Velox Jantex Tub Tape
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Velox Jantex Tub Tape
Code: VELR040S00-TUB
High quality Tub Tape perfect for tubular wheels
  • High quality tubular tape to be used with tubular tyres only. Easier to apply to the rim than glue and less messy. At 2 metres, one roll usually contains enough for one enitre set of wheels.
  •     Top quality tub tape
  •     One roll contains ample tape for 2 wheels
  •     Designed for alloy rims
MervinEasy to apply and keeps the tyre in place. Have used it in 35+ degree heat with no issues
Mr varianUse it for all disciplines , very easy to fit.
Mr CanhamI've used tub tape for years, much better than glue and does not make a mess of your rims, enough for two wheels.
Mr ThompsonWill buy again!
Mr canhamAlways used for carbon rims, easy to fit, no more messy glue!.
Pumos ClasayLove this for alu rims. I used this to move tubular tires across two wheelsets (putting older tubies on a wheelset for dedicated trainer/roller use). Both wheelsets were previously cleaned from glue and had been taped with Velox. Process took 30 minutes max.
Ric FriendEasy to fit and comes with just enough for 2 (700cc) wheels. However, there isn't a mm to spare, so take care when fitting it. The box shows "X" for Carbon rims but following the reviews, I have used it successfully and it appears well suited. It grips the rims well and it's gauze type of construction appears suitable to either aluminum or carbon.
Damienexcellent tub tape and super value, enough in one roll to tape 2 wheels.
MoeinIt just works!! As good as rim glue.
Mr WalkerGood quality tape (just enough for 2 tubs). To my (pleasant) surprise it is really easy to peal off (plastic tape covering). Sticks well and no issues after a few hundred km's. Delivered fast as well. Definitely order from Merlin again.
Mr TaylorFor the price - excellent - backing tape pulls away well enough, far better than the older paper backing though not as tough as Tuffo tape. Used on my cross alloy wheels - no problem.
Mr TomanProvides good, strong sticking area for the tyre and holds the tyre on well
Mr Ohshima粘着力も厚さも問題なく半年使っていても快適です。
Mr. Friday Fun RideSticks well
Mr JawandaThis is awesome for tubulars, make glue a thing of the past
DamienGreat Tub tape, works well on carbon tubs as well as aluminium. There is enough tape for two 700c wheels.
bamberGreat product, very sticky and easy to use
davidSuper easy tape to use, I use it on carbon rims and have had no problems yet .
Mr katsumi初めてテープを使いましたが、使いやすく楽でした、お勧めします。
Mr FieldingDoes exactly what it says on the tin. Mess free, fairly easy to apply, just take your time and make sure you don't get it twisted when applying. It was the first time I had fitted tubs but I watched a few YouTube videos first before tackling it and found it simple.
DavideGreat alternative to glue!
davidEasy to use tape, I use it on carbon rims as it is easier to remove tubs, make sure your wheel channel is perfectly clean before applying and you won`t have any problems
davidEasy tape to use
Mr SchembriCleaner and easier than glue and holds tyres as well
Loose cogHighly recommended. Roll contains enough tape for two full rims/tyres. Easy to apply and makes using tubulars a breeze once again. Value for money.
ShaneGreat for sticking on road tubs, I am not a fan of the newer Jantex tape
Mr KujawinskiGreat product for alloy tubular rims good price Fast delivery.
ChickenFried66Great! Makes gluing tubular so much easier and when it's time to put on a new tire this removes easily too!
LeeSUsed on one wheel so far and seems to be fine, paper can tear a bit but didn't cause a problem for a tubbie newbie!
Mr daviesFirst time used this. Seems ok been on a run and it's done it's job
Mr ekicilerCheapest tub tape. Decent adhesive performance. Better than poor cement workmanship. If you don't race you can use this tape. Tufo and effetto are better in both installation and performance.
Mr PrescottReally easy to apply, time will tell how effective it is compared to glue.