing with Michelin.
Good quality inner tube - does the job
Continue to be the best. I've tried many other brands and these last the longest plus, I've never experienced any manufacturing defects. This unlike some Michelin Airstops where three out of six failed for no apparent reason!
Usual conti quality. Better valves than other brands.
I thought all tubes were equal but these do look a little better quality than most
Great reliable tubes!
Conti are a brand you can trust, wouldn't buy anything else.
Good reliable tube, as you would expect from Continental. You want to ride with confidence and these give you that.
I've been using this tube for more than 1500km and got no punctures so far, even with a cheap tyre. I guess it can't get better than this.
Have used these for past year since getting my new roadd bike. Not too many punctures except when running on worn tyres tyres last couple of weeks before I purchased new ones from Merlin. Had a couple of issues with slow punctures due to valves but may have been me using the track pump. Ovearll good buy and happy with them.
Fitted with a pair of continental GP Force/Attack tyres, first choice after using Continental tubes on my Mtb, perfect quality.
Pressured right up! Hasn't leaked over the last three days since installation.
Fantastic tubes. Great durability. Percentage of punctures has decreased dramatically. Very fast delivery!
Good quality tubes.
First time ordering this inner tube, so far so good
These are very good, recommended!
Great inner tube, holds pressure and good long valve choice.
A good quality, reliable tube
Great tubes good quality
Good ol' Continental. What more can I say. Quality tubes you can rely on not to fail when first inflated.
Fast delivery and good value.
Great lite tube
Good tubes, very rubbery! Longer valve-stems for those 'dishy rims' Well priced.
Quick service and delivery
Easy to fit, removed a few times using with indoor trainer trye , holds pressure , and no bumps on trye seam to be good , also carry as spare , will buy more
Unboxing this tube I can see the high quality of the product, A+++
Good value for money.
what can i say? Havent used them yet so can I just say the service and delivery time was excellent
Good value std tubes highly recommended
Tubes ok
nice tubes.
Best price on the net . A must have