2023 Merlin Malt G2 Claris

It’s Back…

Here at Merlin we were surprised at how quickly the original G2 Claris bikes disappeared in 2020. Even by wild 2020 standards, they came and went in a matter of days. This left us with a full set of 5/5 customer reviews, but with a gap in stock. We have restocked a couple of time since. Now back in our Chorley warehouse again, the freshly updated 2023 G2 features the same neutral handling as the rest of our highly rated gravel bike range. Built with carbon forks, thru axles, flat mount discs and Shimano components, with its extra 2023 tweaks, we reckon the 2023 G2 provides more smiles-per-pound than ANY other entry level gravel bike.


The Malt G2 Claris is our entry level gravel bike. Our whole aluminium gravel range features refined geometry and more inclusive sizing through the range. Despite being ‘entry-level’ the bike features flat mount disc brakes and 12 mm thru axles front and rear. The G2 Claris comes with our own, Merlin GDA wheelset.

Shimano’s reliable entry-level Claris R2000 components feature on our most affordable Malt G2 gravel bike. Thanks to trickle down technology through the shimano range, Claris features many of the design features and the user-friendliness of the more costlier, higher level component groupsets.

2023 sees the addition of features which further boost to its all-rounder capabilities. Flared handlebars allow more control on trickier off-road terrain and a wider, more relaxed position riding on the drops. The Merlin GDA wheelset with black spokes adds an extra quality touch to an already very competent bike. The 25mm wide rims are strong and stylish, they are also ideal for wider tyres. The wheels have 38mm wide Innova Wanderlust tyres fitted, great for mixed terrain riding.

Off & On-Road

Relaxed, neutral geometry for the Malt range makes the bikes easier to live with. They are ideal for riding a wide variety of terrain – more competent off road and more agile on the road. Compared to some gravel bikes, the Malts are slightly lower at the front end and slightly shorter on the top tube, this offers a more comfortable and poised stance. So, as well as being at-home along bridleways and gravel tracks, it is also equally happy blasting along tarmac lanes with its road bike cousins.


The wide-range, 16 speed gearing (34 – 50 / 11- 28), will allow most terrain to be tackled with confidence. Claris R2000 shifters provide positive and reliable gear changes. Claris shifters feature neat, internal cable routing and personalisation – thanks to adjustable lever reach. Flat mount Tektro cable disc brakes bring the G2 to a stop effectively in all conditions.

The 2023 Malt G2 Claris rolls on our own brand GDA wheels. These stylish yet tough wheels are built to last. They feature double wall, 25mm wide, aluminium rims and high quality hubs. The hubs feature Thru Axles which provide a secure and solid connection between the wheels and frameset.

‘Upgradability’ Built In

While the Claris G2 is a brilliant entry level gravel bike – packed with great features, we have also built in flexibility to allow ease of upgrading for future tweaks to customise your ride.

The Claris R2000 rear derailleur has a longer, medium cage. This is capable of shifting up to a 32 tooth sprocket. So, should you feel the need to upgrade from the standard 11-28, to a wider ratio cassette (for example an 11-32) in the future, you won’t need a new rear derailleur.

The 2023 Malt G2 Claris comes with 38mm Innova Wanderlust tyres, these offer a good mix of grip on loose surfaces and ability to roll well on tarmac. The G2 frame & fork will easily accomodate 40mm tyres should you feel the need for fatter, grippier rubber for your favourite terrain. Even wider, 42mm + tyres can be accomodated if the G2 is used with a 650b gravel wheelset.

Swiss Army Bike

The G2 Claris is the ideal low cost entry level gravel bike, but is equally at home on the commuter route to work / school / shops. With rack and mudguard mounts built in, the G2 will fit mudguards and panniers, enabling fully loaded bike-packing and touring to be tackled in comfort and with confidence.

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