Silca Gravelero Mini Pump
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Silca Gravelero Mini PumpSilca Gravelero Mini PumpSilca Gravelero Mini Pump
Code: SIAMPU011ASY01
Silca Gravelero Mini Pump
The Silca Gravelero Mini Pump is a graduation of the brand's design for its award-winning Tattico pump, built with the same hose, chuck and plunger and similarly designed for handy in-pocket or on-bike storage.
Whereas the Tattico is a road-biased pump, the Gravelero is developed for gravel and off-road use with seals that will keep out dirt and mud, along with a smooth surface, making it easy to clean and suitable for use on gritty or puddle-ridden singletrack. Even more usefully, it has been upgraded to push 35% more air from the same length, to help you fill larger volume tyres and get back on track faster than ever before.
Compatible with both Schrader and Presta valve types, the Silca Gravelero Mini Pump comes with a retractable hose and a frame mount bracket with quick release straps as standard, making it super-compact. And, since it has a protective cap to cover the chuck and a rubber stopper to keep it closed, you'll find it practical to keep this pump handy whenever you cycle, in case of need.
  • Both handle and pump barrel made from aluminium
  • Compact, 9.5in/243mm pump weighs just 139g
  • Achieves a pressure of 80 psi
  • Fits in a jersey pocket, alternatively comes with direct mount bracket for on-bike carriage
  • Delivers air through a retractable hose with reversible chuck
  • Chuck fits either Schrader or Presta valves and can be locked with a thumb
  • Chuck protected by a cap when not in use
  • Closed pump is secured by rubber stopper