No Tubes Valve Stem - Pair
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No Tubes Valve Stem - Pair
Code: 2546
Stans No Tubes Valve Stem - Pair

Universal 35mm Valve Stem:

  • Fits most MTB tubeless rims:
  • Stan`s NoTubes ZTR rims & wheels
  • Sun-Ringle wheels featuring NoTubes BST Technology
  • WTB TCS rims & wheels
  • American Classic tubeless wheels
  • UST wheels including Crank Brothers, Fulcrum, Mavic and Shimano
  • Bontrager Tubeless Ready rims and wheels with Bontrager`s Tubeless ready rim strip
  • Sold in pairs (2 in a pack)


Universal 44mm Valve Stem:

  • Fits most Road and deep-section tubeless rims:
  • Stan`s NoTubes ZTR rims and wheels
  • Campagnolo 2-Way Fit wheels
  • Corima Tubeless wheels
  • DT Swiss Tricon Tubeless wheels
  • Fulcrum 2-Ways Fit wheels
  • Shimano Tubeless wheels
  • Sold in pairs (2 in a pack)
Mr EdwardsAs expected good quality
e.oldyeasily fitted Alexrims md23 tubeless ready rim (Trek Powerfly 5 2017 - no tape needed)
raymondBeing a newbee to tubless i choose these valves, the rubber was quite hard at the sealing area on fitting i left the valve lose as some YouTube vids say till tyre was on and sealant in, i tighten valve up not to tight has they tell you. On pumping tyre up it was leaking at the valve area so i nipped it a bit more still leaking at the valve so i swilled the sealant around the valve area wich sealed it and the tyre went up ok. It make no difference tighten the valve first before you put the tyre on wich i did on the rear wheel it went on no problem might have been why it leaked. Done 3 rides of 30 miles with no problems with little daily pressure drop off.
Mr PowellDid their job, easy to remove the core, sealed well after installation.
Mr OsborneBought these because they always work
Mr CookeThese are great and work exactly as advertised. No problems fitting and no leaks. I recommend these and will buy again.
Mr KhanI've made use of this tubeless values,I like the product and the length is really good
Mr HerrodThe best for going tubeless. Good air tight seal.
AndyQuality valves
DavidSimple and effective. The only improvement would be the addition of an 'o' ring to aid the seal around the valve stem.
Mr GradwellI’ve used these before. They work, enough said. My go-to tubeless valve.
RichardThese valve stems work exactly as advertised. No leaks and easy to install. I needed these to convert a set of wheels to tubeless and they did the trick.
BirdmanNo nonsense tubeless valves
WALLACEProduct comes as it is, 10/10 functional.
Alex IoakimWorks well with DT Swiss rims.
Mr MorrisonGreat price and product, easy to fit, fast delivery, overall very pleased.
Mr MashfordNo need to spend more, these do the job.
AdrianGood quality no problems with fitting or sealing.
StephenTried and true hardware
Mr Buckleythey just worked. My first attempt at tubeless using TLE Nobby Nics and a standard workshop pump. all good so far
Mr BirkinI have tried other valves that did the job and sealed but were aluminium, they just always felt cheap and weak. Stans valves feel better to use (maybe psychological)
CManWorked well; bit of a problem sealing one rim hole, but could be tape issue (had to get really tight on the nut)
ThomasWorks great with the stans rims
BarryEasy to fit, seem to work fine and not too long.
Mr pearceVery reliable valves. Have used many times and never had an issue sealing.
Bullfrog BluesDo the job they are designed for fine-no complaints
Mr ten HoveGood valves, they sealed no problem on my rims (And even on a schrader rim) Did the job well
Mr CrawfordEasy to use and give a good seal in conjunction with Stans tape and sealant
Mr D PerkinsValves seated perfectly on tubeless ready rims. No air loss and used with stans no tubes sealant . Much easier process than I expected.
AdamWork every time and have never had one leak.
DavidThese work well and I have not had any sealing problems
RobertThey are straight forward and good stems. Removable core, so you can inject the sealant. No leaks, no complaints.
Mr LynchThese are far better than Hutchinsons valves , inflated first try and stayed inflated. Speedy delivery as always.
Mr CrossleyNice and robust. Not leaking. Good value valves.
AaronVery easy to install and had zero issues with getting them to seal up.
PlummerGood quality valve stems. Don't forget to screw them tight before trying to add air to the tyre. Rookie mistake on my part, made it harder to inflate the tyre and I squirted more sealant around than I should have.
EmergencyPantsThey work and the quality is decent. Took one star off for one of the valve cores (easy enough to change out) not completely sealing on it's own but that wouldn't stop me from buying these again.
McLaughlinThese worked fine and sealed well, but are a little on the short side for my 35mm rims. I can get a pump on them - just!
Mr GantTubeless valves, not very exciting but a quality product that does it's job.
Brodie DunnPerfect for sealing your rim. But pricy for what you get
parkI am using these on all my mtb`s now and no problems at all.
Mr wardBought these but did not need them in the end. Now I have some spares. Have used in the past and if fitted as per instructions they work.
Nic RThey work, no leaks or other problems.
palmerGreat valves for the money. There are slightly cheaper alternatives but these always work well.
Mr Contini-HillA reliable and easy way to go tubeless. A little on the expensive side, but they do work well and have replaceable valve cores too.
palmerSeal well, simple and easy to install
Mr smithWhat can I say simple to use, take the end cap off spin the disc ring off, push the valve into the wheel rim, spin the the ring back on and hand tighten, removable core feels good, stans reliably expensive but solid.
Mr ArmitageEasy to use valves that seal up nicely and just work.
GreenBrilliant item. Installed these on Hope branded ZTR Crest rims with Stans yellow tape, and UST Contis - didn't even need any sealant. I topped them up with Stans sealant anyway, which is really easy to do by removing the valve cores.
AntersFitted perfectly to my Stans rims and currently working without a problem.
Mr NewtonGood quality valve with removable core, but did have a problem getting one of the valves to seat properly. Sorted out after a couple of goes. Would not put me off buying again.
Dr CoxDo the job very well, but quite pricey for what they are.
Mr BaileyEasy to fit, no leaks , what's not to like?
Mr wareingReliable, work every time
thefathippyEasy peasy. Worked beautifully with Stan's ZTR Flow EX rim.
Mr clutterbuckSimple to use with stans rims in conjunction with no tubes rim tape and stans fluid. Easy sealing with conti tyres.
Mr lewisWorked perfectly, I think these are over priced by Stans for a pair of valves, Merlin did give the best price
nobody of noteWorked perfectly on my Stans Flow Ex rims.
Mr MooresVery easy and straight forward to install and removal of the valve core was easy with a small set of adjustables.
Mr BarnesDo the job reliably, round foot fits better than some other makes
Mr JamesEasy to fit and no leaks.
Mr BarrettThird set now, all worked perfectly.
Mr CraigEasy to fit and work great. Core is removable too
stuntweaselKinda essential if you plan on going tubeless. And tubeless is generally a good thing cos it means lighter wheels so you float down the trail better. It also means you dont have to walk miles to get back home cos youve run out of tubes and patches after riding through a particularly nasty patch of thorns/gorse/brambles/hawthorn/otherpointystuff whilst having an otherwise lovely ride in the middle of nowhere. Aye, tubeless is a good thing.
Mr stevensSealed easy with no leaks, look neater than the Mavic valves.
Mr KielyGood price, fast delivery from Merlin. Valves are easy to install and ork extremely well - stick with Stans!
Mr thompsonWork ok but rubber seal could be better. Had to really tighten to stop leaks.
Mr russellThese work great. Just remember to nip up the removable valve core tight if you use a pump with a screw on hose.
Mr GriffithsOnly ever used No Tubes valves. Never had any kind of issue with them
Mr StopportonGreat valves from Stans, even better service and price from Merlin! Valves do wear over time so it's wise to keep a couple of spares in your bag.
Mr LevettUsed for tubeless setup DT Swiss 420 sl wheels and Mountain King 2 tires very straightforward First class service from Merlin wouldn't shop anywhere else
Mr LackEasy to fit on the Stan's ZTROlympic handbuilt wheels I also purchased from Merlin. Rim tape and valves worked first time with Stan's sealant and Specialized 'Ground Control 'and 'Captain' '2Bliss' tyres. Merlin are brilliant, with great porducts, bargain prices and instant delivery. Very highly recommended.
Mr BrierleyEasy to fit and works perfectly.
Mr Michielsenexcellent, holding air nicely
Mr ReynoldsVery good valve stems. Fitted into my Specialized roval rims perfectly just as the first pair I purchased did into my Stans flow rims. Good quality at a good price and highly recommended
RiddersThe perfect accompaniment to Stan's sealant. Recommended.
Mr ParkerGood value stems - very easy to install and don't tend to clog up with sealant too badly. I have them on several sets of wheels and they work really well.
Mr dore
Mr SinclairI think these are the best value UST valves. The latex gums up the valves so I tend to get new ones every year or so
Mr SmithGood price and a great little set to keep as riding spares. I've used these type of valves for two years with no issues at all.
Mr palmerGood quality and fit well.Removable cores allows sealant to be added once tyre is fitted.These were the 35mm length ones and are perfectly long enough for MTB rims.Great price and usual fantastic service from Merlin.
JoeIngenious, so simple and effective.
Mr corbetti have recently purchased two sets of these valves and have had no problems converting to tubeless. i would recomend these valves.
DogboneIdeal for Stans Rims.