Accessorise Your Bike!

We all know that bikes are great. How can you make them even greater and fit more with your lifestyle? Accessorise!

In this blog we look at 5 of the most popular and useful accessories used by regular riders. These all add extra layers of flexibility to their bike.


‘Where yer bin’? That question can be answered much more easily with a GPS computer. These are especially useful when you are getting to know new roads and regions. Many GPS’s have a map feature, this makes it easy to never get lost, just head back to the start point on the map. Praise-be to the satellites for probably the best tech option to accessorise your ride.


The chances are, lots of unscrupulous, sneaky, awful people would like to own your bike or profit from selling it. These people want it, almost as much as you enjoy owning it. Bike locks are essential if you use your bike for commuting to work or a quick trip to the shops. A solid D-lock or hefty chain will make thieves think twice or choose an easier bike to steal. Locking both wheels and frame to an immovable object is a good option. If you can lock it in an area busy with passers by & in front of a CCTV camera this reduces the chances further. Having a think about where you lock up, can reduce the likelihood of a ‘low-life’ having a crack at your security.


Flexibility and extra visibility is added to your bike when you clip on some lights. Whether you want to be noticeable in the daytime with daytime running lights, or planning a through-the-night summer adventure ride – bike lights make more types of ride safely doable, and increase the chances of being noticed by often-distracted drivers. Lights are probably the best way to accessorise and add an extra layer of visibility.

Car Rack

Once you have owned your bike for a while and ridden all your local roads, this is a great time to pack the bike in the car and head somewhere different. While it’s often possible to pack bikes inside a car, it is often far easier and safer to mount them on a car rack and head for the hills. Just remember you have your pride & joy on the roof and avoid low barriers and garages!


Reduce the workload of your washing machine filter by fitting some mudguards! Even short, clip on mini mudguards can stop a lot of road and trail filth attaching itself to your clothing or even worse, your face, eeurgh! These days mudguards arelLight-weight and easy to fit to most bikes. Muguards also reduce the filth which attaches to your bike, making your bike look cleaner and work better.