Silca Ultimate Sealant Remover
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Silca Ultimate Sealant Remover
Code: SIAMAC046ASY010
Silca Ultimate Sealant Remover
If you've managed to drip tyre sealant over your floor, your clothes or even your trusty steed, you need Ultimate Sealant Remover. This patented formula acts to effectively dissolve the molecular bonds between latex sealant and the surface or garment that it's fallen onto.
All you need to do is test first in an inconspicuous area of your clothes or kit, then wet the area if applying to a hard surface only. Spray the Ultimate Sealant Remover liberally over the affected area, wipe off immediately with a clean white cloth for hard surfaces, or wait for three minutes if applying to clothing. Finally, agitate clothing with a stiff brush, such as a toothbrush, to dislodge that latex, or give the bike or floor a thorough wash to remove any excess remover. If needed, repeat as necessary.
This formula is water based and biodegradable, so it's kind to the environment and won't harm your bike's frame paint if used as directed. It's an invaluable tool for helping salvage your precious belongings after a messy sealant job.
  • The newest component of the Silca Bicycle Spa Collection
  • Use within two hours of spillage where possible
  • Reliably removes dried latex from surfaces and clothing
  • Won't harm frame paint when used as instructed – see directions
  • Water based
  • Biodegradable