Rim Tape
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Rim Tape
Code: 193
26", 27.5", 29" or 700c rim tapes
  • Rim tape
  • Required for all rims (except UST) to protect the tube from the spoke heads
  • Priced individually
  • For either 26", 27.5", 29" or 700c rims
  • Tape widths:
  • 26" - 20mm

    700c - 15mm

    27.5" - 20mm

    29" - 20mm


Mr alperClassic Schwalbe quality no need any words…
RossEasy to fit and does the job. Why spend more?
AndrewGreat. Wiill be using this again as it stays in place much better than normal stiff nylon tape.
PAULQuality product at a reasonable price.
Mr CreaghFit well on some Alex brand rims, seems durable after a bit of use changing tires
Mr MossIt's not bad, I do find it deforms a bit and goes wavy after a while so I now change the tape whenever I change the tire. On the plus side it is easy to install and cheap so not much hardship in that.
Mr dolanDoes what its supposed to do, easy to fit, good quality.
Mr TurnerExcellent quality, no more to be said
MrmortarI’ve used this tape before on my road bike, nice and tight fit and much more robust than the rubber stuff. Needed something to replace the one in my unicycle, a bit narrower than expected but only seems to come in one size. That says it seems to be doing the job. Pleased with my purchase.
Mr OLESENGreat rim tape
Mr HartFits neatly and quite easily, and does the job. Not much more to say really.
DanThese go on easily and cover the spoke holes. Not much more to say really.
Mr KnightonThese are fine for the job and reasonably priced
Mr MossIt did the job, quite chunky so it might not be one for weight weenies.
Teri ExplorerQuality tape as you would expect from Schwalbe
BenAwesome tape super easy to use
DominicSuperb quality from Schwalbe as ever
JozoEasy to apply, feels durable, good price.
Mr McManusGood rim tape. Does the job.
Mr PitchfordRip tape. It tapes the rims. Effectively.
Mr RedfordGood quality rim tape, very pleased with that.
Dr BarnettEasy to fit on to a set of 26inch mtb wheels
TTGood product for the price, surprised me how light it is.
Mr LearnerHey, they work. They go on like plastic rim strips and so far have protected my tubes. And the price was low.
AFFor the price you can't get better
Mr FrancisIt's rim tape. As expected. But a good price !
Mr FillionWas less wide than expected, should have confirmed actual width. Think this one was only 16mm wide, the other Schwalbe blue rim tape I had was 21mm wide. Nice compound.
Jeremy CharlesIts a generic rim tape. Worth spending some time getting it to sit nice in the rim, and the valve hole is aligned well.
MIkeI really like these rim tapes, fit well, good cushioning and do the job properly
MIkeExcellent rim tape, perfect fit, nice and cushioned, and very good service from Merlin
ElliotNice, simple rim tape; good for the price.
Hisham Al HasaniIt fit the wheels nice and easy, hope it will give longest protection to the tubes.
GKnightEnhanced durability and fit on the rim over previous cotton based rim tape, that soaked up surface water and jumped around on the rim exposing spoke holes. Great for cyclists who cycle in all weathers!
Tim BeghtolTrying this out to replace some cloth tape. Fits very tightly but not difficult to install correctly.
pkultraLightweight. Inexpensive. Do the job.
Mr TThicker and wider than others, and works well.
Richard SamuelsDoes the job, easy to apply, does not move once in place.
Mr TaylorExcellent product, really easy use and does the job perfectly. Why didn't I buy this several inner tubes ago and save myself a lot of hassle.
Mr kuakPut these on my new wheels and they worked like they were meant to. Easy to install without much fuss.
Mr SauvetreCheap and easy to install, it does its job perfectly!
Mr AHNIt is easier to use than high pressure tape. They're more likely to withstand high pressures. This product is recommended. Delivery period is 15 days to South Korea
Mr JonesI took a punt on this - in these days of wider rims, one small but important question was not answered on the website either by Merlin or by reviews, i.e what is the width of the tape? I can state that the tape is 16mm (16-622).
RogerNice quality tape, should help with puncture prevention
Mr NybergNothing to say, just working really well!
KevinNo complaints about this item. The fit is good and the price excellent.
AndrewReally strong, puncture resistant, this rim tape is make of a hard stretchable rubber that is pulled over the rim and slid in place
Steve MarroneMuch better quality than the rim tapes I've used before. Nice snug fit
Mr OsbornVery quick delivery and good quality item at good price. The thick plastic rim tape protected my inner tube that had been punctured by the original rubber tape degrading. Tight fit on rim, and fiddly to align perfectly with valve hole, but once fitted extremely happy.
Mr WrightVery easy to fit, good quality.
Mr BrammerEasy to install and a perfect fit, does the job it's intended to.
lacattNeat, tidy elasticated tape, fits perfectly.
Mr JonesNice snug fitting tape.
Mr KnightRim tape is not the most inspiring product on a bike, but it certainly didn't disappoint
MichaelThis rim tape was much better than I was expecting. It is a firm plastic that was a little bit difficult to put on, but once it is on it will not move. Which is good since there is no adhesive for it.
LeeAlways solid rim tape
PriestleyGood product, would buy again
Mr StaceyVery impressed with this product so far. I have only ever used traditional cloth tape so this is a first. Very easy to install and so far it has worked perfectly.
Mr McCardleDelivery to Spain only took 3 working days. Rim Tape was a great fit and easy to install.
Mr RichardsonQuality tape, fit perfectly and no punctures so far.
Mr BestDependable, cheap, durable rim tape. Not much else to say.
Oliver JamesFeels more modern than the old velox tape and easier to stretch over the rim.
SharwoodEasy to install and feels really heavy duty. Does the job
Lee RowlandsOrdered these to fit on 700cc clincher rims. They stretch well and are very easy to fit. Bit of a play about with the valve hole but it's what you'd expect when fitting new rim tape anyway. Tape appears strong & well made and with extra discount it was a no brainer to buy. And with Merlins brilliant delivery times I would definitely recommend to anyone after rim tape.
Ben ClaytonCheap and does exactly what it says on the tin. And unlike cloth tape, it stays on due to stretch, so can be repositioned as it doesn't stick. A major advantage I feel.
Mr SmithPerfect, stretches over the wheel tidily
Mr JamesNever used this type of rim tape before, but it is excellent. Bit fiddly to align the valve hole, took 2 attempts, but I really like it.
Goose CampbellSuperb quality and fit.
GG ZaczacLong lasting material with very simple replacement.
NguyenSimple and works. Fits the rim with ease and is light but thick so it feels secure.
Tom MarshallEasy to line up the valve hole and fit over the rim, once in place it's easy to line up in the centre of the rim with your thumbs. Seems to have just the right length and elasticity for the job.
Mr ChambersIdeal rim tape, perfect fit for 700c rims, good price.
talk2stuVery good, reasonably priced and easy to fit.
Mr SaxbyThis a thicker heavy duty rim tape than the stock tape that came with the wheels and as a result weighs a bit more than the ones it replaces. The plus side is I can run my tyres at a higher pressure (up to 140psi). Easy to fit.
Mr OtisBest tape I've used. Nice product and the high pressure rating is great.
Mr harperSchwalbe rim tape is very good, a bit tight to put on but great fit and good quality, 5 stars.
Mr TaylorCame ready to fit no cutting or joining ..great
Mr AngellYes, it's just rim tape, but I've had some bad experiences so it's a relief to find out that this offering is thick and provides perfect coverage. Four stars since it could be a little more pliant following a few moments where I thought it might snap levering it over the rim. Recommended.
Mr GreenwoodA bit difficult to get on and positioned as it is the non stick type ie it is already joined but it is good and strong and stretchy enough.
Mr DicksonGreat product, perfect fit.
MattNice tight fit on Shimano rims, perfect width and robust.
Mr DrechslerRim tape is nice and wide, perfect for mtb rims. Stretchy and yet thick which is a piece of mind, looks like it will last for ever
Mr RaybouldNice quality tape, a reassuring thickness and not too weighty.
Mr turleySimple installation and strong
Mr DonnellyReally liked this. Complete plastic strip that is easy to fit and will last for years
Mr BrewingtonSuper, good quality and a snug easy fit
Mr HarrisonRim Tape is of excellent quality and would recommend to anyone buying from Merlin Cycles
AC_AusSolid rim tape. Easy to mount on rim and no tendency to slip. 24g
Mr JenkinsGood strong rim tape easy to use
MPP37Good quality and easy to fit. Nice thick plastic should last a long time and effectively protect the tubes.
Mr hartIts rim tape- its marvellous!
Mr ElliottGood Quality - its rim tape! not much to say
Mr CooperThis rim tape is wide and taught offering excellent protection.
Mr MorganDoes the job, and was cut/joined at just the right point for my new wheel by Merlin, a good example of great service.
Mr WardEasy to fit Does the job
AlekGood quality rim tape. Takes 130psi no problem.
Dave JackettRim tape is rim tape. No issues.
Mr ShortGreat rim tape!
Mr JONESRim tape seems strong and durable, would purchase again. Price is for one rim tape.
Jay AstonComes singularly so for two wheels, you'll need to order 2 of these. Good quality for the price and a sinch to fit
Mr JenningsRim tape , it dose what it says on the tin !!!
Mr HitchGood product good price fast delivery what more can you ask for
Mr HornerGreat fit and quality.
JayDoes what it's made for.. Keep in mind that you get enough tape for ONE wheel.. If you have two wheels to sort, you'll need to order 2. MEGA fast delivery too
Dr ClaytonNice!
Mr kingGood product just as discribed Really good tight fit on rim
Mr AnnandaleDo the job that there are made for - no issues.
Mr GVery good, easy to fit thanks
Mr PowellStrong and easy to fit. Does a simple job very well. Easy to remove and replace if you have to fit a new spoke etc
Mr WalkerGreat quality rim tape. Easy to fit.
Mr FoxGood product, robust and easy to fit. Only on for a few days and won't be looking at it again until my next puncture - so too early to give it five stars, four for now. The Merlin wheels I ordered previously are perfectly true and the freehub very quiet, Five stars for the wheels.
Mr harrisongood rim tape
Mr StewartStandard generic product. Nothing fancy, but does exactly what you would expect of it.
Mr ParfittDoes exactly what it says on the tin.
Mr PaszkowskiThis tape rims my rims in a confident, smooth, tight manner. It is the vital meniscus that guards my tubes from disastrous contact with the hard, unforgiving metal of the spoke nuts. So far it has not failed me. If it was decorated with fancy artwork I'd have given five stars, but as the only adornment was the cryptic, Germanic 'Schwalbe', I can only vouchsafe for four, count them, four stars. I foresee no circumstance wherin this will fail you in your rimming needs.
Mr BullenExcellent product. Does the job perfectly!
Mr BrownCheap, easy to fit rim tape. What's not to like?
Mr GardnerDoes exactly what it says on the tin..even though its not made by Ronseal
Mr EllisNo nonsense rim tape... does exactly what it says on the tin at a great price.
Mr StaceyDoes what it says on the tin :)
mickismickUnlike the crate-packing-tape style rim tape, this is nice and soft and gives me greater comfort that the tape wont rub and cause issues with my tubes. Easy to fit, can't complain.
CoCoTurned up quickly and looks fine, just a shame it turned out I didn't actually need it. Got some spare now.
Mr JonesBought this with a wheel set. It's not the sticky stuff, but I got Schwalbe tape, so it's not just cheap stuff!
Mr NewtonDoes the job! nicey
Mr BainesVery quick delivery and as expected
Mr CobbettGreat product. Great value.
Mr staggIt tape that goes on a rim! Its yellow - fits well not to wide for road tyres fits easily