Silca Tyre Levers Premio Set
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Silca Tyre Levers Premio SetSilca Tyre Levers Premio SetSilca Tyre Levers Premio SetSilca Tyre Levers Premio SetSilca Tyre Levers Premio Set
Silca Tyre Levers Premio Set


Modern carbon rims and tires create a real challenge for traditional tire levers, and the new wave of tubeless setups have taken the challenge to the next level. Tyre fits are tighter than they've ever been, while carbon rims require non-metal levers to resist damage to the bead or brake surface during use.

The Silca Premio tyre levers combine a high strength forged aluminum lever with a semi-rigid nylon pad on the rim side of the lever only. This allows the overall lever to be thinner, yet stiffer and stronger than either full plastic or metal core designs. Even better, Tyre Levers Premio utilise a flex-core zone which allows the nylon pad to conform to the curvature of the rim during use for maximum distribution of load.

Due to the high strength full-metal blade, Tyre Levers Premio are 25-30% narrower than other lever designs, making them ideal for very tight tires and tubeless setups where access to the tire bead is very tight.



  • Forged alloy blade 
  • Reinforced nylon rim-shield - safe for use on carbon rims
  • Integrated spoke-hook wing 
  • 105mm x 25mm x 7mm (perfect for Silca Seat Roll Premio or Eolo Wallet)
  • Net weight (two levers and neoprene sleeve) = 36 grams
leeGood quality levers. Do what they're supposed to.
Mr PughGreat tyre Levers Premio compact and very strong..Recommended iif you keep braking plastic levers these are great and can remove wire bead mtb tyres with ease!
Mr owenGreat tyre leavers, used them to remove tyres from carbon rims without any issue. The small hooks on the end of the leaver made taking the tyres off a dream. The only down side is the price but I can confidently use these at the side of the road knowing I won’t damage my expensive rims .
MikeBought these to accompany the Silca Solo wallet. Not the cheapest levers out there but the quality does look good and they are very lightweight. Fortunately, I've not had a lot of experience in using levers, but unfortunately I got to use these on their first outing! Hard to compare the performance of these against other levers, but they worked on my new deep carbon rims with no damage, so happy enough so far.