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Michelin Airstop 700c inner tube with the longer 52mm valve
  • 700 x 18/25mm tube
  • Premium quality buttyl
  • Presta long valve 52mm
  • Airstop butyl tube


Decent price and smooth valve stem.. Does the job - keeps air in the tyre.
Great tubes suitable for everyday use
Excellent for the value. Not the lightest, but reliable.
Can't go wrong with Michelin tubes or Merlin's price.
Priced lower than many other options, decent weight and good quality. Holds air and they have not been leaking out of the box as I have seen with other low cost brands. Smooth stem saves the o-rings on your pump from excessive wear.
Good inner tube for price. Installed easily
This is a great inner-tube, long life, strong resistance to tire sidewall pinch, smooth valve so no damage to carbon rim inflating tire.
Good tube delivering value for money. Easy to fit and durable.
Great tubes, so far the best ones I have used
Reliable everyday inner tubes
Good quality, good price. My favourite tube
Good quality, reliable inner tubes with smooth stems that are kind to pump seals. My favourites by far.
My favorite tubes. They are fairly lightweight and the smooth stem doesn't tear up the pump seal.
Good value, reliable and proven tube
A very good reliable tube with a smooth valve. Fast delivery as usual by MERLIN.
Great for all wheels, best quality, excellent price
Have been using these road tubes for many years. They have proven to be very reliable. Highly recommend.
Very fast delivery and a great price. What I really like is that these don't have a valve that unscrews and leaks like 4 out of the pack of five from a German brand did.
Great inner tube and good price, holds pressure well.
Quality, don't waste your money on cheap tubes.
Great robust tube, never let me down yet.
It's a tube, with a valve that let's air both in and out which I found very helpful
Very good at keeping air inside it, with a nice valve to use to get air into the inner-tube. So far after riding 2 10 mile TTs it is still working. The valve can be used to both inflate and deflate. A plus point if I may say so.
Great tubes, light and good resistance to flats
I've had a few of these in the past but all short valve, and my current wheels are medium profile so I ordered these as I know they are good, I especially like that the stems arent threaded which makes them easier IME to whip in/out of the rims.
Excellent light weight tube
Bought this tube as a spare, so not had to use it yet.
Nice long valves
decent tubes are an investment in my opinion
Very quick delivery and as expected. Good quality product and fully boxed
Go for quality branded tubes its worth