5 Gravel Bikes Under £1500! Great for a Budget!

Here at Merlin Cycles we have plenty of gravel bikes available for under £1500! In this blog I will be highlighting some worthy contenders you may want to consider…

First up we have two offerings from Ridley Bikes!

Ridley Kanzo A GRX 600 Gravel Bike and Ridley Kanzo A GRX 800 Gravel Bike

GRX 800 Spec – Pictured in Grey.

The Kanzo Aluminium is an incredibly versatile bike. Mount fenders and you have an ideal, sturdy commuter for the most enjoyable ride to work you’ll ever experience. Mount some off-road tyres for some fun off the beaten path.

The 800 crankset uses Shimano’s Hollowtech technology, which makes it 100 grams lighter.

GRX 600 Spec – Pictured in Blue.

The Kanzo A all-road bike features wide tyre clearance and numerous lugs, making it great for bike packing as well. It has a very pleasant geometry that combines comfort and stability. 

Ridley’s aluminium bikes go through an extremely careful, high-tech process before rolling out of their Belgian assembly line as complete bikes.

Ridley use 6061-T6 aluminium alloy commonly used in the aircraft industry as it scores very well on stiffness, metal fatigue, weight and welding precision. All tubes are triple-butted where central wall thickness is 3x thinner than at the ends. This minimizes weight and maximizes stiffness.

The tubes are also hydroformed a process in which water under pressure gives the tubes the desired shape, without potential damage that mechanical shaping can cause. Lastly, a “double-pass flat weld” in crucial places for extra strength and clean finish an absolute must for modern aluminium bikes.

Tifosi Rostra XLE Disc Gravel Bike

The Tifosi Rostra Disc is the evolution of Tifosi’s ever popular CK7. It is the perfect aluminium all-season bike, capable of handling year round British weather, long commutes and fun weekend rides.

A Lightweight 6061 T6 aluminium frame ensures excellent ride characteristics and durability alongside comfort-oriented geometry, while the unidirectional fork with 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ tapered carbon steerer gives precise steering but with the additional comfort that carbon fork blades give.

The X44 headtube works with most modern tapered forks and aids handling, future-proofing the bike for years to come. Disc fitment is flat mount standard for hydraulic or mechanical and 12mm thru-axles keep everything stiff and secure.

Without mudguards the bike can take up to 38mm tyres, when fitted, tyre clearance allows for up to 35mm. The Rostra Disc also has additional mounts for pannier racks if required. Designed and assembled in the UK.

Wilier Jareen GRX Gravel Bike – 2023

The Jareen is the new double-butted 6061 aluminium frame dedicated to the gravel world and built in Wilier Triestina style.

The bike features: cabling integrated in the frame, differentiated diameter head tube, 27.2 mm diameter seat-post for greater comfort, flat mount disc brake system, fork with through axle.

For maximum versatility, the frame has been designed to mount mudguards and front and rear racks, and frame and front fork tyre clearance is up to 42mm.

Felt Breed 20 Gravel Bike

Why did Felt created the Breed 20? To chase the sunset across empty gravel roads. To discover a new perspective along local trails. And to further expand the incredible freedom a gravel bike can offer.

Classic road bike manners, but loves to get dirty. Dual-wheel compatibility, plenty of storage options, and massive tire clearance makes for unparalleled versatility for any adventure.

The frame features SuperLite Aluminium and the Fork is: Adventure UHC Advanced Carbon Fibre.

That rounds up our 5 incredible gravel bikes, all for under £1500! To Browse our full selection of Gravel Bikes Click HERE!


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