Brand Focus – SKS

German brand SKS started out over 100 years ago, in 1921. They manufacture a wide range of accessories for bikes. The company is proud to be producing goods in Germany. They have a staff of over 400 employees in their region, including around 30 trainees at any time, ensuring the future development of the company.

German Production

The company is based in the town of Sundern and they sponsor and assist local events and amateur cycle sport teams. The biggest event is the SKS Bicycle Marathon which attracts competitors from all around the world. As a leading manufacturer of bicycle accessories, the ‘Made in Germany’ label of quality reflects the high demands which they place in quality, function and design.

Pump the Popularity

Air pumps have long been a focus of the company, they were producing plastic barrel pumps from 1956. The 1960’s were a boom time for cycling, most people rode for daily transport. The sport aspect of cycling was also booming with superstars such as Eddy Merckx boosting the popularity of cycling as a pastime and sport. When Chief Developer, Walter Scheffer designed the RennKompressor in the mid 1960’s, the company were on the right trajectory to benefit from the cycling boom.


The RennKompressor is a solid floor pump with a cult status. The most popular pump in international cycling for more than 50 years. It is the sole legitimate ancestor of all bike floor pumps. The solid metal tube, cast iron base, precision pressure gauge and black wooden handle all justify the “Made in Germany” quality label. The feet fold up to make it easier to transport. It’s a functional timeless-classic.

Mudguard Masters

Cleverly designed and reliable, no other brand tackles the production of mudguards as seriously as SKS. From classic Bluemels style full coverage mudguards to shorter clip-on styles for all types of bikes. SKS are so sure they produce the right mudguards for your bike, they have an interactive Fender Finder to make the process easier. Very useful for trickier applications.

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