Orange Seal Sealant
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Orange Seal SealantOrange Seal SealantOrange Seal SealantOrange Seal Sealant
Code: OS-9672
Orange Seal Sealant

The original sealant from Orange Seal. Instantly seals punctures up to 6mm and slices upto 19mm long. Lasts up to 45 days between top-ups and performs down to -11 degrees Celsius.


  • Seals punctures upto 6mm
  • Seals slices upto 19mm
  • Seals tyres with porous sidewalls
  • Works down to -11°c
  • Last on average 30-45 days between top ups
  • No corrosive formula
  • Also great for inner tubes
  • Available with applicator injector or as a refill bottle

How much sealant is required per tyre:

  • Road tyres: 1-2oz per tyre
  • MTB 26": 3oz per tyre
  • MTB 27.5": 3oz per tyre
  • MTB 29": 4oz per tyre
  • Fat Bike: 6-8oz per tyre
AlexABy a long mile still the best sealant despite the competition, just remember to top up regularly. No sealant comes close to this when it comes to sealing holes and cuts.
H.J.Great sealant and seems to last long and plug flats.
DavidWent in easily through valve, not had any punctures yet
JackGreat sealant, seems to last longer than others I have tried
Mr KnightOnly had one small puncture on previous tyres and Orange sealed immediately, didn't even know I'd had the puncture!
JohnThe best sealant i have used (tried Schwalbe, Hutchinson. Stans) I use it on road tyres 28mm, 30mm and 32mm and its dpne a great job so far.
jenniferBeen using this now for the past two years and it seems to do the trick .
Mr DaviesGreat product. Injected through the valve of my road wheel, span it a few times and hey presto, sealed.
Mr WillisDoes a good job of sealing tyres, my current go to.
Mr ThomasBeen using Orange for +- 1 year on road tubeless after reading other positive reviews on the product. No issues to date and does what it's supposed to.
G DuffySeals punctures without me even noticing they're there until let it dry out months without topping up or if I'm cleaning it out and see a hole. Injector tube is very handy too
JoshuaHaving heard many people complain about difficulties with tubeless, I am yet to have any problems at all with Orange Sealant.
ThomasThe best tubeless sealant