Silca Gear Wipes
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Silca Gear Wipes
Silca Gear Wipes
Bred from the world of pro-cycling mechanics, Silca’s Gear Wipes remove all dirt, grease, oil and sweat from your cycling gear, leaving it in immaculate condition. This canister contains 110 premium-grade gear wipes.
The dual-texture composition enables both scrubbing and fine-grade polishing depending on which side you choose, and the non-solvent based cleaning agent is kind to your hands as well as components owing to its environmentally friendly credentials. 
  • Removes dirt, grease, oil and sweat from frames, components, cycling kit and workshop hands
  • Non-solvent-based cleaning agent
  • Innovative asymmetric textures allow for both scrubbing and fine-grade polishing
  • 110 sheet canister
Mr CFirstly these wipes are a lot of money, but in my opinion worth it! I have no space at home and no access to hosepipe etc..These wipes are brilliant if like me you need to clean a bike without water and without upsetting your partner. I’ve seen nothing else like this on the market...that will probably dictate whether you think it’s good value for money!
MarkWith all Silca products you expect two things quality and price tag that reflects that quality. These are expensive, but they are are extremely effective. So effective that I've reduced the my bicycle washing regime. Instead of wetting the whole bike I just wipe it down with a couple of these wipes and it gleams. Really effective and i'd highly recommend.