Summer Style

The summer season is well and truly upon us. If you love the warmer days, longer evenings and don’t even mind summer rain, don’t miss any opportunities to enjoy every ride in summer style…


The humble cotton cycling cap has remained largely unchanged for such a long time because the original designs just got it right. The simple cap gives quite a few options, peak at the front or back? Peak up or peak down? These days as well as straight cotton, there are polyester mixes to add extra wind and rain protection, as well as a wide, colourful array of designs. Caps can significantly reduce issues such as sweat pouring down the insides of sunglasses and also provide an extra layer of protection for insects which can venture into helmet vents.


Summer eyewear does a couple of important jobs for two of the most important parts of your body. They both protect your eyes from impact from grit, insects and other random stuff, they also protect eyes from damaging UV rays. Luckily there are a wide range of style and fit options to cover all bike rider needs. For a more detailed blog on glasses click here.


Cycling mitts, also known as half finger gloves, are another summer staple for everyones ride kit drawer. In the olden days having fingers uncovered meant they were great for fixing flat tyres or dialling numbers in a telephone box in an emergency. These days uncovered fingers get to swipe smart phones and give rude gestures to bad drivers – so they are probably kept busier than ever.

Mesh Base Layer

Adding a layer of clothing to help you keep cool will always seem a little odd. However, summer base layers do a great job of cooling and keeping you fresh. In addition an extra layer will give extra UV protection for those days when the sun is relentless.

Vented Helmets

Smooth, fast aero helmets are all well and good when it comes to going quick, however, hot weather can lead to riders regretting the lack of ventilation. Even a relatively low-cost vented helmet will provide much more comfort for those sweaty days in the saddle.

Top Tube / Bar Bags

A few years ago, on-the-bike storage options were pretty limited, unless you went for full panniers or a saddle bag. These days, top tube and bar bags have gone more mainstream. They are super useful for keeping stuff you might need riding along very accessible. Being positioned right in front also means you can keep an eye on your precious food supplies on those longer rides.

Rain Cape

Summer rain showers are great for freshening up the air and damping down grasslands and forests, otherwise susceptible to summer fires. Unfortunately, they can be a real mood killer on a summer bike ride. Packing a light rain cape is a good option when storms are predicted.

Ass Saver

If the thought of your pristine summer wear getting covered in summer rain road spray, brings you out in a cold sweat, roll up an Ass Saver under your saddle. As soon as the rain comes, reach under your saddle and unfurl Ass Saver to protect you. While Ass Savers don’t provide as much coverage as a mudguard, they are light-weight, quick and simple – a good option for reducing road splatter.