10 High Quality & Low Cost Tools?

Here at Merlin we are keen to encourage riders to maintain their own bikes. Knowing how your bike works, and how it can be fixed, gives extra reassurance when out on a ride incase it develops an issue.

Ride Essentials

While out on a ride, the most likely mechanical issue is a flat tyre. To cover this eventuality, most riders take a spare tube, tyre levers and pump as a minimum out on a ride. Using tube-less or puncture protected tyres can minimise this risk. If you prefer a little more insurance for other possible issues, a multi-tool can fix a lot of dramas while out on the road. Why not go for the ‘Pro’ look and put it all in a tool bottle.

Tyre Levers £1.99

While some people are blessed with neanderthal-like, cave-dweller strength fingers, others need a little assistance when removing tyres. Some brand’s tyres are also tighter than others, and some rim manufacturers rims seem trickier too. Bypass any issues by using some well designed tyre levers. Tough plastic levers will get the job done, while not causing damage to your rims.

Hex / Allen Key Set £4.99

Most components on your road or MTB are fitted and adjusted using hex / allen keys. Hardened steel construction will ensure years of active service.

Cable Cutters £9.95

Refreshing the cables on your bike is a very rewarding experience. Over time, cables can stretch and get sticky. Sticky cables occur when friction builds through getting dry or through grit and dirt gets between the inner and outer cable.

Cassette Tool £7.99

Looking after the transmission is essential for getting long reliable service from your bike. A cassette tool will allow the cassette to be removed, both for cleaning and replacing. To remove the cassette properly, use in conjunction with a chain whip.

Chain Whip £7.99

Removing a cassette without a chain whip can be a pain. The chain locks onto the cassette sprockets and holds it steady for removal.

Torque Wrench £39.95

If you are not mechanically gifted but would like to get most jobs done yourself, invest in a torque wrench. Torque wrenches, when used properly, ensure that components are tight enough, while reducing the chance of over tightening bolts and stripping the thread.

Quick Link Tool £14.99

While a chain’s quick link makes it a quick job to split the chain, a quick link tool makes it super-easy to connect and reconnect.

Chain Checker £5.99

A badly worn chain can prematurely wear the cassette, jockey wheels and chain rings. Chains stretch under load and generally get a bit tired, understandable when chain component parts perform 30,000 movements per minute at a cadence of 90 rpm.

Pro Chain Tool £19.99

Fitting a new chain usually requires a chain tool to remove the excess links. For that job, you need a chain tool. Chain tools can also be used to ease stiff links.

Bottom Bracket Wrench £10.00

Worn bottom brackets often get noisy or develop play. A bottom bracket removal tool will allow you to remove the bottom bracket to replace the worn unit, and then you can enjoy nice quiet rides again…

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