Bags of Possibilities…

The world of bike bags has got much bigger in the last few years. Since the huge popularity of gravel biking and bikepacking, lots of manufacturers have taken the opportunity to expand the bar, saddle and frame bag market.

Bag for Life

The really good thing about saddle and frame bags is that they make bikes without pannier / rack mounts, much more flexible. This extra flexibility includes adding the ability to carry things which would normally require a backpack. It also means that even with a regular road or mountain bike, you could load-up and head-off on an adventure.

Bag Coefficient

Unlike traditional panniers, these bike bags fit either within the bike frame or centrally on the bars or seat post. This means your bike and baggage have a lower drag coefficient. “Does aero matter if you are on a trip?” I hear you ask… Yes! Imagine you are pushed for time to catch a ferry, check in to your accommodation, or for an all-you-can-eat buffet… The wind is your enemy.

Store More

So how many litres of storage can you squeeze onto a regular road bike? Lots. Well, if you include a bar / front roll bag, frame bag, top-tube bag, saddle bag, you could easily add 30 + litres of storage. If you are a precision-minimalist packer, that’s enough for a decent trip.

Bag a Bargain

Adding all this flexibility need not be expensive. If you look at cost per litre, then larger bags offer the best value. However, smaller bar and saddle bags are becoming more popular for regular day-to-day riding on gravel and road, handy for spares and food supplies.

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