Schwalbe SV15 Presta Tube - 700c
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Schwalbe SV15 Presta Tube - 700c
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Schwalbe 700x18-28(27x1) SV( Presta) Tube SV15
  • Extremely airtight!
  • The Butyl rubber compound prevents pressure loss and fewer occassions to inflate
  • 40mm standard valve length
  • Extremely reliable! Quality control for safer cycling: Each tube is checked twice at the factory to ensure safer cycling.
JHP Consistent quality.
Davy Quality tube at good price
simon Great quality tube at good price
Mr Mitchell Great quality as expected. 30km in with no issues. Great service and swift delivery. Highly recommend Merlin.
Mr Booth Schwalbe tubes are IMO the best.
Mr Telford These inner tubes hold pressure much better than others e.g. Continental. Merlin’s prices are usually v competitive.
Mr lewis best tubes ive used. dont loose air
Mr MOLYNEUX Strong material, no problems
F Satira Good quality tube, sturdy valve attachment to tube
TL Quality tubes, affordable price. Really have stood up to the test. First class service as usual!
Mrs Chung Great inner tubes to go with my Durano Plus tyres. Love the see through cap on the valve.
SteveR I run tubeless but keep one of these with me on rides just in case. Great price on a quality tube
Sean Appear to be good quality and exactly as described. Running inside some 700-25 Gatorskins, time will tell in terms of durability.
Simon Replacement innertube for recent flat. holding up well
Mr Carruthers Schwalbe - always my first choice for inner tubes. Excellent quality.
Mr Elmes Always use these tubes. at £4 each not worth repairing old tubes
Mr mitchell Been using these for years, love them.
Peter Good quality inner tube. What more can I say?
Mr Gokce Light weight and durable tubes. Very little pressure loss.
Jonathan Usual good Schwalbe quality. Very reliable and hold pressure well.
Mark Excellent value looks to be consistent in manufacture.
Mr Peters Durable.
Jules Good balance of price and reliability. Love the clear valve cap.
Mr Cabahug great quality at its price point.
Casado Does what it's supposed to. Fit and inflated well, no issues.
Mr Palmer Excellent price - fit and quality are good.
ian A quality schwalbe inner tube and suitable for a wide variation of tyre widths. The tube seems to retain air pressure well but I will see in the future. Yes i would recommend.
Miss Balada good quality, made from recycled content
Mr Mirza Good tubes and also one of the rare instances where a company has bothered with sustainability (they're recyclable rubber).
Mr Matthews Schwalbe quality.
martin Good wide ranging fit without being too heavy, ideal for up to 28mm tyre.
Thomas Oh Good quality, I have not noticed any difference between the major brands - buy the one that is cheaper ATM.
AM Quality inner tube
Miss Carter High quality inner tube, smaller footprint than other 28mm inner tubes makes fitting easier.
Mr Bevan Good value and does the job as described. Valve seems good quality
ME We use Schwalbe SV15 Presta Tube - 700c for years. Dependable and no problems at all.
Mr paul paar LOVE these tubes. THEE BEST par excellence; bar none. I like the removable core so I can insert SLIME to prevent thorn punctures here in NM, USA : thorns are called "goatheads." They'll flat you right now.
Mr SOUZA very good quality tube. recommended
D Parker A regular choice tube - just works as it should.
Mr Alibraheem Great product, price is also excellent, recommend it
Mr Radmanic Long lasting
Mr Ender Excellent tubes, reliable & good value
Patrick First time with these tubes. Good value
Ken Most durable and dependable tube and even on rare occasion a small puncture is had... this tube is easy to patch and has a light yet durable rubber.
Paul Best tubes I've tried. The claim that they retain more air certainly seems true compared to competitors. Seems to only lose about 5psi (at 100psi) over 7 days and arguably that's probably from me putting the pump on to check. I would buy these again. Now using on both 25c road and 35c cyclo-cross.
Eugene Holds air excellently. Never had an issue
Jean The best tube on the market German Quality and very durable
gr Schwalbe tubes are great performance for money
CHONG Used it on my 28c tires and just done an audax 600km safe and sound. The tubes well done its job and no air leak even after through bumpy ride and potholes.
Gabe Pereira Really cheap, reliable and lighter tube, I was used to conti 28 race on the indoor training bike and now changed for the schwalbes SV15 and I'm feeling these tubes are holding the pressure better than the contis, in addition to being slightly lighter than contis 28 race... now using the same SV15 on my bikes with tires 23, 25 and 28mm without a problem. Really recommended for the price and reliability. Just 13 days to Brazil!! Thanks Merlin for the awesome service, best prices and very fast shipping!
John Have used these for a few years now. Have recently had 2 issues with cheap inner tubes exploding - one just after a long downhill where a few seconds before, I had been doing 30mph+. Never had that with Schwalbe. Definitely worth paying an extra pound.
Jordan These should be the standard to which all tubes are compared. Durable, easy to install, extremely high quality (Schwalbe has won all of my business on all my bikes) and long lasting. Merlin also had a spectacular price on them so I couldn't resist stocking up. 5 out of 5 stars all the way. If you want additional awesomeness, get the G-One / One tires from Schwalbe because you'll never ride on anything else :)
Daniel Reliable
Marc Good quality and light tubes. Won't use any others.
Peter These are, without a doubt, the best quality tubes around. Try inflating tubes of any other brand outside of a tyre and you'll see they are really uneven thickness. Schwalbe are always the most consistent. BUT make sure you tighten up the valve core, as some pumps will undo the core, letting out the air which you have laboriously pumped in.
Mr Roberti A versatile air chamber that fits different tire sizes in a range of 23 to 28, lightweight, the pressure remains quite stable over time.
NSW Good quality tubes, reasonably light. No issues so far using with Schwalbe One 25c tyres.
Dave Best tubes out there, and this was by far the best price I could find.
Mr Jenkins Good price and protect from punctures very well
Mr Kalaj Excellent inner tubes
Mr Spencer Combined with the gator skin tires really good hard wearing innner tubes.
Poom I have used Conti's inner tube before, and switched to Schwalbe's for a while after I run out of the old tubes. I found Schwalbe's to be ways better! It fits perfectly on my tire (Conti GP 4000s II) while the conti's inner tube itself is slightly longer, thus risk folding inside. It also has not given me valve leak which I had a few times with Conti's.
parkinson Not used these tubes before but seem absolutely fine.
Stuey - Melbourne Used these before and a pretty decent tube - not had any issues except with the pronunciation
Mr Lemuel My first Schwalbe tubes were AV6 and SV6 (406-28). I liked them so much I now choose Schwalbe for all of my premium build cycles. The SV15 have the exact same superior quality and features as the 6 size. One features I take advantage of is the locking nut has a built-in Schrader rim adapter. I use a couple saved presta locking nuts stacked so one inside the rim prevents the valve from pushing out under 120psi tire pressure, the Schwalbe outside the rim locks the valve center in the hole, and a third as a backup lock. Don't forget to grab a high quality Schwalbe tire as well.
Mr Kirkland First time using Schwalbe tubes so really too early to judge their performance but after two weeks use there are no issues to report.
Sturrock Great deal, quick shipping and these Schwalbe tubes are very air tight. Don't have to air up tires nearly as often as with lesser quality tubes.
Peter L I gave up using any other kind of inner tube many years ago. These are simply the most reliable road tube around. Merlin consistently have the best price so 5* all round
Mr rowbotham Excellent quality tubes.
fred.e The only tube I order now. Excellent quality and holds the pressure longer, very impressed.
Mr Bower Lightweight and hard wearing
Mr Kalewski The schwalbe presta inner tubes are great value from merlin especially with the added discount. The product itself is reliable and is consistent with the quality I expect from this manufacturer. It arrived quickly and I will be using merlin cycles again for my cycling products.
Rob Wanted to try a quality lightweight tube, the improvement in ride is amazing
Mr Steele Great tubes. I never have problems with these.
Mr Ma I am not sure if it really helps my bike roll faster, but the quality of the tube is outstanding. At this moment, I think I will keep buying this
Oliver James Light enough but still feels tough. I bought 5 so should last me a while!
Mr Brindle Does what it says on the tin. Haven't punctured these yet coupled with Michelin Pro4 endurance tyres, compared to specialized tyres and tubes that is.
Mr Allsop So far so good. These are useful as they're good for 28 tyres as well as narrower. Good deal from Merlin
Stewart Good quality, relatively lightweight tube with good fast shipping from Merlin!
Mr Wright Seem fine so far, chosen because the size range covers tyres from 23-28, which is nice. Also, great price from Merlin and reliable delivery as usual.
Kamlesh Good quality inner tubes, easy fit and hold the pressure
Mahmood Best tubes. A bit thicker rubber and hold the air well. Longer lasting valve too.
Mr OZKAN It fits easly my 700X28C tire. Holda pressure for a long time. Very good tube and I recommend this
Mr Chambers Good inner tube, holds pressure well and good price point.
Richard Seem like a nice light, sturdy inner tube so far.
Mr Harrald I always use these tubes. Great quality for the price. And as always Merlin dispatch very quickly.
Mr Farnhill These tubes just do the job for a reasonable price; they hold pressure well and they're reasonably compact to fit in a saddle pack as spare. I'd got them for some Schwalbe one tyres and new rims. The only caution I would add is checking how deep your rims are. These *just* fit on 28mm deep rims although they're right at the edge.
Mr Millhouse Good quality tubes. I normally buy conti tubes but thought I would give these a try. They work fine.
Mr Lunness These are nice and chunky, weight is good and they do all you'd expect from a rubber tube. Pretty compact for their size range and fit nicely in a small seat bag - better than a puncture kit.
Mr Laramy Good quality. Use them on sportives and training. Not had one puncture. Seem good quality and reliable.
Mr Lye Good quality inner tubes. Only ever had one puncture with these.
Mr Jacobs Quality product always buy Schwalbe inner tubes. Quick delivery too.
Mr Newman Nice tubes, well made, good balance of weight & thickness, perfect fit.
Mr Hull I wanted to stay with Schwalbe inner tubes and tyres which came with my Cube Peloton when I bought it about 4 years ago. I was unable to find Schwalbe Blizzard tyres but after much searching I found the Schwalbe inner tubes on the Merlin site, with the required valve type and length. Until my double rear wheel puncture I'd only had 2 previous puncture in around 4000 miles, so I'm really pleased that Merlin stocked the inner tubes I'm used to. I've fitted two new inner tubes inside two new tyres so here's hoping it's around 2000 miles before my next puncture.
Mr Unal Very good quality with perfect price. Inner tubes have a simple job;to keep the air as long as possible. And this one is a perfect air holder. Easily fitted to my 23mm tyre. Even the valve cap shows the quality of this tube.
Gavin Tubes for road wheels. Work as well as expected. Don't leak air anymore than other brands I've used. Have transparent valve caps which are a bit different. Would buy again.
Alby I like these tubes a lot they seem to hold the pressure a lot better than most. I use them with Schwalbe tyres and Fulcrum wheels.
Mr Gibbs Excellent quality tubes.
Julien Nice tubes, a little on the heavy side, but hold air for a while and seem pretty resistant.
Mike C Good value, good quality inner tube. Does what it needs to do well.
Markinho Have been buying these inner tubes for years. Very high quality, I especially like the valve housing, 100% metal, not like the cheap rubber ones you see on other tubes.
Yun Wing TSANG High quality tube. Schwalbe is always my first choice.
Mr Jenkins These are great tubes, quality materials that last and hold pressure. Worth the extra over cheap brands.
Mr Chan Items arrived very quickly. These are tubes I have used before and happy with. So ordered more as spares, the tubes are of good quality and neatly packed into a small box. Highly recommended.
Lou O I got unlucky with a few punctures and needed some new tubes. These seem good value and were delivered quickly. I guess you could pay more for lighter ones or less for unbranded tubes but, for me, these are hitting the sweet spot of cost and performance.
Mr Cooke I am biased because I have use schwalbe stuff for many years, mainly the tyres, marathon and mararathon plus. Their quality is brilliant and I would not use anything else. I now likewise, only use their tubes. It takes a long time to build up trust in product reliability, as a touring cyclist, with many miles abroad on the pedal, Schwalbe are the bench mark, there is no choice!!
Mr KARKALIS Excellent tubes!! They hold high air pressure very well for weeks!!
Milo Minderbender Can't say too much about tubes but I've never had any problems with these.
Mr Burke Good reliable tubes. One slight gripe is that the valve core sometimes comes out when removing the valve cap. I now make sure that I nip up the valve core on each tube as I fit it, and make sure I don't put the cap on too tight.
Mr Clive Excellent tubes, high quality valves and fantastic delivery. Would use again and again.
Dr Duddridge I use Schwalbe tyres and tubes on both my MTB and road bike and have never had an issue (frantically searches for wood to touch!!). These tubes are good quality and hold the pressure well - far better than other brands I have tried. Only minor downside is the clear valve cap - although this looks good, it can be easy to temporarily misplace! But, it's a minor quibble that's worth the quality (and price!!).
David These are my current favourite tubes - appear to be more reliable than the alternatives I've tried.
Mr eburne A tube is often just a tube, a quality tube is just that, and schwalbe make quality tires and tubes, cant go wrong
A Spain Seem to hold the pressure well. Put them on and forget about them - exactly what you want in an inner tube!
MTB:er Run on this for years. Great price!
Mr Abrosh Great tube and price from merlincycles. Have 400 miles so far without any problems
Mr Wright Good Product, Been running these for a while now, Hold pressure for ages, great value for money.
Mr Pattillo Quality product & first class service
Mr Rebello Very light and well made tube!
Mr Chambers Very good inner tube that holds pressure well.
Mr Jenkins Quality tubes, and usual great price and service from merlin
Mr Kelly I always buy Schwalbe tubes. Their attention to detail is worth any extra. Love the valve stem ring with the step-down and the removable presta valve core. Take care with Lesyne pumps as they can accidentally unscrew the core, so ensure it's tight when fitting.
Mr Burgess What can you say, very cheap, these are to replace my stock which had ran out after a few punctures. I try and apply at least one patch before throwing away.
Ben M Great all round tyre. Perfect to use across a range of tyre widths. Will buy more!
Mr Rowling Good price and fast delivery.
Mr kensdale Quality product , quality price
Mr stacey Blows up, holds air. No punctures yet. Plus at Merlin's price you've saved enough for a post ride coffee vs the high street bike retailers.
Mr powell This is my fourth tube i have used, and no problems. holds pressure well, so less top ups.
Mr Mapstone Cracking deal for 3 tubes! You won't buy cheaper elsewhere and a great tube for winter training/commuting Fitted them to my Schwalbe Durano tyres for the colder months ahead
Mr Burton Good tubes at a great price. Keeps things bouncy. On a separate note I made a mistake on my order and Merlins customer service was more than helpful, couldn't recommend them enough.
Mr Dewhurst Good value tubes. Keep air in my tyres quite well....
Mr Burke Have used these tubes for years, and are always good quality and reliable. Usual great service from Merlin, cheers!
Mr patrick slightly heavy tube but should last better on winter roads, great service from Merlin
Steve Warburton Switched back to these tubes after having some problems with continental (2 blow outs in a few weeks). Never had a problem with these and they seem thicker than the conti tubes
Mr JEFFERIES Does what a tube should do!
Mr Ribeiro Bueno
Pete Best quality regular weight inner tubes. Merlin usually have the best price on them
Niels This tube is easy to inflate and seems to keep the pressure a tad longer than ordinary tubes
Mr Heffernan Came with box and instructions. Seems like a quality product!
Mr Harrald Always use Schwalbe inners. Good value.
Mr Anon Good quality tubes.
Mrs KUN Very good quality!!!
Mr Milicia Good value inner tube. dipatched quickly and arrived in good time. No complaints.
Mr griffiths great product at excellent price
Mr Forsyth Superb quality tube at a great price
Mr Bobs These are the inner tubes that I usually buy for the good range of 18 to 28. Used them for 2 years now. The favorite thing about them is the colorless valve cap. I guess losing pressure is something common, these need a bit of refill every couple of weeks.
Mr Cole These seem like quality tubes, but I have not been able to get them to sit properly into my rims. The reinforcement around the valve is rather thick, which made the task of changing my tubes difficult. But, I have always liked Schwalbe products and most likely continue by their tires and tubes.